UMA Preparing for War!

Since declaring war on the Army of Club Penguin on August 8th, the UMA have been silently preparing for one of the toughest if not the toughest war that they have gotten themselves into over the past few years.  They will be forced to get solid numbers around 20 in order to stand a decent chance of winning this war.  But, in the midst of all this preparation, one common theme seems to keep popping up, retirement.


The UMA site, has always been known as a site that has had its variety of very interesting posts, but none more than the amount of posts made this week and the dialogue of them.  On the site, there have been motivation posts, invasions, declarations of war, and many other things, but if you had to look at recent posts, retirement seems to be the only thing popping up commonly.

On August 10th, 2012, The Pie(Spikeike) made a post here declaring that he was retiring from the UMA.  He talked about his history and his friends but one particular part stood out in my mind.  The successfulness of his UMA career.  He is not a legend in all of the CP Army Communities eyes, but to the UMA, he is Legend.  He helped the UMA reach sizes of 50 with Wgfv, he helped them also reach 3rd in the top ten, he also had the second longest reign as leader in all of UMA’s history!  Sadly for him, and the army, he felt his time was up in the UMA and he will long be remembered as one of their greatest leaders.

Two other long-serving UMA soldiers retired that same day, August 10th, they were Wgfv and Notru.  Wgfv was one of the most beloved troops to ever grace the UMA lands and he will always be remembered as not only a UMA great but a CP Army great.  Notru was also another long-serving UMA soldier that was always treated with respect by his fellow UMA soldiers and will always be remembered by the UMA.  You can see their combined post here.

The UMA have also been having issues with their chats after Casiusbrutus, the formerly known UMA “Godfather” Was released of his position after a vote by the UMA.  He was in ACP whom the UMA declared war on.  So, this was a key contributor, but, after this, he seized control of by resetting the chat and making himself the only Main Owner.  This has forced the UMA to move chats to which is not exactly the kind of things they want happening just days before a major war with the ACP.

Other than these chat issues and the couple of retirements that the UMA have experienced, they are quietly confident in themselves and regardless of what happens in the war they will be guaranteed at least one other chance to beat the ACP in the Legends Cup with both armies getting byes due to no shows bye the other armies.  There will be bad blood in this battle for sure as both armies badly want to fight their way to victory.


So, that’s about it for today.  I will be away Monday and Tuesday so don’t expect another post until around Wednesday or Thursday.


9 Responses

  1. Blue1.
    Remove me from the site since I hardly get time to write a post. I officially retire from CPAC.

    Rex Imperio


  2. There is some idiot taking control of UMA chat all the time.


  3. Well this is the last of my CP life. From 2006 when I joined ACP to now. I have been very greatful for friends and armies. I was in the Old MCP merge into UMA and I got mod I was mod for months then the UMA depression had begun and soon I was stripped of my UMA rank and banished. Luckily Cassius and Derek unbanned me sometime later and I joined back. This time as a member. While I have lead many armies and been an Elder in cp Armies for quite some time I now am retiring. I Leave my armies and account in the hands of Kerouaz, Prince Jake, and Coolster 114. Bluesockwa1 a good friend too has been my role model:) Long Live Cp armies. And never ever under no circumstances.. Stop waddling:) ~Angent11 People can fail to plan. But we never plan on failing


  4. Lol Sure Gordy xD


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