Why the Army of Club Penguin Will Never Die

Recently, the Army of Club penguin has been going through a plethora of problems, all stemming from various parts which include the leadership, troop activity and overall army morale. Many of rumors have been spreading suggesting that ACP is near the brink of extinction. But, I am here to tell you from the honest opinion of an old veteran that too fought to destroy the ACP- without prevail. ACP cannot die.

The last thing I want is to sound cliché, but deep down we all know it’s true. This giant “green menace” (As we used to call back in the day with the Nachos), ACP, no matter how many alliances we can hastily create, no matter how many wars we fight, no matter the amount of “cold wars” we wage, ACP will never go. Why? Well I guess I’ll tell you.

1.       The Name

ACP was created (unknowingly?) with the most ingenious name ever to surface in the history of CP armies. I mean, how many little kids will see an army like, “The ACP” and “The Roman Fire Popcorn Battalion” and choose ACP? It is fact that 80-85% of the CP army population(s) are male boys from the ages 8-16. Of those, the ages 9-13 are probably the most predominant age group. At 9 years old, you want to be in the coolest group ever. So naturally, the easiest thing to do is to choose the Army OF club penguin, not the roman fire popcorn battalion (which represents the army that has no affiliation with the actual game that you’re playing (club penguin)). ACP has the gift of leading others to believe that they are the “official” army of club penguin, because “Army of Club Penguin” is their name. I mean, talk about false advertising, am I right? Nevertheless, it is a brilliant marketing move, which I must reiterate, was probably made unknowingly. This name will constantly bring new people in without fail.

2.       The History

Another giant upper hand that this army has is their history. Any new comer will see their eye-catching graphics, along with what shows in their left side bar:

“Welcome to the site of the Official Army of Club Penguin! We are the largest and strongest army in Club Penguin. If you would like to help us with our quest to protect Club Penguin…”

Naturally, you’d want to figure out how this army (supposedly) became the “largest and strongest army in Club Penguin” (more false advertising?). So, you’d go to their pages. And in those pages, you’d see stories ranging from Oagalthorp’s personal point of view when he created ACP, Boomer20’s story, ACP battle pictures, and other overwhelming things that bring to mind that ACP is one big happy family that never has problems. So, in search of that one thing we call “perfect” this new troop will join ACP in the hope that he/she will find what he/she is looking for, because of this rich history. Therefore, this boosts ACP’s troop count tremendously.

3.       The Color

I think this goes without saying. I mean, when you think, “colors of an army” you naturally (at least I do) think Green and Black. Again, by having the name they do, the Army of Club Penguin automatically reserves the color green in anyone’s mind, let alone the actual player. Green has strong emotional correspondence with safety.  It is the most restful color for the human eye; it can improve vision. Green suggests stability and endurance. This another major factor in the success and immortality* of ACP.

4.       Troop safety

How many times have we complained how we got banned from ACP for just letting one vulgar word slip out? It’s this carefulness by the ACP administration to shield their troops from vulgar mouths that shows the new troops that they truly care for one another. Now, in my opinion it’s not wise to keep them so sheltered as to never say anything that will “offend” someone, because it infringes upon free speech. But, it’s this very dictatorial stance on language that makes ACP what it always has been. And, from the past, it is proven that it works.


Overall, it seems that the ACP has created itself to be a “perfect storm”. Why do I say this? Because with these factors stemming from their name, history, colors, and troop safety, they have set themselves up for continued success no matter what happens within the leadership, the troop’s activity, or the army morale. Now, this doesn’t sound like a storm, it sound more like “perfect”. Well, no. Over the years, because ACP has been on top for so long, they see themselves as a kind of, monitor of CP armies. Almost every attempt to form a type of government among armies has been suggested by one of their members or leaders. They see it’s their job to be the big brother in this crazy thing we call CP Warfare. I can tell you right now, that the reason they are so disliked in many armies, and often why they are targeted (to no avail) is because of this. It’s a burning jealousy by other armies to become what ACP is. Not what they are physically, but to be what we all see them as, the most dominant army in CP history. The one army that will never die due to inactivity or other common problems armies have today. I know It seems hard to hear (and write), but it’s true.

You may have seen me use the word “immortal*” to describe them. Well, that’s a little far-fetched. There are ways that, in my years as a major army leader would work to permanently cripple the ACP.

NOTE: I do not and will not condone the following methods to be used against the ACP. I have thought about these ways, and they have not happened and will not happen by my own hands.

1.       Disable their website, permanently.

The Army of Club Penguin website is the central command of the entire network that is ACP. If this were to be taken out, ACP would have no direction and years of history, ranks, join comments, previous posts, could all be lost in this act. This would cause a huge uprising within the leadership. If an owner rank on the site’s account were to be compromised, that owner would be yelled at, punished and maybe even fired for his/her carelessness. This would cause even more problems. Thus, ACP would tear itself apart before they could even set up a new site.

2.       Disable their chat, permanently.

It doesn’t seem like much, considering they probably have a backup chat- but their current chat, TheACP is historical and important to them. If somehow this were to be taken from them, along with the website, it would be disastrous. No communication could go on from the administration to the troops, thus creating huge masses of troop’s inactivity and loss.

3.       Creator shut down.

This would probably never happen, but what if one day Oagalthorp thought to himself, “I’m getting rid of them.” And just chose, in his own free will, to delete the site and to deem ACP dead forever. This would usher a wave of panic, and probably would bring other people to make knock-off ACP’s, but with no success.

These are methods that would be extremely hard to accomplish. There are probably more, but these in my opinion would be the most effective. I probably am not the first to think of these, but then again, maybe no one has thought of these because they’re practically impossible to pull off. This is another reason why ACP seems to invincible. Their demise is so obvious, but yet so far away, and impossible.


Now you see why the “green menace” will never go. And if it does, I will personally apologize to everyone in xat. You have my word. 😉

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31 Responses

  1. Obviously obvious.


  2. Cool post doe.


  3. Who the heck wrote this? ACP has been to the point they are on their knees begging for a treaty. We just need to continue destroying them. We just feel too sad for them or get bored and stop attacking ACP.


    • Philosophy is largely made of opinion. Do you know what the definition of Philosophy is? Basically, it’s how to live. And this is an opinion. You can’t scream bias on a philosophy post and expect it to be relevant.


  4. Once other armies around ACP will start their downfall, which is bound to happen within a few years, the ACP will have nobody to go to war with. Nobody to hold events with. Or just a mere number of armies with a few people in them, counting 10-15 maximum.
    The troops of ACP will get bored and there will be no point. The army itself, if the numbers don’t drop…will just become some group. And eventually, nobody will join as there wont be much to do within the army itself…once other armies are too small..or gone.
    That’s my version and thats how i think ACP will come down….but before they do…the armies around them have to go on a massive downfall. And once ACP is down..thats the end of all cp armies.


  5. It is pretty obvious this post has been written by an ACP scum on the YouWrite section.
    Also, were you referring to the Roman Fire Warriors when you said “The Roman Fire Popcorn Battalion?
    Well I believe one would rather prefer the RFPB than the Anti CP and if ACP were protecting CP, then why do almost every army hate them?


    • Are you stupid? In the FIRST REASON it states that ACP is “Army of Club Penguin”. Congrats for not knowing how to read! And maybe every army hates them because they were the NUMBER ONE ARMY FOR AGEEEEES?! They might not be anymore, but people know how powerful they can be. You’re statement isn’t even valid, also, as your name states you are from Nachos. Not the best to help you with your argument.


  6. I will vouch for the fact that this is written by an experienced veteran who has tried, as stated, numerous times to destory ACP (and who is NOT in ACP). So we can just stop all complaints on that front right here.


  7. While I agree that the name ACP can’t die, the army itself can. Back in the days of the Romans, I’m sure people said that they would never die, but they did. There are other ways for ACP to die. A rebellion in a weak time such as this one, a major war in which they begin to lose many of the battles. The thing with people these day is that they can’t stand to lose. If the troops of ACP, who are always used to winning or being told they won, suddenly are told that they are losing battles left and right to a stronger force, the majority of the troops will join a stronger force. This is also supported by the fact that many of the members in ACP, which are the base of the army, fall into the younger age group. Also, if ACP can’t die, neither can Nachos, UMA, or IW because of their history and such. Nachos, for example, are known for having fun all of the time.

    As for colors, while greeen may ensure safety, the blue of IW also gives a tranquil and calm state of mind. This would appeal to the same type of troops that are in ACP. UMA’s red and black give the idea of aggressiveness, which will secure them some of the troops that ACP gets because the color green is associated with the army. Nachos having orange and yellow to go with red give them an air of fun and happiness, as yellow and other bright colors are subconsciously colors that give people a feeling of joy.

    Overall, it is possible to make ACP die. I know that somebody else would re-make them, probably very quickly, but it is possible to destroy the ACP through many different ways. If it weren’t possible to destroy the ACP, it would also be impossible to destroy other history armies such as Nachos, UMA, and IW.


  8. At most, ACP will have a big fall. But they won’t die.


  9. All Armies are gonna have to die someday


  10. We all know that every army of CP will die because CP will die so ACP can die easy as that


  11. Acp won’t die, but they’ll always suck nachos dicks. =O


  12. If history mattered – RPF would still be in the Top Ten. Their name is important, but explain why CPA never stayed relevant?


    • Yeah, if the name was so significant, the Club Penguin Army would still be alive. Before ACP say they(CPA) copied them(ACP), CPA came first. Does anybody here ever hear of the CPA anymore? No. All it takes is a spell of inactiveness for an army to die, whether that be brought on by losing a significant war or by some other means.


  13. Before I say anything, the pic I saw that went with the post I started laughing xDD.
    ACP certainly can’t die. No matter how many alliances and armies try to take down ACP, they just can’t stay died. In my mind, it’s the immigration center for new troops and the birth place of all armies.


  14. they cant die -____-
    but they can get killed !!!!


  15. So they’re big because they sniped a good name


  16. lol i bet you guys zak wrote this post
    hes an ACP lover


  17. lol I know who made this it’s not an ACP.


  18. I thought this was a very well done post and I completely agree with Alex


  19. When you google search club penguin ACP’s site is the third option there. When a noob types in Nachos of cp, the second link is ACP’s site.Its irrelevant what you say or what you do. ACP will not die. As long as club penguin is alive, acp will survive as well. You cant avoid it. Its the truth. Take any noob. Take any one who cal type “PRESS E+3 ON 3” or “GET IN A LINE”, make them leader of ACP and they will live. That simple.


  20. Well taking down acp isn’t that hard actually XD
    1. Step One XD Disable There Back Ups and Main Chat
    2. Then Hurry And Hack the site and delete it foreva
    3. Thats all you have to do


  21. They can make a new site…


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