ACP in hard times///Or Not…

Lately, a lot has happened with the Army of Club Penguin. Let’s have a little review, shall we? :

  • Mchappy retired from ACP leader
  • Kingfunks was promoted to leader
  • ACP is ignoring the LT
  • And then some…

First I am going to show some shocking photographs involving Bender, an ACP soldier? Or atleast a former soldier it seems. He has been banned on the charges of blackmail and cyber-bullying:

Now, many ACP soldiers feel that ACP is struggling because of there leader being inactive. As of the high ranks (High mods and owners) they feel the troops aren’t making an effort. The ACP recently did have an unscheduled recruiting, and the results seemed pretty good. But I wanted to ask a really tough question to some of the people who helped lead this battle :


Do you feel that after today the troops will be putting in more effort, or do you think they can become a bit off again?

Oh well I personally think this wont affect the ACP. It’s one event. We got a lot of penguins. Maybe it will, and hopefully for the best. I do believe that they will take a lot of stress off of Funks though.


Do you feel that after today the troops will be putting in more effort, or do you think they can become a bit off again?

It depends on what happens at tomorrows battle. If it goes good they’ll show effort, if it doesn’t then it’ll start to fall out of place again.

Here are some pictures from that event :

Can this 25+ unscheduled prove that with or without there leader, they are now strong enough to go on? What do you think is gonna happen. Comment and stuff 🙂

15 Responses

  1. As soon as there is a Rebellion vs. Funks, ACP is screwed. Btw Nice post. 1st maybe.


  2. It’s all a bunch of rouges in that pic, there’s not even a tactic/formation.


  3. anyone else see PR?


  4. Bunch of fappers getting people to turn green, in the last pic.


  5. gotta love how every retired ACP owner comes back.


  6. ACP struggling = Me happy


  7. what do i spy with my little eye hmmm ROUGES!


  8. @ People saying they were rouges, we were having fun with blobs and snowballs which we’ve been experimenting with in recent events.


    • I hate to tell you that it looks like alot of rogues cause number1 its a populater server 2 You guys are recruiting rogues… so i hate to sa they are rouges.


  9. Its me myself, and Iam here to tell you guys that its over. I had my punishment. I didnt know what go over me at that time, but atleast I have great friends to remind me to apoligize. I am not a former soldier, I am an ACP AND WILL ALWAYS BE ONE. Sorry for making this terrible mistake.


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