Nachos on the Brink of Declaring War

Hello readers!  Today I am bringing you an exclusive post about the Nachos who are on the brink of declaring war on the ACP!  This is due to the ACP “breeching” the agreement the two armies made with each other after their war ended a couple of weeks ago.  The agreement was signed by both Puck, Shab, Capn, Chrisi Bluele, and other important figures in both the Nachos and the ACP.

Puck made a post on the Nachos site stating the rules of the “Cold War Treaty”

Hola Nachos!

We have come to agreement with the Army of Club Penguin about the pending war. The ACP came to us wanting know what it would take to end the war, so we decided to enter discussions. After negotiations, the ACP agreed to give us their capital Breeze, and we agreed to continue the war as a Cold War instead. As a Cold War, it will be more based around unscheduled events such as raids rather than scheduled invasions.

Terms of the Cold War include:

1. Armies shall use the word “invasion” sparingly and will try to avoid scheduled events. An over-excess of scheduling can be considered grounds for breakage of this treaty. Over-excess will be defined as less than two unscheduled events between each scheduled event ON AVERAGE.

2. Unscheduled invasions are defined as raids and will last until the last person is off of the server being raided.

3. No army may claim a server that has been invaded or raided during the Puck & Shab Cold War©. However, an unofficial tally may be kept for bragging rights only.

4. Posts about the raids may be for criticism of each army only, not to declare victory or defeat.

5. There is no winner or loser.

6. There is no condition #6

7. Condition 6 is a lie.

8. The army being raiding must make a conscious effort to defend against the raiding army. Not doing so defeats the purpose of this treaty.

9. The raiding army should inform the defending army of their raid when it happens in order to give them the chance to participate.

10.Puck & Shab are really cool

11.For any complaints or accusations of breakage of this treaty, a meeting must be had between the army leaders and discussed before any action can be taken.


  • Nachos now own Breeze
  • War continues as a “Cold War”

For this Cold War, we can raid the ACP whenever we want as can the ACP. Most of the battles will take place unscheduled, but we still schedule just a few ‘scheduled’ raids on the ACP here in there. It is something very different compared to what we do now, and I believe it’ll be a lot of fun.

Later, I’ll have a post out explaining our strategy for this war and how we will operate during it. There will another post out later about the times and information for a few scheduled raids that we will have.

So, as you can clearly see, Puck has wanted the majority of these events to be unscheduled and for both armies to log on for these raids between the two armies.  The ACP, however, have apparently broken the rules of this treaty by refusing to log on for the Nacho raids.  This has aggravated the Nachos to the brink of them declaring war on the ACP.  Many Nacho owners have been making posts recently about declaring war on ACP and the majority of troops are all fired up for another war with their enemies.

The picture above is just one example of some of the Nacho troops that are so fired up for a war vs the ACP.  Below is another picture when Ekpenguin, an ACP Owner, made the awful mistake of saying this:

Then, Fido replied with this:

Nacho Leader, Chrisi Blule made a post here  stating the consequences that the ACP will face due to their failure to participate in this “C0ld War”  This will ultimately end up in the Nachos declaring war on the ACP which could be a huge blow due to the Nachos more dominant sizes over recent times.  The ACP, so far have failed to reply to the Nachos threats officially although many troops have had conversations with high-ranking Nachos about this all.  I personally feel that the Nachos are 100 % entitled to war if the ACP breech the treaty.  If there is no issue over the treaty, then it is up to Nacho ownership to chose what to do.  Below are some pictures of the Nachos raids on ACP servers which the ACP are told about:

As you can see in the picture above, there are a couple ACP soldiers, but the majority of ACP troops refused to go online.

In this picture, there are no ACP soldiers on Club Penguin, giving the Nachos full reason to be contemplating with the decision to go to war.  If the Nachos were to go to war with the ACP, they would have an advantage in almost all areas like tactics, size, leadership, etc.  Here are just a couple of the names of posts on the Nacho site:

Clearly from the comments made by Nacho troops on their site and these posts, it isn’t very hard to see they are  up for another war with the ACP and feel that they can win it.  The ACP, on the other hand, may be looking at a very tough bumpy road ahead of them because they are falling in size, many people are all for a coup of leadership, and their tactics keep getting older.

The ACP also came off a war with the Light Troops, which sadly ended in the death of the LT.  The ACP soldiers have also been reportedly very lazy, refusing to go on for some of the events in the ridiculous amount of events, almost 25, on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I personally feel having this many events in so close of a span was a fault on ACP leadership as many soldiers are tired from staying up all day, have eye problems from staring at a computer screen, and many other physical issues in real life all due to them scheduling so many events.



I hope you enjoyed my post today!


18 Responses

  1. Please give more feedback!


  2. Sweet post! 1st


  3. Yes is winning 6-0-0


  4. We’re winning. We just raided them on blizzard town.


  5. Nice post ;D


  6. War!


  7. Make up your mind. I have seen at least 3-4 posts on CPAC with the subject, “ACP/Nachos War ended”, “Cold War Treaty”, “Nachos Declare War”, “Nachos On The Bring of War”.


  8. Of course I spent time writing a post about this then found someone beat me to posting it. Nice post though.


  9. Challenge Accepted. ‘Nuff said.


  10. Awesome post Aj 😀


  11. Sigh how many breaking news posts have there been in the past 2 months?


  12. I think wars are the bad idea because I don’t really join with them at all it’s kinda dumb


  13. “We dont like ACP wtf you talking about” lololololol


  14. Please stop giving your opinions such as “I feel that”, “I believe that”, etc. Your job is to report the news, not tell us what you think of it.


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