Doritos Declare War on Shadow Troops | Battle of Summit

In the past week, DCP declared war on ST.  Both armies are close in power, with ST at sixth and DCP at seventh in the top ten.  Will this war be good or bad for either army?  How long will it last?  And who will be the victor in the end?

In a post on the DCP website, DCP leader Alfrondo1465 declared war on ST.  He stated in his post:

It’s about time we go to war again, my fellow Doritos. ACP and LT have their own war, so LT is no threat anymore. We are focusing on Shadow Troops now. Vetsd, ever since you have been leading, you’ve always wanted to kill us and destroy us. Even if you did kill us, I have news for you, we ALWAYS come back, and we ALWAYS rebuild, and yet we ALWAYS come back in the top 10, even without Wwebestfan.

Alfrondo then stated that DCP had rebuilt and would be able to overcome ST easily.  Vetsd, a leader of ST, responded to the declaration of war in a post on the ST website:

Hurr came along and picked you up from the dead, pathetic. Hurr, Im not afraid of you. Your corruption during the war with ST is what sent WW into the small army they are now when YOU lead and once they fell, you retired and ditched them, you should be the one blamed for the once legendary army’s fall.  Be ready to get destroyed DCP, be ready.

The most recent battle of the war took place yesterday when ST invaded Summit from DCP.  In the end, both armies claimed victory.  Hurricanex1, DCP leader, said in a post why DCP won the battle:

DCP and ST maxed 16 troops throughout the entire battle. In the pictures, ST will look bigger because of their mega spreading out in lines. Also our tactics were a lot more elite than ST’s. For example ST did emote tactics through out the entire battle, where we did typing tactics. And ST didn’t charge us not one time the whole battle. With this being said, we have defeated ST AGAIN.

In response to that, Vetsd said:

DCP says they did more elite tactics and they did word tactics yet none of their pics show it. They say we didnt charge when we did a j bomb and they only charged pre-battle. Stop lying to yourselves, and your troops DCP. You say we looked bigger? Yes because we were bigger if you bothered to count. YOU CROPPED 3-4 ST OUT IN EVERY SINGLE PICTURE OF OUR CHATBAR LINE.

Below, ST does the E+9 emote in the Snow Forts.

Below, DCP does the E+6 emote in the Snow Forts.

No army has yet admitted defeat to this battle.

Interview with Alfrondo1465 – DCP Leader

What was the reason for DCP declaring war on ST?

Alfrondo1465: They declared war on us earlier, and wanted us dead.  They used the reason, “because of our past,” and now we’re declaring war for the same reason.

Do you think DCP can defeat ST in this war?

Alfrondo1465: Yes, definitely.  Me and the other DCP recruit everyday and we also have a new plan, for only DCP leaders to know currently.  We are winning in the war, so far.  I will admit they are winning the early morning events.

Why do you think DCP beat ST in the recent battle of Summit?

Alfrondo1465: We were a little down on sizes at the first [part] of the battle, and they had big sizes.  Each army then had the same sizes, and in my opinion DCP had the better tactics, along with how fast we did them.

How long do you think this war will last?

Alfrondo1465: This week we will be re-invading the servers we lost, and cleansing the ones we invaded.  It will possibly roll over into next week, and unless they keep invading, then it will be extended.

Do you have any final comments?

Alfrondo1465: Well, I want to say to Shadow Troops: get ready to be outnumbered and dominated again!


Comment with YOUR opinion.  What will happen in this new war?  Who won the battle of Summit? And who will the winner be in the end?

-Tomato 8883 CPA Central Reporter

16 Responses

  1. bacon?


  2. 2nd


  3. i know dcp’s secret plans 😀


  4. Interesting, probably biased since you didn’t attempt to get an interview from a ST leader.


  5. Dcp gonna win


  6. Pretty evenly matched war – but ST will take over soon enough.


  7. you call st’s line super stretched out? they are all mushed together. and doritos have only won like 2 battles sooo yeah. st winning all day!


  8. skkwd


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