Nachos Defeat ACP on Breeze & Snow Fort

Throughout the week, tensions between the Nachos and the Army of Club Penguin have been escalating. If recall at the beginning of the week, the Nachos were prepared to declare war on the ACP seeing as they broke the current treaty between the two armies as well as raided their server Blizzard. However, the ACP avoided going to war by reaching an agreement with the Nachos by exchanging Breeze and agreeing to a ‘cold war’ with the Nachos.

Unscheduled Nacho raid of Snow Fort.

The Nachos set out and raided the ACP multiple times as a part of the ‘cold war’, but the ACP failed to get involved due to the fact the ACP were still fighting the Light Troops. The Nachos had had enough this and began threatening the ACP that they will declare war if they won’t respond to their raids.

Nacho leader Chrisi Blule stated: “So, I propose, to you this,if you fail to participate in this Cold War any longer, regardless of your war with LT, this war will begin to get very hot.”

Yesterday, Nachos defeat ACP on Big Snow.

Later, the Nachos stayed true to their word and scheduled a couple of invasions of the ACP Nation; one yesterday and the other today. Upon hearing the news, the ACP retaliated with an invasion of their own with theirs being on their former capital Breeze.

Despite an unsuccessful defense of Big Snow yesterday, the ACP were determined today to change things. If everything went according to plan, the ACP would reclaim their former capital Breeze as well as defend their current capital Snow Fort from the Nachos.

Unfortunately for the ACP, things didn’t play out as they hoped. For their first battle, they arrived on Breeze with unACP-like numbers of about 15+ soldiers while the Nachos slowly grew throughout the battle to have between 25-30 troops. The battle was very close at first, but as the battle progressed the ACP lost size and organization while the Nachos improved. In the end, the ACP surrendered giving the Nachos victory as well as keeping Breeze.

Pre-battle/very beginning of the battle.

Nachos increase in size.

Immediately following the ACP’s failed invasion of Breeze, the Nachos set out to invade Snow Fort from the ACP. The start of this battle was only a one hour time difference in between the first battle that the two armies fought in. Because of this, both the Nachos and the ACP arrived on Snow Fort with very similar sizes compared to their earlier battle on Breeze. With similar numbers as before, the result of the battle turned out to be the same as before making it another loss for the Army of Club Penguin in one day.

Note: No available pictures from the ACP.

Since the Nachos defeated the Army of Club Penguin on Snow Fort, the Nachos now own the ACP’s new capital. With this victory, they now own Breeze which they successfully defended today as well Snow Fort. Despite two demoralizing losses for the ACP today, they still try to remain positive and determined to reclaim their most prized servers.

What do you think about the two losses for the ACP today? Are the ACP really falling? Are the Nachos going to stay on top for a while now? Comment and let us know!


18 Responses

  1. Great battle between two great armies!


  2. nachos are number one

    and acp should fall out of top 5


  3. Hmm this is really sad to see. I used to be in ACP myself until 2011. We were always the biggest army. I have to say ACP is just hitting a bump in the road. And the Nachos are deciding to use it to win for once in their history. Alot of people view the Nachos as the BEST army. Honestly they really arn’t. During the battle to decide who would be the biggest army. Nachos had some defected ACP members that were still mods. They would come on and ban ACP. Then they would actually come on and start saying bad things. I love how they freaked out over a kids game. Eitherway, the nachos tend to call ACP immature. YET they never really bothered to look into a mirror. I remember when Nachos lost to ACP in the tournament and they just collapsed down to 6th largest army. I can say this, ACP is not done. They are not retreating, they are simply advancing in another direction. I know im going to get a troll comment from a Nacho member saying “UMG U N00B LUL” or something like that saying im lying, when truely im really not for I joined ACP in 2007-2008. Another funny thing is that ACP is currently fighting about three wars I think? It’s sad that Nachos have to use this to actually win. Just remember we all have our ups and downs. Many armies have gone through this and only the strong ones made it. Thats why I believe ACP will continue on, because they may not be strong with members. But they are strong within the hearts and moral with a flame of hope burning stronger then ever. ACP Forever!


  4. can you guys say fail?


  5. Yeah… ACP is collapsing Funks is doing a Freaking Bad job


  6. Snooper, ACP sucks. We’re getting payback for everyarmy acp has invaded. ACP has always been hated, and always will be. All they will be is faded memories of a bully.


  7. ACP are in their dooms day. There is more armies prepared to attack ACP.


  8. Dont blame Funks. Funks is leading ACP very well, the soldiers are the issue, not the leader. Then there are good active loyal ACP such as Casius who deserve owner.


  9. ACP is hated because EVERY army wants their place.


  10. ACP is hated because EVERY army wants their place as the strongest army of club penguin.


  11. Snooper, nachos have their place. *smirk*


  12. snooper thats not why ACP have been doing bad things are you blind they killed there brother ally cause they were 1st for 1 week they accused rio as a doxxer and hacker ACP copied off CPA club penguin army then claimed they copied off them and killed CPA and got the credit as first army


  13. Erm, Nachos are older than ACP.


  14. Go Nachos. 😮


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