BREAKING NEWS: Nachos Declare War on the ACP

UPDATE: The Nachos and the ACP are in discussions about ending the war. Full details will be posted later.

Early this morning, the Army of Club Penguin logged on the Nachos’ birth server Blizzard  for an unscheduled recruiting session. Once the Nachos heard the ACP were logging onto Blizzard, they immediately arrived on the server seeing this as an act of war. The Nachos believed the ACP’s actions broke their treaty that ended their previous war. Following this, the Nachos soon declared war on the Army of Club Penguin.

Nacho leader Chrisi Blule was quoted saying:

At around 4pm GMT, the ACP recruited on our BIRTH SERVER Blizzard, which is breaking the treaty that was made after their most recent war with us. Due to the fact that they broke the treaty -recruiting on our server, is also known as raiding, which is a hostile act, and an act of war- they are giving us 5 servers, if they refuse to, we’ll just go invade them.”

The ACP denied that they broke the treaty stating that recruiting on the server did not break the treaty since they weren’t invading. Here is a picture of the treaty that was made:

Since the ACP refused to give the Nachos five servers for breaking the treaty, the Nachos have decided to attack the ACP. They have already scheduled multiple attacks on the ACP Nation.

At this time, the ACP still have no made any statement about the Nachos declaring. The ACP are trying to sort things out and discuss terms with the Nachos at the moment. More information will be released as more becomes clear.

What do you think about the ACP recruiting on Blizzard? Did they break the treaty? What do you think about the Nachos declaring war? What’s next for ACP?


8 Responses

  1. bacon man just bacon


  2. i think its a load of shiz
    y do acp berak the treaty…. everyone is gonna hate them now


  3. lol LT and nahos ACPs side isnt lookin too good 1st army and 2nd army vs 3rd army


  4. Why was ACP recruiting on a Nacho server?


  5. idk but lt alreay broke the trety by attacking acp


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