Comparing Reality to Fantasy


Hello, readers. Boy, do I have a treat for you today. After reading CPAC for over two years, I’ve never read a post addressing this. So I figured I finally should clear the air. This is something that aggravates anyone who has ever encountered it.

Anyone who’s led an army, been an owner rank in a major army, or has ever read pages and posts on other news sites such as SMAC, CPAE, and sometimes even right here on CPAC, has encountered this problem. The problem? Simple. Joining troops are too arrogant and/or greedy.

Being the Leader of UMA and a 2ic in the Nachos, I know this all too well. I constantly have new people coming into the army expecting high ranks for being oh-so-experienced. They waltz in to the chat, and expect me to give them mod or owner. And what happens when they don’t get what they want? They throw a damn temper tantrum and TOTALLY LOSE IT. It’s happened a lot. And usually, if you DO end up giving them a high rank, they don’t even DO anything. They just sit there like a member would. Just because you’ve been in 50+ armies doesn’t mean you can get a high rank. If you’re a total noob, and believe me, I’ve seen people like this, you aren’t going to get a high rank. But the troops like this vary. Some just leave with a simple “F*ck you”, and some even go to extremes, such as joining another army for a high rank and declaring war on your army. How do we prevent greedy troops like this? We can’t. It will always happen.

After reading over comments on the SMAC and CPAC legends pages, I’ve noticed people who have achieved the smallest of accomplishments expecting legend status. They walk around everywhere, constantly boasting of said achievements. “Oh, my army got into the Small Top 5. I’m so awesome.” This is no big feat. People need to learn today that you need to work hard to get to be a legend. If you begin an argument with such people, they will defend themselves. But their argument will never actually be valid. (On most occasions.) The best thing to do with people like this is to have a laugh by yourself and move on. Noobs will constantly brag about being a mod in a major army or being an owner in a small army. Again, you can’t prevent this. You can only make them aware of it. But even then, it won’t be fixed. Noobs will always flood in and be like this. But it’s okay, we get a damn good laugh out of it.

Well, I’m sure I’ll have some disagreements and yelling from others on this post. But I’ve come to expect that. You can’t post a post like this and NOT expect any retaliation. But that’s okay. And this is where I’m finally ending the post. My final message: Don’t be a Scumbag Steve.


13 Responses

  1. Thank god my name isnt Steve.


  2. zak you’re a scumbag steve


  3. thats is extremely true :3.Haters gonna hate.


  4. It’s really annoying how nobody uses the REAL ranks anymore. Might as well name every rank with a number ending with ‘ic’.


    • Ikr. People these days are like ” I am the 12ic of Anti CP and I declare war on Loser Turds cause their 9ic insulted me”.
      I mean like WTF?


  5. Finally, it’s turned into a philosopher post! 😀
    I think some troops just want to look cool, use the mod or owner powers, and/or use those ranks to get into armies for higher ranks.


  6. Lmao. Everyone who leads a small army into small top ten expects legend nowadays. So true.


  7. From Late 2011-2012 = I AM LEGEND FOR LEADING A ARMY TO SMALL TOP TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. RAWR


  9. I would also like to add to this post, new troops, and old troops are lazy as hell. It’s like all they do is come on chat and leave for events.


  10. Boy do I have a treat for you


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