YouWrite Philosophy – ACP: The Beginning of the End

This post was written by a user who has asked to remain anonymous using the YouWrite feature.

You all know about the recent events in the Army of Club Penguin. The recent war with the Light Troops, and everything else happening. However, ACP has come to be judged by fate, and the consequences will change CP History.

It all started about a year ago, chances are several months before that. Famous leader of the Army of Club Penguin, Icey Cold27, retired from the ACP and granted Kenneth1000 with the power to become the Supreme Commander. After several negotiations, Flipper7706 was allowed to co-lead alongside Ken. The idea of two leaders sharing power was new to the Army, but also frightening. Tensions rose quickly. Two leaders with two different opinions would cause separation in the ownership ranks of the green soldiers, therefore dividing the army. People would have to side with Ken or Flip. Luckily, the Army was saved through several conditions of the power-share.

It wasn’t long before the arguments broke out again. This time, it wasn’t from the soldiers. It was from former ACP Leader and CP Army Legend Shaboomboom, the creator of the Anti-Hacking Bill. He created several posts against one of the two leaders, causing the Army of Club Penguin to split up again. They’d have to side with Shaboomboom, the powerful main owner of the ACP chat, and Flipper7706, the almighty leader of the Army of Club Penguin. Tensions were eased with negotiations and small treaties.

At the end of their days, seeing their last chance to lead, Flen [Flipper7706 and Kenneth1000] declared war on the Nacho Empire. Within days, battles were fought. The Army of Club Penguin was overpowering the Nachos during the war. On the last days of the way, Ken and Flip retired on the same day.

The Army was shocked when it learned both leaders had retired, but not only them. The next-in-line to leader, Slider568, retired as well. This left the Leader position empty. Along with that, Carter, the ACP 3ic at the time, retired. More than half of the ACP golden pawns had retired in less than a day. Former ACP Leader and Predecessor to the infamous Flen leadership McHappy took control of the Army once again. The ACP owners were shuffled around until Kingfunks4 was promoted to second in command of the Army and two 3ic ranks were filled.

Soon, McHappy began to mysteriously fade away in activity. It was declared that he went missing from Club Penguin Armies. Kingfunks4 was promoted to temporary Leader. During is time, he ended the war between the Nachos and the Army of Club Penguin with a treaty. The treaty stated that in return for four of ACP’s servers, the Nachos would agree to end the war. In addition, neither army could invade one another for two months. The Nachos agreed, therefore having the ACP Surrender. Soon, McHappy retired and Kingfunks4 became the official ACP leader.

The ACP finally was into a state of peace and rehabilitation. This was not to last long. After only one event of recovery, the ACP was thrown into war again, this time by the assumed “rival” of the green group. The Light Troops had declared war and began invading ACP servers. According to the LT site, the ACP was losing servers left and right. Some of the ACP posts were demoralizing the troops.

In an attempt to help raise the morale within the soldiers, second in command Capncook held a recruiting session. The server was selected, but a fatal mistake was made. The server was Blizzard, which is currently under the Nacho’s control. The Nachos’ leaders took this as an attack on the Nacho Empire, therefore causing them to accuse the Army of Club Penguin of breaking their own treaty (even though it clearly said “invading”). War has been declared, but the ACP is saying the War has been avoided.

The Ice Warriors voluntarily declared war on the Light Troops, and attended ACP events without the request of the Army. For some reason, the Light Troops began to accuse the ACP of using allies even though the IW had logged on by themselves. The ACP became even more depressed with the accusations of using allies.

This brings us to where we are today. Kingfunks4 had brought in Iceyfeet1234 to help string together a broken ACP, but he was fired due to popular demand. A 3ic spot remained open and is being fought over by the troops over who deserves it more: General Antant98 or General Asdfghjkl888.

The ACP Troops are split and divided. Some are demanding the coup or removal of Kingfunks4 who has only been leader for about a week. They are upset with the lack of performance at ACP events and accuse Kingfunks of being a horrible leader and he should be overthrown.

Tomorrow, Funks decided to retaliate against the invasions of the Light Troops by causing massive invasion of the Light Troop Empire. This is so called “Tuesday Destruction,” in which 10 consecutive hourly events are scheduled, 9 of which are invasions.

With the Nachos breathing down the necks of the ACP, the war between the Light Troops and ACP worsens. The ACP is split, divided, and weakened. As Tuesday Destruction is approaching closer than the speed of a slug, the test of ACP is being written. The Army of Club Penguin is on the brink of a Civil War, and the fact that two armies are already waging war isn’t helping.

Will Kingfunks4 be able to pull together the Army of Club Penguin and defeat the Light Troops? Will the Nachos help strengthen the force against the ACP and join the war? Is it possible that Funks will be overthrown? Is this the end of the ACP? WILL GARY THE SNAIL EVER FIND LOVE AGAIN?

Tuesday Destruction is tomorrow. Club Penguin Army History will be written. Is it really the beginning of the end for the Army of Club Penguin? Tuesday Destruction might be destructive for the Light Troops, but it also might be destructive for the ACP, ending their World Power status.

17 Responses

  1. Please use the correct format for a YouWrite post, as seen on the staff site, including it’s categorization.


  2. Was this intended to be philosophical or a history lesson?


  3. I like how as soon as I make a post it’s covered by five other posts.


  4. This is a good explanation of what has happened to ACP. Soon they will fall


  5. Honestly Funks needs to Go. He’s done such a Bad job. He’s not Suitable to lead ACP


  6. Oh also Please update this with the Cold war Status. They lost Breeze which will further put ACP on a spiral


  7. Sorry please merge all of these comments.
    plus 10 events in a row? Is funks mad? He’s going to abuse the troops expecting them to come for 10 events in a day? Does he even care about Troop’s Real lives? God Funks is abusing the ACP troopers. Now I feel sad for them for having such a Bad leader


  8. Gary the snail must find love again… he must. lolwut xD


  9. Just throwing this out there, whoever wrote this supports ACP, judging by their facts and sort of bias-ness toward the ACP.


  10. [Comment removed by Kingfunks]


  11. kingsfunk u cencorship asshole


  12. this is not the end of ACP. we a little more than half way through tuesday destroction and we have one every battle..


  13. noob no you have it if (like tap said) i had a nickel and i could multiply it on how stupid you are id be a billionair……


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