Ninjas: Falling Again


The Ninjas were averaging 25+ at events less than 3 weeks ago.  Now they are only averaging from 15 to 17.  What could the cause of this fall be?  Could it be the picture below?

Probably not, but lets get a few interviews from the owners themselves to get a perspective on the Ninjas standing point.

Interview with Funkiki

Ninjas Snow Sensei


 Hi Funk

Hi Surf

How do you feel about the Ninjas recent fall?

Like any other leader should, I don’t like it.

What do you guys have planned to help Ninjas rise?

I have a personal plan that should help us get all the way back to the Top 3,

but no one knows it yet nor will they know it soon.

Do you feel the Ninjas owners are doing a good job?

Depends on which of them you are talking about,

each of them could be doing better, but some of the owners could be doing a lot better.

Thanks for your time.

Your welcome.

( Side Note: Funk thinks he’s too important to share his plans with a lowly reporter like me. )

Interview with Pochoma

Ninjas Adviser


Hi Poch


How do you feel about the Ninjas recent fall?

I am not too worried about it.  All armies have started to fall slightly

and our leaders are capable of keeping it up

Do you think that the Ninjas owners are doing a good job?

Some of them are starting to become a little bit inactive,

but I know the leaders will do something about it.

Do you feel the Ninjas will start to rise soon?

Indeed I do.

Thanks for your time.

No problem.



Interview with NP3000

Ninjas Water Sensei


Hello NP


How do you feel about the Ninjas recent fall?

Disappointed you know, the first two weeks went rolling fine even without Poch. Now things are going bad with many important people in the army on vacation, a low amount of owners showing up to events, and soldiers being lazy when it comes to logging onto CP.  Once school time starts, vacations will end and people will be more focused on the army.

Do you have a plan to help the Ninjas rise?

Currently I’m trying to get it into the troops head that their army is in a hole. No matter how well a leader can lead on CP or recruit new troops, the success of the army is behind the troops activity and performance on CP.

Do you think this plan will help increase troop activity?


Thanks for your time.

 (Side Note: NP doesn’t like to say bye and he enjoys making long answers. )

Here’s a picture of the Ninjas on the 13th of July.

But how do we know that the Ninjas have started to fall?

Here’s a picture of the latest Top 10

Picture from the Top 10 8/6/12

 Here’s a picture of the Ninjas now.

No, I’m not calling the Ninjas small.  Their still a very good, large army.  They’ve just dropped around 10 soldiers on their event average.


Will the Ninjas continue to fall?  Will the Ninjas continue to remain in the Top 10?

You tell me!

Comment with your opinion.


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  1. Yes, I know this post is mostly interviews. First.


  2. 2d bro


  3. bad post


  4. Surf, I meant what I said when I said that no one but me knows what the ultimate plan is.. And Np’s interview is lulz worthy…


  5. How do people get more active, during school xD @Np


  6. Lol Np’s answers. XD


  7. i thought you said there failing there 2nd in the top ten


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