Battle Review: ACP vs. LT on Mukluk

Hello readers!  I have noticed that we haven’t had any Tuesday Doomsday posts so far so I figured to do a battle report on one of the battles that have happened earlier today between the Light Troops and ACP in a very competitive battle for the server of Mukluk which was highly valued by both the two armies.

Pre Battle:

Before the battle, both armies logged on roughly 15 minutes before the start.  The ACP met in the Town, and the Light Troops started in the Town also but soon switched rooms to the Snow Forts.  The ACP when they first logged on had roughly 10 troops and the Light Troops had around 11 or 12.  Then, a little later before the battle, the ACP were achieving sizes of roughly 15 and the Light Troops had exactly 14.

The Battle:

Shortly after the battle began, the ACP switched rooms to battle the LT in the Snow Forts.  Both armies had sizes ranging from around 15-20 troops at that stage in the battle.  The ACP were doing repeated tactics so the Light Troops appeared to have been doing much better as they were so used to the same “Clover Bombs” and “Pile in the Corner” that they could easily counter them with original tactics that the ACP were not used to an expected.  After around 15 minutes, the ACP were slightly more dominant than the Light Troops size-wise having around 20 troops at that stage with the LT having around 17.

Grades:(Grades are made on THIS EVENT ONLY!)

Light Troops:

Tactics: A

Size: B+


Tactics: C+

Size: A-


After roughly 20 minutes of battling it out to the death, the Light Troops surrendered the battle to the ACP.  I personally think that the ACP were the larger of the two, but with the amount of AFK troops they made no difference in the outcome of the battle.  The ACP had very poor tactics and the Light Troops were taking advantage of the ACP’s poor tactics with some brilliant tactics of their own.


I hope you enjoyed this relatively short post.  It was a battle report so don’t expect 1,000 words.


9 Responses

  1. Please give feedback!


  2. Feedback: make a post not about ACP.


  3. In every single battle this tuesday, ACP did the exact same tactics. In seriously each battle. And then Funks goes around and says ACP has the best tactics.


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