UMA and ACP War Ends

I. Declaration of War

Well this was a very short lived war. This war only had a span of 4 days; the war began on August 10, and ended on August 14. On August 10 the Underground Mafias Army [UMA] decided to declare war on the Army of Club Penguin [ACP]. Why did UMA decide to declare war on the ACP? Let us take a look at some exerts from Derek’s [UMA Leader] declaration of war post:

“I, Derek, announce that the UMA has officially declared war on the Army of Club Penguin, with the support of the loyal owners and my fellow leaders Coolster114 and Zach610. We will no longer be “that army”, we will now be known as “that army that did the impossible and defeated the ACP”. The Underground Mafias Army are here to stay. The ACP have been a super-World Power for way too long now. It’s time for US and other brave armies to have a chance of victory.  We will be invading the ACP very soon, and reclaiming some of our great former servers, including Mittens. Please be on chat whenever possible during this fierce war, we NEED to win this. Not for me. Not for us.  For Pink Mafias.”

Derek wants UMA to stand out as an army that proved everybody wrong, and did what everyone thought they couldn’t accomplish by defeating the ACP. He claims that the ACP have been a World Power for far too long, and it’s time for other armies to have a chance at glory. He also wants to do what he claims was Pink Mafias [UMA creator/ CP Warfare legend] true goal with UMA, and that is  being the best, and battle it out with ACP.

ACP never seemed to make a post responding to UMA’s declaration of war. That or I couldn’t find the post. :$

II. Battles

Since this battle was very short it did not consist of  many battles. As a matter of fact there were only two battles through out this war which was the battle of Big Snow, and the battle of Slushy. Both defenses for the ACP. Let us take a look at both of the battles. ACP claims to have gotten around 20-25 at the battle of Big Snow, and it seems as UMA had around 10-15.

Battle of Big Snow

[Pictures taken from ACP site; UMA did not post any pictures of the battle on the site]

UMA in a backwards “L” line, while ACP performs joke bombs

ACP in a semi-circle doing E+D, with not much UMA to be seen.

ACP was confirmed as the victor of this battle.

Battle of Slushy

[Pictures taken from UMA site]

ACP in a some what “C” position doing E+9, while UMA is in a backwards “L” performing igloos

ACP showing off their size making  2 lines across connecting, saying “LOL FAIL”

ACP was also claimed as the victor for this battle.


III. End of War

So UMA had no victories and two losses in this short lived war.  What many people might be wondering is why the war was so short, only being four days. Well lets take a look at Coolster114’s post declaring the cease fire:

“It was tough, to fight the ACP, and it’s clear we were not ready. We misjudged them, seeing that they were falling, and our tactics were appalling, causing a downfall in the morale. We did reach sizes of 18-20, and I don’t see why we are 8th on CPAC, due to it, the opposition were just too big.”

It seems that UMA just thinks they’re not ready to battle ACP just yet. They say they misjudges ACP’s current state since they’ve been on a current fall, while UMA was in a bit of a rise. Coolster goes on to talk about UMA’s new objectives, and attempts to rise the morale of his troops.

Here is a picture of two high ranks from each army Capncook [ACP Second in Command] and ZakDudeMan [UMA leader] reaching an agreement to cease fire.

So it seems as UMA will be concentrating on winning the current ongoing legends cup, and rebuilding .  ACP on the other hand does not only have the legends cup to worry about, but they also have this cold war with ACP, and Nachos going on! Keep checking out the site for more updates :D. Anyways, that’s all thanks for reading.


9 Responses

  1. Looks like UMA couldn’t fulfill their true purpose


  2. lol uma got pwned man!


  3. LT are back!


  4. right before the legends cup match LT come back after being dead for about a week seems legit


  5. Lol, how did I know this war wasn’t going to last but a week.


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