The Dark Warriors Officially End

The once powerful Dark Warriors have ended yesterday. It wasn’t too long ago that the Dark Warriors were recreated when they changed their name from the Golds to the DW. This recent generation of Dark Warriors managed to maintain a medium army status, and they seemed to had been even rising. However, as previous generations of the DW, this generation did not last long either.

According to their website, it was decided that the Dark Warriors could no longer continue like they have been. They weren’t living up to the standards of what the DW should be. Also, after Dark Warrior leaders Subz11 and DW legend and creator Elite910 decided to resign, the DW knew they could no longer continue.

Xiunknown, a DW legend, left a post officially stating the end of the Dark Warriors:

The Dark Warriors legacy finally ends here, after many bumps on the road, DW has hit a stalemate today after Subz and DW legend and creator, Elite quit. The Dark Warriors cannot continue like this thus we must end. DW has one of the best histories in armies, along with the ACP, Nachos, UMA, IW and RPF. We were one of the best armies ever, if not the best. I’m honoured to be a DW legend along with some big names in armies. Now that DW will finally rest in peace we can always remember how great DW once was. Everybody who ever contributed to DW, weither that being attending events, recruiting people, becoming a DW legend, we thank you. Everybody who has ever joined DW should be proud of themselves. You have made DW what it was today.

I ask DW never to be recreated, so I will be asking CPAC to never let DW back into the top 10, even if Ambrosha comes back, we can’t be recreated. We all know DW has had too many generations, sadly all great things must come to an end. Thank you all and let the DW legacy be remembered forever!

I, xiunknown, Dark Warriors legend declare this website apart of Club Penguin army history.

Although many may think the Dark Warriors will most likely be recreated again like the in the past many times, Unk seems adamant that the Dark Warriors are history. The DW have had many recreations and different generations, so it is reasonable to assume so. However, this seems to be the final end of the Dark Warriors.

The Dark Warriors leave a legacy as one of the most respected armies in Club Penguin. Throughout their history, this army often changed their name from between the Golds and the Dark Warriors. With either name, the army was always able to remain fairly successful. The Dark Warrior army was created by Elite910 during September of 2007. One of their most successful eras was led by Donut6780, Feephill, Khimo, and Motoxjohn where the DW reached a Golden Age. More recently, they had another amazing generation led by Khimo and Phipy where they constantly battled the Army of Club Penguin for the top spot in Club Penguin.

The Dark Warriors end with a great history behind them as they should always be remembered as one of the great armies in Club Penguin Armies.

What do you think about the Dark Warriors ending? What kind of legacy do you think the DW left? Is this really the end of the DW? Do you think someone will try to recreate them? Comment and let us know!



Three Years of the Press

Today marks the three-year anniversary of the opening of Club Penguin Army Central. CPA Central was created by Woton to provide the most informing, entertaining and up-to-date news, something we have continued to provide since its creation. This site has been through three years, 2,595 posts (only 1,595 of which have been restored), some 300 staff members, 4 hacks, and seven Heads of Site.

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Army of the Week: Cabin Warriors

NOTE: The Cabin Warriors changed their name to the Shadow Knights.  Click HERE to view their site.

In the third full edition of Army of the Week, we take a look at a fairly new army: the Cabin Warriors.  CW are a small army, but it is fair to say that they seem to be rising.  Can they rise to be a medium, and in the future possibly large, army?  Or will they remain a small army?  The upcoming next few weeks could determine the answers to these questions.

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Are you interested in joining the Cabin Warriors? Click HERE to join them!


Because CW are a rather new army, there isn’t a whole lot to tell.  The Cabin Warriors were created on April 4th, 2012 by Cpaul1 and Adro3The army drew many people into joining it quickly after it’s creation.  The army grew fast, reaching sizes of 18 at events.  They even became the 12th largest army at one point, right outside of CPAC’s top ten.  However, they merged into the Pirates, and weren’t seen again until their second generation.  Max took Cpaul1’s place as leader, and he led CW alongside Adro3.  The second generation did good, but not as good as the first.

CW recently started their third generation.  They’ve had a decent start, but only time will tell how well this generation will be compared to the others.

Current Leadership:

The Cabin Warriors currently have two leaders.  They are led by Adro3 and Max.  Both of them have led CW in the second generation.  They both seem to work well together, so the leadership of CW shouldn’t be a problem.  So far they’ve managed to get CW decent sizes, so CW has some decent leadership.

Recent Events:

The Cabin Warriors have had very little events recently, but they have done a somewhat good job in them.  Earlier this week CW had an unscheduled event and reached sizes of 6-7 troops, which is okay for an unscheduled event.

More recently, the Cabin Warriors dueled CPND and the Red Alliance (which was a no-show) and had good sizes of 8+.  Here are some pictures from the event:


I think the leadership of CW aren’t too serious about events, so CW seem like a fun army, and people who are joining an army to have fun would probably join them.  I think CW can make it to be at least a medium army, but I don’t think their current generation will last for a long time, seeing as their past two generations were only around for a few months.  However, they had a fast rise once, there’s a possibility they can do it again and make it last.

Are you interested in joining the Cabin Warriors? Click HERE to join them!

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How do you think CW have been doing?  Can they rise to be as powerful as they once were?  Or will they stay a small army with the chances of dying?  Comment with your opinion!

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Reporter

Legends Cup – Round Two Times

UPDATE2: DCP vs. Red Vikings battle info added.

UPDATE: SWAT will remain in the tournament and replace the Dark Warriors.

To make sure all armies notice their battle times and they don’t miss the battle notices on the results posts, I will just update the times on this post. This is for round two of the Legends Cup.

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Night Warriors Go To War With Ranger Troops

Lately the Night Warriors have been on the hunt for more servers in their attempts to rise through the Top Ten. Yesterday, on July 25, the Night Warriors declared war on the Ranger Troops, ranked 6th in the Top Ten. In the post declaring war, Second-in-Command Corey claimed the war “will be a long war since [the Night Warriors] have a lot of servers.” Servers being the reason for the war, the Night Warriors plan to take this war until they have taken all servers possible. In the same post, Corey told his troops:

“I trust that you all can get the job done and come out on top in every event.”

The Ranger Troops met the challenge with complete confidence. Today, they responded with the challenge to invade all NW servers “before they have a chance to do the same.” Ranger Troops’ leader Paco claimed in his response:

“The Night Warriors are trying to commit suicide so lets just murder ’em and save ’em trouble.”

Both armies plan to invade a large amount of servers from the other. As part of the battle strategy, the Ranger Troops will be invading a series of NW servers late at night. Night Warriors responded that night events are when they are most active, fitting with their name. Both armies seem very confident with the war. NW believes the Ranger Troops to be too inactive to be much of a problem, but with RT a good four ranks higher in the Top Ten, will NW be able to win the war they set out for?

Let’s take a look at some recent battle pics:

NW’s Recent Invasion of Ice Palace from AU

Ranger Troops Recent Victory Over Doritos

The Night Warriors recently had success against the Army Union, but will they have the same with the larger Ranger Troops? And with Ranger Troops aiding in the ACP-Nacho War, will the RT be able to defend from NW? Wherever this war leads, with so many invasions already planned, this is sure to be a lively war.

– Redd, CPAC Reporter –

Some More Legends Cup First Round Results ****TIMES ADDED~’]

More events today in the day of Thursday, July 26th as the first round of the Legend Cup continued! Results shown below

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Nachos Trounce over ACP

Hello readers, today I have a new and exciting post for you about the Battle of Fjord today between the Nachos and the ACP. Before the battle, many people expected a tight battle between two of the strongest of CP armies there are around.  Well, after the spell of events that happened today, I can claim that one of these two armies was much stronger than the other.

Before the Battle:

The Nachos and ACP both logged on fairly early before the battle in order to get possible vital recruits that could make the difference between winning and losing the battle.  About 30 minutes before the battle, the Nachos were grouped in the Casa Fiesta, and the ACP placed themselves in the town.  They each recruited in their respected spots for about 10 to 15 minutes gaining troops.  Then, about 10 minutes before the beginning of the battle they fought for a few minutes in the Casa Fiesta.  At that stage, the ACP outnumbered the Nachos maybe 25-30 to 20-25.  It was still very close at that stage and you could barely tell the sizes apart.

The Battle:

Just before the battle began, the Nachos left the Casa Fiesta and went to the Dock.  Whilst in the Docks, they recruited very well.  The ACP, also left the Casa Fiesta and went to the Forts for 1 or 2 minutes but then settled in the Dojo for 5 minutes.  Then, at around 2:10, the ACP sent their troops to the Dock, not prepared for the sheer size they were about to experience.  When ACP tried to get into the docks, many of their troops were locked out due to the Nachos sizes of 35-45.  The ACP, even at their best in this event could likely only come within 10 troops of the Nachos.  Then, to everyone in ACP’s shock, their chat was having poor connection and went down.  Many people thought that this would ruin ACP’s chances, and although it did, they tried to keep fighting.  They went to the Ice Berg and the Nachos then just absolutely DESTROYED the ACP.  At around 3:20, the ACP surrendered the battle to the Nachos.

Battle Overview:

The Nachos were definitely the better of the two armies today and rightly deserved the win.  Although the ACP’s chat crashed and many of you are expecting me to make that as an excuse for the defeat, but I won’t.  I think that the Nachos size today was brilliant for them and they still would have won even if the ACP chat wouldn’t have crashed.  I feel that this wouldn’t have made a difference mainly because this didn’t cause the ACP to lose troops on CP.  I think that the Nachos were definitely very dominant today.

What This Means:

I think that this battle will be the big turning point in the Nacho vs. ACP war due to the dominance of the battle by the Nachos.  I think that this may lead to ACP losing even more of the battles as the Nachos really just “Layed the Boom” on ACP today.  I think that we will see more raids/invasions crammed in at very odd times in the next few weeks depending on how much the two armies and their allies value the Legends Cup III.  This battle may have also determined who the bookmakers can put their money on for LC III, the Nachos.

ACP Chat Reaction:

Although the chat crashed, some ACP troops had the chat working on their computers.  Talking to them they were obviously very disappointed with the heavy defeat.  Some of the troops were making excuses but the more experienced soldiers were trying to get them to calm down by explaining to them that they were plain beaten by the better of the two armies today and that there will be plenty of more chances to battle the Nachos and seek for redemption.

Nacho Chat Reaction:

It was very difficult to really get a sense of the Nacho chat after the battle due to the occasional guest/kick/ban due to my association with ACP, but, when I was on chat, they were obviously very pleased with the landslide victory.  Speaking to a few of them, they were expressing their feelings of dislike to ACP and also relishing on the joy of defeating the long considered rival.  They also said that they hoped this battle could continue momentum for them to possibly go on and win this war vs the ACP.


I hope you enjoyed my post!


Developing Story: Light Troops Declare War on the Army Republic

On July 26th, the Light Troops of Club Penguin declared on war on the Army Republic of Club Penguin.

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More News on the SWAT Civil War

Blue1: In a new development, Lord Pain has stepped down through force from SWAT. He has said, quote, “Ganger gave into the rebellion like a fool. We had everything under control, and no one was with Stars, he just bitched out.”

As a Note, I give props to Becca, as Becca made the original Civil War post which you can find right here.

As you all know, a civil war is brewing, but recently, I discovered SWAT has now divided into 2 armies. Now you can find the sites here:

Original :

Rebellion :

At the moment, they both seem to be about the same size on chat. But where does the most loyalty lay? I got the chance to interview both Starz and Pain.

Interview With Pain

He will be the RED, and I will be the BLUE



Since the rebellion has evolved, do you feel its strong enough to match up to your SWAT?

No, I wiped out this rebellion last night and the people who amttered are with me anyone else is fired. Anyone on their chat isn’t actually in the rebellion they are just being idiots. Nothing Stars does will matter the rebellion swat will be fully ignored. The invasion he scheduled is invalid because we are swat they are just purely a foolish act of defiance by a noob.

If Rebellion SWAT claims ownership to the server, what do you plan to do, and also since you claim them different, then they are say, a SWAT 2.0?

Like I said they are just purely an act of defiance, and Stars will not be able to keep them together, me and Ganger will take action and the problem will be dealt with. The rebellion will most likely die out on its own people are just wonder what its about and thats the only reason they gained full chats.

Thank you for your time.


Interview with Starz

He will be the RED and I will be the BLUE



How do you feel this rebellion will go, and how long do you believe it will last?

Well, this rebellion might or might not last for long. It depends when Pain steps down. Which he probably will soon. 🙂

In my interview with Pain, he seemed very confident you weren’t a threat, any thoughts?

Yes, infact I do. He’s so idiotic he thinks he can beat us he basically has no one helping him.

How do you feel about the upcoming invasion of Pain’s SWAT?

I feel confident that we’ll do pretty decent.

Alright, thanks for your time.

 Your Welcome

 In my opinion I don’t believe the rebellion will last to long, as rebellions in CP armies usually last a few days. But I am still unsure of what the outcome will be. So I want to ask you, who do you think will win?

[Poll Here] For Blue to edit


Legends Cup First Round Results ***TIMES ADDED***

On July 25th, the first round of the Legends Cup occured. Click “Read More” to see the results of the XGW vs. CP Ice battle, the Cobras vs. Purple Heads battle, and the Water Vikings vs. Pirates Battle.

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SWAT: Civil War

On July 24th, SWAT’s leader-in-training Stars started a rebellion within SWAT, aiming to force Pain, leader of SWAT, to step down.

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BREAKING NEWS: Network: Among Us All Along?

EDIT: I have interviewed one of the members, known as iLLusive/Fallen.

Zak: Why did you decide to create Network?

Fallen: We came together with the same intentions, and decided: “Hey, why don’t we go underground?” We obviously didn’t stand a chance against other underground hackers, so we decided to mess with CP Armies for now. We were also curious.

Zak: Who did you still plan to hack before ending Network?

Fallen: Army Republic, Night Warriors, Dark Warriors, and Pretzels.

Zak: Do you think Network could’ve gone even further if it hadn’t ended?

Fallen: Only time could tell, but yes of course, I had so much hope for Network. In two days we took down SWAT and, released a leak, gathered a couple dozen emails, and defaced the The Army of Great Penguins and Water Vikings.

Zak: Anything else to announce to the army world?

Fallen: Yes, we are criminals. Our crime is curiosity. My crime is that of judging people by what they say and think, not what they look like. My crime is that of outsmarting you, something you will never forgive me for.

Today, a staggering announcement had been made. I was revealed the identities of the 5 members of Network: iLLusive, Silent, s0ul, Viral, and r3mote.

iLLusive: Known as Ace/Fallen

Silent: Known as ItzAlex

s0ul: Known as Zer0byte

Viral: Known as Gamer/Rebel

R3mote: Known as Dream/Chuck


Breaking News, Network hacks rival = Fraud

EDIT : Re-hacked by mach

Recently, cparmies was hacked by Network, so called hackers. I have some photographs from the website including photos that will shock you. that’s the site

Nachos vs. ACP: The Battle of Tundra!

Hello readers of the Club Penguin Army Central!  My post today will be covering the highly anticipated battle that went on today between the Army of Club Penguin and the Nachos.  Only one army could come out the winners today.  Who would it be?  Who was the more dominant force?  Hit read more to find out!

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Nachos and ACP War Continues

First off I’d like to apologize for not posting the past few days. A huge thunderstorm really messed up my internet connection, and well finally my connection is back, anyways on to the post.

Battle of White House

Yesterday the Nachos and ACP battled , and what really seemed to be a good day for Nachos where they claim to have reached around 45-50+ at the battle of White House. I’m not quite sure about ACP’s size during this battle, but they were able to admit Nachos had the dominate sizes this time around, but they still claim victory of white house. Nachos and ACP were not the only ones in this battle this time. Army Republic(AR) also jumped in, AR was in White House, Docks during the time of the battle and soon enough Nachos and ACP decided to battle it out at the docks. AR say they couldn’t even themselves in the room so they decided to turn green and help ACP. There were also some bots involved, but neither armies were controlling the bots. Once again both armies are claiming victory for this battle.

Pictures of Battle:

[Taken from both Nacho and ACP site]

Nachos in a circle performing war faces E+9

ACP in a curved line where not many Nachos are to be seen.

Nachos in a triple line performing E+5

ACP in a circle performing circles while Nachos charge them with war faces.

Nachos circling berg doing “:/” emotes

ACP in a circle in the middle of the room while Nachos make a line across the entire room chanting “LOL”

ACP joke bombing Nachos.

Nachos in a sort of circular formation, not much ACP seen.

I don’t even..


Battle of Sleet

Just a few hours after their exciting battle on White House Nachos and ACP went into battle again Nachos were defending another server Sleet. Unlike the battle of white house this one wasn’t so “exciting” and didn’t last that long. Nachos claim for the battle to only have gone on for around 20 minutes until ACP Third in Command Capncook admitted defeat for ACP. Nachos also claim to have gotten 30-35 troops another impressive performance, while ACP only got around 10-15 troops.

Pictures of Battle:

[Taken from Nachos site; ACP did not make a results post if they add pictures I will update the post with pictures from their site]

Beginning of battle

Nacgos circle the berg performing War faces, a few ACP in the middle performing clovers.

Nachos bomb th berg with Iglooes [E+1] Few ACP seen.

Nachos in a diagonal line performing E+C

Not sure if there was even a point in having this poll, but oh well. Comment what you think!