Ninjas On The Rise

Only a few days ago I was making a post about the Ninjas fall from 25+ at events to 15 maximum at their events.  Now I’m back with a surprising story of how the Ninjas have just gotten back from their fall and have  just gotten  25+ again at a Practice Battle against the Ranger Troops.

As the Ninjas’s post says, this is the best they’ve done in nearly a month.  It wasn’t much of a practice battle, however, due to the Ranger Troops lack of size and surrender in the beginning of the battle.  The Ninjas were excited by this huge increase of size and continued to make different formations and emote tactics.  Another rare thing happened at this battle. Nearly EVERYBODY on the Ninjas Xat was online Club Penguin during the event.  I must say that’s a miracle in these days.

This was an event with a limited amount of UK soldiers on top of the fact that it was “short notice”.

It does appear that the great  Snow Sensei Funkikiflurry made the error of getting their dates mixed up.  The practice battle actually happened on Thursday, August 9th. (You know I love you Funk)

Now onto an interview with the

Water Sensei




What was your opinion on the Ninjas performance today?

Amazed and proud.  It’s great to see us doing so well after falling in a hole and having everyone active. 

Do you think the Ninjas will continue on their rise?

Yes, our event today gave our troops confidence and confidence in our troops is all we need to continue these sizes.

How far do you think the Ninjas can go?

To World Power status.  With the amazing team we have, there’s no way to say we can’t do it.

Good luck with your goals.

Will do, bye

(Side Note: NP said Bye this time)

That’s all  for today,


22 Responses

  1. Next post will be longer.


  2. yummylicious


  3. stop making Ninja posts because Np asks you to.,


    • NP doesn’t tell me to do anything. I’m informing you what’s going on because this is a NEWS site. Maybe you forgot about the time GT had 4 posts by 4 different reporters in a week.


  4. I only had it on the site for 26 hours beforehand = Short notice. Yeah.


  5. Next time, put a better picture of the Ninjas up.


  6. This post should be titled “Ninjas defeat DCP in practice battle” not “Ninjas on the rise.” this is a post about two armies, not one. In fact, none of your posts should be abou armies being on the fall or rise.

    Don’t rely on interviews as the content of your post. Don’t include the “his” and “byes” in interviews.


    • Ranger troops, not Doritos


    • This time I took out the “hi’s”. I find that every interview I read has the “bye’s” in it. I’ll be sure to keep it out next time though. The post was mainly directed at Ninjas and it barely had Ranger Troops mentioned in it. If I was directly covering the Practice Battle I would have had more pictures.


  7. Niceee.


  8. Someone needs to do a story about the Pretzels.


  9. It’s not "on the rise." It's doing well in one practice battle.


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