BREAKING NEWS: Light Troops Shut Down

Hello, readers. Today, something completely shocking occurred, out of the blue and unexpected. The Light Troops were shut down by Ioioluk. Read on to find out more about this stunning event.

The Light Troops had been waging war with ACP for weeks, ever since they declared war on the Army Republic to assist the Nachos. As soon as the treaty surfaced, the Light Troops declared war on ACP again, for the second time this year. The war was at a good time for the Light Troops, since the ACP were falling and they were rising. But the result of the war was that it was closer than they expected. LT admitted defeat a few times, as did ACP. But near the end, it seemed both armies were falling. ACP had been struggling to get 20+ the week before, and just recently, the Light Troops barely pulled off 10+ at a Legends Cup battle versus the Night Warriors. But what actually happened that led to Ioioluk shutting down LT? Surprisingly, it wasn’t their sizes.

If you look up here, you’ll see LT just a week ago pulling off 25+. They were running great. But under all the big numbers, various events were occurring that led LT to their death. What happened? ACP began invading Light Troops at early, largely European times, such as 7 AM Eastern. After losing to such early invasions due to the inconvenient times, Ioioluk thought they could get payback on ACP by invading at night times, such as 10 PM Eastern, when the ACP are weak. But unfortunately for them, it did not work out as Ioioluk had planned. No troops were showing for the late night invasions due to it being too late for them to be allowed to come on. This same situation happened when the Nachos were at war with ACP, with the Nachos’ late night Invasion of Breeze and other servers. They did not go as well as they’d hoped. But Ioioluk was extremely upset with LT’s performance at the late night invasions. Yet he seemed to remain positive, knowing that LT was now losing the war. He kept the troops’ spirits up like a true leader should. But he kept all his anger inside, and eventually got stressed due to it.

But today, Ioioluk let everything out in a post entitled “This is the last time I “rage” at you guys”, which can be seen here. The post contains heavy vulgarity, so if you are not okay with the “F-Bomb”, I’d advise not reading the post. In this post, Ioioluk states that he will be retiring, and he lets out all the anger he’s accumulated on the inside from warfare. He tells everyone what he truly feels about the people in warfare. But he did not expect to end the army. Earlier, Ioioluk had demoted Spiderguy22, one of their 3ics, to Mod, due to saying negative things like “We will lose”. Following this, due to Ioioluk making everyone a leader for reasons stated in the post, Spider gave away all of LT’s servers to ACP. Following this, he then quit the Light Troops and joined the Pretzels. Because of his actions and the fact that the troops seemed to care only about their rank, Ioioluk decided to finally shut down the Light Troops. He wrote a post which you can read here, which tells the troops that their site is officially history, and tells them not to join any army like ACP, AR, UMA, or Pretzels, and to shun Spiderguy22 for what he did, officially stating this is the final end of the Light Troops.

Following the events, I had to get the full story from the two main figures in LT’s death. Unfortunately, Ioioluk denied an interview, so I was only able to interview one person.


Interview with Spiderguy22, Pretzels 2ic

Me: Blue

Spiderguy22: Orange

What led you to committing such crimes against the Light Troops?

Well, first of all, Ioio demoted me for Call of Duty, which made me think: “Why not quit and join another army?”

Why did you decide to give all of LT’s servers away?

I decided to give all LT’s servers away because of how Ioio had treated me in the past, and especially right now. I wanted to end LT and it’s empire because of the way they all treated me. I hated being spat on like that.

Do you regret doing this?

No. I’m glad I gave the servers to ACP. I’m fed up with Ioio and LT.

Do you think LT will be revived in the future?

I really don’t think so, since LT doesn’t have any servers. LT are too weak to even invade a server.

Thank you for your time.

You’re welcome.

Well, now you know the whole story. You’ve heard it from the point of view from the Light Troops and Spi. Before I go on, I’d like to give a HUGE shout-out to Blizzard880 for supplying me with a lot of the information I needed for this post. Thank you so much, I could not have written this without you!

Anyway, in my opinion, I don’t think this will be the last we see of Ioioluk and the Light Troops. Like the Elites, they will be brought back often. I’ll give it a good 3 months until they’re revived. But only time will tell. For now, this is the end of the Light Troops, and I thank you for reading this whole unbearably long post. You’re great. Until my next post, goodbye.


60 Responses

  1. 1st RIP LT


  2. rip lt even though people in warfare didnt like them they were by far my fav army RIP LT


  3. Pengy u 8 yr old Anyways LT was a good army i loved it Idk what army to join i might not even join a army idk i will find out


  4. ok spi you’ve betrayed LT literally like five times and we each time we let you rejoin and forgave you. so this time, don’t even bother to come crying back for d*mn forgiveness.


    • yeah LILA and u dont even freaking know why, quit trying to act like a smart noob


      • you are the biggest god damn douchebag in this world.
        first off you make a stupid treaty and take decisions without even asking me.
        then you say “we will lose” “acp is to big” and more shit like that on our chat.
        then i demote you 1 rank for having no confidence and being a bad 3ic.
        then you betray us and lie to everyone and say that i “treat you like shit” when you’re the problem here actually.
        after that you give all our 35-40 servers away to that scumbag army.
        AND THEN you have the audacity to tell everyone here that “you don’t like being spat on like that” and more crap? you have the freaking audacity to even talk shit about us on other chats like that?
        all this because i demoted you 1 rank for being a bad owner?
        you are just a worthless army hopper and that’s why nobody likes you. i never saw anyone go this far because they got demoted once. this proves my point on how people are so power hungry on this game.


        • Ioio first of all,

          If it wasn’t for you for breaking that treaty, we would’ve been still alive and rebuild to beat ACP, instead you just spat on me and break the treaty to go all out on ACP, then this came. Remember the way you treated me in the past? Yeah exactly. All you did was call me immature, and all that stuff. I was a loyal 3ic/2ic and all you care was about confidence. You only demoted me ONE RANK because of one BS reason, you can’t understand that because all you’re focusing is everyone being ‘power hungry’. 🙄


      • hypocrite


  5. ok spi you’ve betrayed LT literally like five times and we each time we let you rejoin and forgave you. so this time, don’t even bother to come crying back for d*mn forgiveness.


  6. ioio cusses to much i did not read the post because i’m not ok with f-bomb


  7. Lol “Don’t join AR” Most of them were already in AR biatch.


  8. Lol “Don’t Join Pretzels”. LT troops are in Pretzels anyways. Gtfo lol.


  9. See you ioio in a month or two.


  10. I never really liked LT, but still, I liked reading the news abou wars between LY and AVOn, RIP LT!


  11. spi came to pretzels for 2ic and left lt and he was 3ic
    he was only one leading
    ioio was playing cod and every other owner was unactive
    so he was right to quit


  12. Your welcome, Zak! 🙂


  13. Sad to see Ioio go.



  14. ioio should stay D;


  15. heuheuheu..


  16. 2 weeks later…

    Aqua: OMG HI IOIO
    Ioio: Shut up and make me a sandwich
    Aqua: So you’re back?
    Ioio: F*ck you I am.
    Aqua: Okay.

    In my imaginary world :3


  17. 3 BREAKING NEWS this week


  18. Spi, you lost all my respect towards you. What you have done to LT is unbelievable, It was a mistake you let you back into Lighttroops knowing what you have done in the past. You are truly a disgrace to CP armies and to LT history. I hope one day you will be known as your true disgrace in CP warfare.


  19. umm guys zack here remember me LTS BACK


  20. That’s right LT. Going down


  21. in your dreams


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