ACP vs. LT: War Update

Hello readers!  Today’s post will most likely be not as long as some of my others, but will be very informative and factual.  Today, I will be focusing on the ACP vs. Light Troops war that is currently going on as my little fingers type on this keyboard.  The battle’s have been very close, the ACP have been disappointing in some events, the Light Troops have been poor in others.  When you mix together all of this and me posting, this is going to be a hell of a post.


The Stats:

ACP Victories4

Light Troop Victories: 3

LT Victories ACP Ignored: 3

Disputed Battles: 2


Verdict on the Stats:

The ACP and Light Troops war has honestly been much closer than expected.  When it began, I expected ACP to win much more of the events than the Light Troops.  But, the LT have been AMAZING, they have really performed much better than many people expected them to do.  They have honestly really been giving ACP tough battles in each of the around 10 events that there have been so far.  The ACP have been very inconsistent performing very well in one event and poorly in another.  If I were to choose a more consistent army so far, it would by far have to be the Light Troops.


Key Battles:

On this coming Tuesday, the ACP will have 9 events.  This could either be a make day for them, or a break day for them.  The Light Troops, too will have a high number of events that day with 8 invasions and defenses spread across many times.  Some key events there will be battles on Mukluk, Sled, and Outback as both armies hope to take the others most important servers.  Tuesday may be one of the most crazy days event-wise in army history as troops will only seem to have short times of break.  For ACP troops, they are hoping to make a lot of these events as the “clovers” they get will count massively towards promotions.  Light Troops as well will be looking forward to Tuesday just as much as they can also earn themselves promotions by making half-the majority of events.


ACP Owners:

Since becoming ACP Leader, Kingfunks4 has been one of the most busiest men in armies, but when he got the job, he sure wasn’t hoping moderators would have to lead events due to the fact no owners were online.  In the battle of Marshmallow, no owners were on so 2 ACP Moderators took the responsibility on themselves and led the ACP to a relatively good event.  I was trying to feel the vibe of what ACP troops thought about this, and many felt it was due to the fact that there are not enough American owners.  Could this become an issue for the ACP?  I personally feel it could if events keep happening at later times.


LT Shock the Community:

Not only have the Light Troops shocked us with their decision to declare war on the ACP literally a day after the ACP’s war with the Nachos ended, but they’ve backed up their declaration very well.  They have been getting at least 15 troops at almost all events and some event times are at the most wacky times of the day.  Going into this war, no one was giving the Light Troops that much of a chance, but they have proved everyone wrong with their impressive sizes and victories.



I personally think this war may just eventually end with both armies losing interest after so many battles shared between the two.  I think that the battles will still continue to be split 50/50 mainly but Tuesday I think ACP win more of the events with a slightly more worldwide set of troops as oppose the Light Troops who are mainly US based.  I think on Tuesday the battles will go ACP 5 Light Troops 3.


I really hoped you enjoyed this short war update!



20 Responses

  1. The stats are wrong :/


  2. Apparently when ACP ignores an invasion it doesn’t count.


  3. wtf just because ACP ignores LT it doesn’t mean LT officially loses.
    and when ACP claims victory with their small size of 5-10 troops on CP it doesn’t mean it’s automatically disputed.
    if an army has 30 troops on cp and the other has 10 but still claims victory, it shouldnt be a disputed battle.


  4. LT probably has a better chance on Tuesday, due to their strong AUS force and strong US force.


  5. this is an awewsome battle


  6. ACP didnt count those wins because Light Troops ignored the 24 hour battle rule


  7. This is biased, and incorrect.


  8. Mediocre. I’d rather you reported on the actual battles than give an overview like this.


  9. biased imo, i’m not in LT or ACP fyi


  10. I tried to keep it as un-biassed as possible. Yes, you think I am saying ACP will be bigger on Tuesday, but if I was in LT and said you’d be bigger, I don’t think you’d care. Plus ACP is GLOBAL more than any other army. If I think they will win more battles on Tuesday, what’s the problem with that. And about the ACP Ignored events, they count as Light Troops wins, but I feel it would be more factual showing that ACP ignored them as stating Light Troops had 30 and ACP had 25 would incorrect in those cases.


  11. “Kingfunks4 has been one of the most busiest men in armies”



  12. biased


  13. biasss




  15. BIASED POST. Disgusted with what CPAC is hiring.


  16. This post isn’t biased. It just states that Lt is the better army. *wary*


  17. Throw this news report into the fire!


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