Inside The Romans: Executive Order #66

After years of warfare, the Romans, an army that were around even during the Clan Wars, have been declared dead by their mighty creator Explorer777, more commonly known as Dj.

The army were in their 9th generation, created by Kevin, when Step Up 646 had his account hijacked by The Network. This happened approximately two weeks following the comeback of the Romans, and things were looking bright, with the army getting 10-15 at unscheduled events, making them break into the Top 15. Luckily, The Network did not delete the website, though they did not return Step’s account. Djgtjvgyhxgy was able to add everyone back onto the site, and attempts to restore the force began.

A day after their defacing, the Romans struck back, getting six at a unscheduled event. Not good for an army that were close to major, yet alright for one that were defaced.

However, after this, they never really recovered. In an active count, it was learn’t that only 13 troops were active, and that the rest were not. Furthermore, in the next event, in which they PBd the Underground Mafias Army, they only turned up with sizes of three. In a post by Step, he had this to say:

“The UMA battle came terrible. Why? Well let’s have math class

4 troops supported UMA, one being one of our leaders

3 ignored me, Another being a leader

So guys, you better start getting loyal, or else you will be fired.”

A pretty serious message. Well, a day after, on the 27th of July, Dj made another post, calling for everyone in the Romans to step a gear in order for the army to revive:

“Recently, the Romans have been falling. Dying, even. Why is this, you may ask?

Because you are all f****** lazy.

Every single f****** time I go on the Roman chat, I will find it empty. I will go on my friends list, and I will find pretty much the entire army on different chats. When I try to get you guys on, the majority of you ignore me. This really p****** me the f*** off.

I mean really, is that hard to open up a tab and open up the Roman chat? You don’t even have to talk. IS IT THAT F****** DIFFICULT?!

I am tired of this f****** bullshit. If you guys will not be active, don’t join in the first place. As of today, everyone but Coolster, Step, and Melissa are demoted to Private. You will get your rank back once you prove you can be active.

I am disappoint, Romans. Expect an event soon.”

As you can see, he was very annoyed. It was not long before he had decided that enough was enough. The failures of the army had tempted him to bring it to a closure, once and for all:

“Executive Order #66 has been officially declared. The number sixty-six is something we have all dreaded since I came up with this executive order back in the day.

For those of you who don’t know, Executive Order #66 means that the Romans have been officially shut down. That there will never be another generation of the Romans. Any future attempts at recreating the Romans will be shut down. The only way to overturn Executive Order #66 is if the Roman Helmet returns, and we all know that will never happen.

The Romans looked like it was heading for majors… but after Step got us hijacked, everyone got lazy. And despite my attempts to get people to at least go on the chat, no one listened. So f*** you all. This army is officially shut down.”

According to him, if the Romans are to be bought back, action will be taken to shut them down. As of the 30th of July, 2012, the army is dead. Any future generations is to be unofficial, after their creators requests. I decided to ask Step how he felt about this,

Subz, a former Romans leader, who was not around for the chaos that happened recently had this to say when being informed of it:

“As a former Romans Leader and 3ic, I don’t feel any disappointment. But- that’s a big BUT, they should be allowed to be recreated again, as the Romans Army is a challenge to rise. Let them keep trying. I say live it on, for the future Leaders.”

What will happen to the legacy of this historic, once World-Power army? Only time will tell, but time can be painful. Comment with YOUR opinion!

-Coolster114, New CPAC Reporter, and UMA Leader

16 Responses

  1. Good post


  2. Great post.


  3. so romans, a small army gets a post about being shut down but WW doesn’t get mention of the dramatic change in leaders.


    • Don’t you guys always get change in leadership? I mean really,with all due respect, you guys were army of the week last week, so lay off. The Romans are older then your army and have not had a post about them in a while. So get your panties out of the knot they are in, please.


  4. Romans should be f****** dead already to preserver their f****** amazing history.

    I was mocking Dj.


  5. If I created a petition to bring the Roman Helmet back, who would sign it?


    HA HA DJ


  7. Steps account didnt get hacked by the network. A girl got his pass promising nudes. I feel bad because he never got the nudes though 😥


  8. hate it when people get lazy


  9. Romans have been dying for years. Nobody even has the Roman Helmet anymore. They’d probably be alright if it was released again, but CP have been pretty clear that it won’t be.


  10. […] the next 4 years, the Romans wallowed in mediocrity, occasionally being recreated only to fizzle and die once more, their legacy slowly forgotten. In early 2013, the Romans were, as we all know, recreated with […]


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