Update on Shadow Troops vs DCP War

Hey guys, in this very heated up ST (Shadow Troops) vs DCP (Doritos of Club Penguin) war they’re have been many battles that have not been posted up on here, so I have decided to make an update post with hopefully all, if not a majority of the battles results. So, lets get on to the post!

I. Declaration of War

On July 31st DCP leader Alfrondo1465 decided that the DCP needed a new opponent, they were in need of war. Most people were speculating that they were going to declare war against an army they have a real grudge against for example Nachos, LT, or ACP. It turned out to be neither of those three armies. Then who was it? Well I’m pretty sure you all know that the answer is ST. Why, why did they choose ST as their prey? Lets take a look at some exerts from Alfrondo’s deceleration of war post:

“ACP and LT have their own war, so LT is no threat anymore. We are focusing on Shadow Troops now. Vetsd, ever since you have been leading, you’ve always wanted to kill us and destroy us. Even if you did kill us, I have news for you, we ALWAYS come back, and we ALWAYS rebuild, and yet we ALWAYS come back in the top 10, even without Wwebestfan.

Don’t think we are small just because he is gone, because we aren’t. We have rebuilt our leader base, and have the best trained leaders in my opinion. Your reason for war was because of our past? We are now declaring war on you because of your past.” 

His message is pretty self-explanatory  he claims that Vetsd (ST Leader) has a grudge against the DCP, and he wants them DEAD. He also wants to prove that even without WweBestFan (Former DCP Leader) DCP can succeed, that DCP is still strong, and they won’t go weak. If they do manage to kill DCP, they’ll just rebuild, and come back. Alfrondo later on went to say that ST’s leadership is corrupt, and stated that the ST were hacked by SaW. He also claims that DCP will kill ST.

 Here are some exerts from Vetsd’s response to Alfrondo’s deceleration of war against ST:

“Yeah, so DCP declared war on ST. Didn’t we already kick your butt and make you start getting 6+? Then your “white knight in shining armor” Hurr came along and picked you up from the dead, pathetic. Hurr, Im not afraid of you. Your corruption during the war with ST is what sent WW into the small army they are now whenYOU lead and once they fell, you retired and ditched them, you should be the one blamed for the once legendary army’s fall.  Be ready to get destroyed DCP, be ready.”

Vetsd seems pretty confident of his army in this war, stating that his army has killed DCP before, and he believed they can do it again. He also seems to flame Hurricanex1 [Former Leader of DCP, and uhhhh many other armies..].

II. Results of Battles:

Battle of Tuxedo: ST Victory

Battle of  Frosty: Disputed; both armies claim victory

Battle of Summit: DCP Victory

Battle of Fog: ST Victory

Battle of Parka: DCP Victory

Second Battle of Parka: Disputed; both armies claim victory

Battle of Walrus: Disputed; both armies claimvictory

Second Battle of Summit: Battle of Walrus: Disputed; both armies claimvictory

Battle of Outback: Cul (ST Leader) claims that both armies agreed to call this battle a draw.

Battle of Zipline: Cul claims this was a ST victory, but neither armies made a post on the results

Third Battle of Summit: Battle of Walrus: Disputed; both armies claim victory

Third Battle of Parka: ST Victory

Second Battle of Outback: DCP Victory

Second Battle of Frosty: Battle of Walrus: Disputed; both armies claim victory

I apologize for so many of the reuslts being disputed, but since both armies declare victory that’s all I can put. My job is not to decide the victor of battle. So currently as this war stands with 14 battle in total the ST have officially won 4 battles, and DCP have officially won 3 battles, the others are still being disputed since both armies claim victory.

III. Highlights of War:

Now, I’ll post some pictures of some of the battles that have occurred during this war, not EVERY battle, just some.

[Pictures from DCP, and ST site]

Battle of Frosty:

DCP joke bombing ST; ST trying to counter-attack with E+8

DCP doing 😀 smileys, while ST does 😛 smileys

Battle of Summit:

ST in a chat bar line, while DCP is in a bent line performing E+P

ST shrinking in size, while DCP’s size stays stable.

Battle of Fog:

ST chanting “VICTORY!” while only one DCP is to be seen

Battle of Parka: 

DCP in an impressive chat bar line performing joke bombs, not much ST seen.

Battle of Outback:

Both armies seem similar in size. DCP performing E+D, and ST performing E+9

ST somewhat shrunk in size, while DCP stays strong in size.

Battle of Walrus:

ST, and DCP both circling the plaza, while ST performs  joke bombs.


Now, that you have seen some pictures of the war who do you think is winning so far? Who will win? Do you think the war will end anytime soon? Please, comment, and vote on the poll. So your opinion can be known!

Upcoming Battle of War:


Where: Summit [All over]

When: Sunday, 12th August


3:00 PM, EST

2:00 PM, CST

1:00 PM, MST

12:00 PM, PST

8:00 PM, UK

I’d like to apologize for not posting in awhile, I know I been slacking off, but,I’ll be right back on track, and start posting! ^_^



16 Responses

  1. I thought night warriors owned Fog


  2. wait…
    why does it say swat in the beginning if post is about st vs dcp ?????


  3. ” Why did they choose ST as their pray ”
    I think its prey not pray
    ” Decelaration of War ”
    I think its declaration.


  4. so vetsd said that dcp can rise without wwe?


  5. Anyone notice how DCP are shrinking every battle?


  6. Another highlight was when vetsd came on IW chat and told me that DCP was invading parka and then pointed out that it was OUR server and that we should come to defend it


  7. while you guys are battling out iw,pretzels,uma,ninjas and nachos are only ones not in war.
    we could start our own war. or we could join other ppl. who knows. he says in a mysterious voice.


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