Army Republic Declares War on Doritos

UPDATE: The Army Republic and the Doritos have agreed to end the war already. This marks the second straight war in a row for the AR that has ended before it even started. Here is what AR leader Buritodaily said about the agreement:

The war with DCP is over. Yet another war cancelled on the first day by the opposing army.  Well, what can I say, our size can be scary.


Ever since the Army Republic ended their war with the Light Troops a few weeks ago, they have been on another quest for another war. They recently tried declaring war on the Shadow Troops for one of their leaders disrespecting the AR; however, that war quickly ended as ST agreed to the AR’s demands to avoid a war.

Today, the Army Republic were at it again as they declared war on the Doritos for disrespecting the AR. According to AR leader Buritodaily, the “Doritos have crossed the line”. He was also quoted on this regarding their reason for war:

DCP leader named Hurricanex1 came on to our chat not to long ago, […]. Well he came on our chat, and started talking bad about AR, I won’t stand for that so now, we’re at war. The Doritos need to learn to show and learn some damn respect. Until they either 1) beg for forgiveness, or 2) fire Hurricanex1, this war won’t end.

The Army Republic seem very serious about this war, and that they will not stop until their demands are met. Following this, the AR decided to change their training session for today to a raid of the DCP’s capital server Summit. Since the AR already had a scheduled event, they arrived on Summit with strong numbers compared to the DCP’s unscheduled size.

AR in the Town before DCP arrives.

AR and DCP battling in the Snow Forts.

Since the Army Republic declared war on the Doritos, the DCP are now at war with two armies. Before the AR declared war, the Doritos were already at war with the Shadow Troops which they still currently are. This now means that the DCP are at war with two armies. Fighting another army may be tough for the DCP as their with ST was very close as it was.

DCP and ST battling on Outback the other day were both armies ended up claiming victory. As you can see, it was very evenly-matched.

Two wars with different armies may be tough, but the DCP are confident that they can handle it. A reason for their confidence may be because of their recent rise and their strong numbers as of late. What do you think?

What do you think about AR declaring war on DCP? Will the DCP be able to handle the AR and ST? Comment and let us know!


13 Responses

  1. 1st but they met our demands already. Ar can’t have a damn war go more then a day…xD


  2. “They seem very serious about this war”
    This means that the war will end with a treaty or the other army surrendering -_-


  3. AR look like top three quality.


  4. Good Post Puck.


  5. declare war on ACP? seems like they are the only army who can take a beating




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