Summer @ CPAC: Summer Awards

In the heart of summer, it’s time again for CPAC’s Annual Awards!

Once again CPAC will be holding their annual awards. This year we’ve had some spectacular rises, shocking retirements and so many other events that have made 2012 a very interesting year for CP armies. Here’s a review and description of the categories before we move into the actual voting:

Best Leader

The best tactical leader must be a top 20 army leader (Medium or Large armies) and they have to be amazing at leading their army. There have been many great leaders this year,  and you can vote for your favourite!

Most Achieved

This can be a leader, but we are looking for more of a person who has risen through the ranks in many armies and has made themselves known during this years summer. They may be someone who has become new high ranks in many armies, or someone who was done extremely well in a few armies.

Biggest Army

Obviously, this means who has been the biggest army during the summer. This will be interesting to see what your opinion is.

Most Dramatic Fall

A few armies have had huge falls during the summer. We are letting you vote on who you think has had the longest and hardest fall of the summer and for everyone to see who has fallen by a huge margin. This could be from going to first to tenth, or going from third to seventh or anything else.

Best CPA Central Worker

Any worker that have worked at any point during the summer as an official staff member are included. This includes people who retired during the summer and people who were hired.

Biggest Rise

We had the biggest fall, so we need to biggest rise. They might have reached the top three and stayed there for a large period of time, or beat a huge army in many battles.

Funniest Army

This award should go to the army that has the most fun on their chat and site, and who has a really funny time at the army. Funny Owner ranks would play a huge part in this, but the Moderators and members have to make the army “funny” as well.

Best Owner Rank

Leaders not included!

Second in commands and third in commands are a big part of an army. To be a good 2ic/3ic, you must be able to lead and post like a normal leader does. You should be able to take command when a leader is away and lead when a leader is AFK or talking to the other army. But, who is the best at that?

Biggest Retirement

Many People have retired from armies over the summer. We want you to decide which was the biggest retirement and who affected their former army[ies] the most.

Funniest Leader

We had the funniest army, so now we need the funniest leader. This should be a leader who makes their troops laugh and who keeps the army really well entertained. If they are retired it doesn’t matter as long as they have been leader at one point or more in the summer. 

Best Army News Site Head

There are many prominent news sites in armies, most notably CPAC and SMAC. We want your opinion on who you think manages their site the best.

Best Tournament

Not only have CPA Central held tournaments, CPAE and SMAC have also held tournaments of their own. This tournament must be liked by a lot of armies and people, and should be a huge one.

Biggest Hack

A few armies and news sites have been hacked or DDOS’ed during the summer, and you need to nominate the one you think was the biggest. This should affect or be annoying for an army. Many other hacking have also taken place. Defacing also counts.


Now, for the voting. As you can see, there is an other slot in most polls- please do not hesitate to use this. We at CPAC are human and are not always capable of remembering all that happened.


Voting will take place over a one-week span and results will be released at a later date.



CPA Central Head of Site

76 Responses

  1. May I ask why myself or SaW aren’t in any of these?


  2. I should ask that i was supposed to be in one of these polls
    name is Flames370 (Retired Swat leader)


  3. DDoSing is now considered hacking? ^_^


  4. Most Achieved: Tap Dancer36
    Biggest Retirement: Tap Dancer36
    Largest Army: Woton Warriors


  5. If Alf is there I should be there 0:


  6. closest battle i vote for was pretzels vs GD in legends cup 3


  7. I find it really weird how LT are not included in “Biggest Rise” since they truly deserve that award. As far as far “Biggest Army” is concerned, either LT or Nachos deserve it. I would be more than just shocked if ACP won it. ACP do deserve 1 award and that is “Most dramatic Fall”


  8. Lol @ Funks in best leaders


  9. Man
    I should be in best owner ranks 😦


  10. I’m 2ic but i should be in the funniest leader thing
    And getting leader of IW is a hugeass achievement


  11. People truly don’t realize how much crap we did to make UMA rise xD
    Me Zak and Coolster had to kill our social lives and go crazy to get UMA from maxing 5 to 30 back in late may-June.
    //and people still hate

    UMA for biggest rise


  12. Ooh. I think AR should be in biggest rise… Not to be needy *WARY*


  13. Most achieved: Np300
    Most funny: Ioioluk LOL


  14. Blue, im now pissed, where is the biggest noob, im offended by that, and by how I should be in that poll for most nooby person!


  15. Biggest Fall : Ranger Troops (Went from in top 5 to completely gone for weeks, even after a huge week)
    Funniest Leader : Mach(Myself) Like a woman says to herself before intercourse when she just wants to get laid, Why not?


  16. Why are there “Biggest Hack” and “Most Dramatic Fall” awards?
    That’s like saying “Congratulations for getting hacked, here’s an award” or “Congratulations, you guys get get an award for falling”
    Lol WTF?


  17. NW wasn’t “hacked” Our server was going under maintenance, and someone took credit.


  18. Blue1, where’s the Vimto poll?


  19. what happened to Ioio/Tylund, Ioio always get the credit…


  20. Being on the poll makes me feel valued. Thanks Blue!


  21. Why am I never included, ugh so unappreciated</3 *cry*


  22. Cool. 😀


  23. Rob should be in best leaders


  24. I feel for best CPAC staff it should have been out of reporters not high ranking workers.


  25. Closest battle: SWAT vs. CP Ice, round II Legends Cup


  26. Closest Battle: GD vs Pretzels. CPAC Legends Cup III Round 2


  27. l0l, NW was never hacked.


  28. as far as I know, iceyfeet never retired


  29. Pretzels for life.


  30. I’m not in the best owner rank poll. 😦 You should have put a poll up for biggest noob, I’d win that.


  31. 2funky3 in owner poll cus im a boss


  32. Iceyfeet’s biggest retirement of course.


  33. Nice to be rememberd lololol


  34. As biggest perv goes away I see my chances of winning something go.


  35. I should be included in the “best leader” poll. I’ve been with Sky Toops since I founded it nigh on 2 years ago, and we were in the top 20 several times this summer. Also, I’ve been known among many medium and some large armies to be a good tactical leader.


  36. One year late, yes I know -.-
    Just wanted to ‘free my justified opinion’ :mrgreen:
    Best Leader: Barack Obama
    Most Acheived: Pepto Bismol
    Biggest Army: Mama’s Fajitas
    Most Dramatic Fall: Humpty Dumpty
    Closest Battle: Army of Cornflakes VS. Mexicans of CP
    Best CPAC worker: ME!!!!!! Duhh…
    Biggest Rise: Power Rangers of CP
    Funniest Army: The Quesadilla’s of CP
    Best Army News Site Head: B1, you know, from bananas in pyjamas (epic show =P)
    Best Owner Rank: Prince William
    Biggest Retirement: George Bush
    Funniest Leader: Big Mach
    Best Tournament: President Elections
    Biggest Hack: I hacked my brother’s CP acc, and dressed him up as a tooth fairy, does that count?
    Thats my vote :mrgreen:


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