The ACP Off to War Again: Light Troops Declare War

Earlier today, the Army of Club Penguin ended their war with the Nachos. However, the peace would only last a few hours as the Light Troops have officially declared war on the ACP. This declaration sends the ACP off to war once again. After struggling near the end of their war with the Nachos, the ACP planned to rebuild their army to their former strength. The Light Troops thought differently as they decided that they couldn’t let the ACP “rebuild and reign [Club Penguin] Armies again.”

The Light Troops also believe that the ACP need to be taught a lesson. They don’t think the ACP live up to their title of “protecting freedom and preserving justice.” Light Troops leader Ioioluk was quoted concerning this in which he said:

That is completely false! ACP does not protect Club Penguin, and ACP certainly does not preserve justice. Everything ACP does is against justice, and is unfair. ACP edits pictures and posts false facts on their website every day.

Slowly more people in CP Warfare realize and understand that ACP is bad. But still, there are some ACP troops that stay along Kingfunks and agree with every lie he makes up.

The Light Troops plan to start the war right away as they have already scheduled an invasion on the ACP’s capital server Breeze as well as Mammoth late at night. The ACP still have not responded to the LT’s declaration or have made a comment about defending Breeze and Mammoth tomorrow (Monday).

With the LT declaring war, it comes as a surprise to many. Most probably figured the Light Troops would continue their war with the Army Republic, but they instead ended that war seeing as they had accomplished their mission of getting the ACP to end the war with the Nachos. The Army of Club Penguin are probably the most shocked of all as the last thing they wanted at the moment was another war. The ACP wanted to rebuild not another war. In addition, the ACP are still without ACP leader Icey Cold27 making things even more tough for the ACP right now.

The ACP still have not issued a statement about this yet, so we’ll keep you updated as things progress.

What do you think about the LT declaring war on the ACP? Are surprised by it? How do you think the ACP will react? How will the ACP do in the war? Was this a good move by the LT? Comment and let us know!


28 Responses

  1. yellow power every hour




  3. i thought i could finally break.


  4. I think more annoying people are going to DDoS this website — that’s what I think, as more people continue to not have a life.


  5. ioio brings back LT, first thing they do is declare war on ACP. Not much of a suprise.


  6. LT are too small to beat the ACP now. ACP will cursh the LT.


  7. in your dreams funky


  8. you cant dostroy us with your puny 15+ you think you get 25+ but theres to many rouges you cant form a line


  9. If I suggest, us ACP have no worth fighting vs LT. LT is to puny, small, weak to stand vs us. And if you ask Preserving Freedom, we do it for are troops! ACP used to protect Club Penguin 100% back when we were the official Club Penguin Army.
    Light Troops, your not even in the Top Ten, nor any Top Tens. This isn’t your glory days anymore.




  11. LT beware the ACP we will crush you you are a puny little army and stand no chance


  12. acp is going to get destroyed


  13. Haha I love how two armies go to war and these two never can agree there wars out last night everyone not in acp will agree that LT won but the opposite for acp but i have no problem with anybody but i am just saying this is going to end up like all of acp and lt’s other wars clearly no victor


  14. I think LT couldn’t have beat ACP without the Nachos practicly killing them before hand, but now It should be a pretty even war.


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