Legends Cup III: The Favorites[Eastern Conference]

With Round 3 of the third Legends Cup edging ever-so-closer, people are beginning to anticipate on who shall come out victorious at the end of the tournament.

Let’s be honest. So far, we have not been amused. The battles have been boring. This is because, halfway into the competition, it’s been the larger armies up against the smaller ones. Now, however, that is beginning to change. With the minor forces out of the way, the competitive battles are occurring. For today, we will be looking at the favorites from the Eastern Conference.

Army of Club Penguin

Size[9/10]: The Army of Club Penguin have been averaging 30 recently, under it’s new regime. In the past, they have proven to show up with greater heights, though. Nevertheless, the sizes of this army may benefit them greatly

Tactics[7/10]: Recently, the ACPs tactics have not been the best. Many of the troops have not responded on time. If they have a weakness, it is in this sector.

Other Factors[5/10]: The near past has caused a lot of people to doubt them, with a lot of people, as well as armies, turning against them. Kingfunks has been criticized for his attitude to other forces.

Overall[7/10]: For once, the ACP are not the popular choice within Club Penguin warfare. By now, some people have written them off, while others still think they have it in them. It is clear, however, that the ACP are outsiders.

Competitive armies they may face[Eastern Conference]: UMA, Light Troops, Army Republic

Underground Mafias Army

Size[7/10]: These days, the UMA average 20-25, getting those numbers at unscheduled events, as well, after recovering from a decline. In July, they had reached 30+, however. They can still get those sizes if they work hard.

Tactics[9/10]: If you were to find a strength of the UMA, it would definitely be their tactics. On most occasions, the majority of the troops respond well, and so, they can go far if they maintain this.

Other Factors[7/10]: Not long ago, the UMA had a power struggle, which saw the decline of the army. Even though they are recovering from that, stability is an issue, and they could collapse easily.

Overall[7/10]: Despite their quality tactics, the UMA will still be regarded as outsiders to win the tournament, due to the previous issues within the Ownership. They might have to overcome greater sides like the Light Troops and the Army of Club Penguin to win their conference, so that will be a challenge.

Competitive armies they may face[Eastern Conference]: Light Troops, ACP, Army Republic, Shadow Troops, Pretzels

 Light Troops

Size[9/10]: The Light Troops don’t consistently hit the sizes that got them to their 2nd position in the Top Ten this week, yet, when it is their day, they can be massive.

Tactics[9/10]: Their tactics are pretty good, and it could see them through the tournament with ease, if they continue in such a manner.

Other Factors[7/10]: Often, the Light Troops suffer major collapses. They don’t really last long at the top, and die out quickly. This could be a crucial decider in the tournament, for them, and it may mean they won’t make it through the Eastern Conference.

Overall[9/10]: I don’t remember witnessing the LT win a major tournament before, so it’s their chance to prove themselves. Morale will be high, as they are rising, so it could benefit them. We just have to hope that they don’t die out again, if we are to see them progress any further.

Competitive armies they may face[Eastern Conference]: UMA, ACP, Army Republic

Army Republic

Size[8/10]: On most occasions, the Army Republic hit 20, and made the rare jump to 30 once. It’s enough to rival fellow Conference sides Light Troops and the ACP, but if they reach the finals, they may have to do better.

Tactics[7/10]: As you can see, in the picture, the tactics of the AR were not superb. However, with other sides performing similarly in this sector, they can survive.

Other Factors[8/10]: The recent scenarios have been rather fine for the AR, apart from their war with the LT. They have dropped out of the Top Three, yet there is nothing to worry about, for them.

Competitive armies they may face: Light Troops, UMA, ACP, Shadow Troops, Pretzels


Other threats include the Shadow Troops and the Pretzels, who get 15-20 at their events. Who knows, maybe they could go on to the finals, defeating the more popular armies on the way? Now, who do you think will win the Conference, and go on to the Finals, to face the winners of the Western conference? Comment with YOUR opinion!

-Coolster114, CPAC Reporter

10 Responses

  1. 1st


  2. Cool if you included UMA you should have included ST considering we’ve been getting about the same number of troops


    • I would have, but the post had over 800 words, and so I could not do that, otherwise it would be too long. The reason the UMA were in, and not the ST was mainly because of the positions on the Top Ten.


  3. pretzels for da win *eats bacon*


  4. ACP will beat LT in the conference finals. No other army hosts a big enough threat.


    • Sadly, that’s not possible, due to the fixtures list. If the LT and ACP do meet, it will be in the 4th round.


      • Also if they meet, ioio will possibly lie to his troops and say they won, but then again, there ARE the judges.


  5. You picked the ugliest pic possible for AR’s, I’m disappointed.


  6. sigh ACP noobs like pengy and matty i didnt know troops could get so stupid these days (television)


  7. so ya its probly TV yet i dont watch TV


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