Arctic Warriors – Dying?

Hello SMAC Viewers!

Today I am here to report to you about an army that has been around for a while, and looks like they’re almost dead. This army is Arctic Warriors. And I’d just like to mention one thing, I’m back! 😀

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Legends Summit [TODAY!]

Due to vast problems that have risen in the legends voting, we will no longer be giving the viewers the right to vote for the legends page because we cannot stop the candidates asking people to vote. Sorry if this is short notice but I need to sort it out today. All legends are invited and upper CPAC staff.

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Restoring Mammoth

Mammoth, the home of CP armies. Above is a picture of when the Roman helmet was first released, and it was the start of wars at Mammoth Dojo, and possibly at the server Mammoth in general. Throughout 2006, 2007, and 2008, almost all battles were fought on Mammoth. It wasn’t until the server became completely full that we had to find a new home to battle. Unfortunately, Mammoth died, mainly because the population is at rock bottom. If Mammoth was populated again, then armies could log on anytime they wanted, recruit at the town or plaza, and head on over to the dojo to battle. Is it possible to make it happen? Let’s find out.

The main goal that Capn and I are planning on is to restore Mammoth using everyone in the CP army community. The whole idea is to have a few armies schedule battles on Mammoth, and have other armies plan “recruiting” sessions on multiple servers to “recruit” people into going to Mammoth. It seems simple, but it needs testing.

The only problem with the dojo is the 4 matts on the ground. Solution: ignore them. We would have a smaller amount of space, but people could use the resting spot in the upper part of the dojo (as seen in the 1st picture). Other than that, we can use other rooms to fight in (although we would still use the dojo, obviously).

In order for this to work, we would need to form 2 groups. A battling group, and a recruiting group. Armies will rotate RANDOMLY, but the battling group will have fewer armies. The reason for this is because 2 armies can easily fill 1 room, BUT if we only have 2 armies fighting, then people would ONLY join those 2 armies, which is why we need a “few”, multiple armies. And by multiple I mean in different sizes. For instance, we could have 5-6 armies in the Dojo, and 2-3 in the Snow Forts. As long as new people are fighting on Mammoth, we’ll be reaching our goal sooner.

In order for everything to work out, we will need SEVERAL armies to “recruit”. By recruiting, I mean recruiting for Mammoth. An army will be assigned a populated server to split up and recruit on saying “HUGE BATTLE AT MAMMOTH”, and other phrases that we will create as time goes on. Recruiting is a very easy task, but takes up a lot of time.

Remember, not ALL battles were fought at Mammoth Dojo, armies would meet up while recruiting and battle it out whatever room they were in, or would raid the bases of the larger armies, which may be possible to recreate if this project is successful.

Overall, the great war server of Mammoth can be restored once again as long as the current generation of the CP army community is able to work together and fight for the one thing that we’ve all been waiting for, a true CP war.

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

Conference Quarterfinals Results [CONF. SEMIS TIMES HERE]

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The Sharks Army

Hello SMAC, Today I’m going to be talking about a new army called the Sharks. They were created on the 9th June 2012 by Tootsiepop 6. They currently have the size of a small army.  Continue reading

ACP Capture and Defend Mammoth – What is the Future of the ACP Leadership?

Yesterday Mammoth returned to it’s old status as a strong hold for armies fighting on for hours on end. With Iceyfeets final battle and ACP’s invasion of Mammoth it was the first time Mammoth had been a three bar server for over a year. The ACP had lost Mammoth to the Light Troops and allies earlier in the year and wanted to take it back from them with their own allies.

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Weekly Recap #2 – CPAC Sweet Sixteen [WINNERS]

Hey guys this is Chris. I will make yet another post about the first summer tournament, the Sweet Sixteen. Due to Iceys battle being for 3 straight days, running onto Sunday. I will post the recap, today, Thursday.

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Army Republic vs. SWAT: The War Rages On

Hey, everyone! Becca here with some news on a war that has been going on for a few days, the AR vs. SWAT war.

I apologize in advance for barely citing anything on SWAT’s site, I couldn’t find much to cite, only AR posted the results of the battles.

It is difficult to tell exactly when this war started, as there was no post declaring war on either of the two armies’ sites, but recently, the Special Weapons And Tactics Army and the Army Republic, two armies who have been rivals for quite a while and have battled on and off during the past month, are at once again, starting on June 17th when the post “Start of the Liberation” was written by JaspertheDolphin, an AR owner. The post declared that the Army Republic was invading several servers that Ganger, leader of SWAT, had falsely claimed, including Toboggan, Berg, Beanie, Ice Palace and Cabin:

This post regards the ignorance on Ganger90′s behalf. I gave him a 12 hour+ notice. So now, he will pay for the false claims of the following servers

And indeed, AR did invade those servers, starting with Toboggan, their capital. However, there was a communication failure, and SWAT did not show at the invasion, with Ganger90, leader of SWAT, claiming that SWAT did not own Toboggan, even though he put the times of AR‘s invasion on his site and told SWAT to show up:

The picture above is Ganger, stating that SWAT does not own the server Toboggan. The pic below is a section of a post on the SWAT site, with the times of AR‘s invasion/SWAT’s defense.


In the end, AR reclaimed (for lack of a better word) Toboggan.

The very same day, SWAT decided to reinvade the server. And the the next day, June 20th, they did exactly that:

In the picture above, SWAT has a line of about 8 penguins above the chat bar in the Cove, and AR is lined up along the shore with around 12-15 penguins.

Here, SWAT is in a semicircle of around 15 penguins, starting to do the sun emoticon. AR is next to them, in an L shape with 7-10 penguins, doing the flower emoticon.

The battle was extremely close, but SWAT finally surrendered to AR.

The same day, AR invaded the server Cabin. According to AR, SWAT admitted defeat within 10 minutes after the battle started, but, for some reason, did not log off and continued to battle AR for another 20 minutes.

In the picture, AR is in a vertical line of about 15 penguins doing the fart emoticon, while about 8 SWAT soldiers are scattered next to them.

SWAT logged off after AR showed them a picture of a SWAT 3ic admitting defeat, resulting in a win for AR.

With 3 wins, it seemed like the Army Republic was dominating SWAT, and that a surrender from SWAT and an end to the war was approaching. But, after the invasions of Berg and Frozen today, it was clear that SWAT was making a comeback, scheduling several invasions of AR‘s land, starting with the attack of Berg.

Although I could find no pictures of SWAT’s invasion of Berg, JaspertheDolphin stated:

The event of Berg, started off pretty sad, until we started picking up in size, we did an average job, for only 3 owners + me overall being on.

I couldn’t figure out who actually won the battle on SWAT or AR‘s sites, from the phrasing of the quote above, it seems like AR just barely beat SWAT or lost to them.

A while later today, AR defended the server Frozen. I again could not find who the winner was, but I did find some pictures, in which SWAT’s and AR‘s sizes are extremely similar:

Above, both SWAT and AR are in vertical lines with about 10 penguins. SWAT is shouting “Winning” while AR is shouting “No”.

This fierce war between the two armies is still raging on, with many battles fought and many battles to come.

On a side note, I’ve been thinking of reposting a story of mine called the Symbol of Innocence on CPAC. I posted it on CPASC and it recieved a lot of praise, so, to give you a taste of what kind of stories are being posted on CPASC, I’d thought I would repost the story. I would post 2-4 chapters at a time about once a week, so I wouldn’t waste much headline space. The posting of the story will not replace my other news posts, I will do those as well as the story.

Funks or Blue, if you do not approve of this, tell me immediately. As for now…

Who will win this war? Will AR prevail, or will SWAT acquire the victory? Also, should my story, the Symbol of Innocence, be reposted on CPAC? Comment with your thoughts!





Iceyfeet’s Final Battle

Update 2: All leaders are asked to go to the chat 30 minutes before the major battles start:

UPDATE: Leaders, please post the 2 MAIN battle times and convert them into the different time zones so your troops can attend. They are 12PM and 4PM est on all 3 days, which makes a total of 6 main battles.




My final battle is coming up! I ask that all leaders that have signed their armies up to post the information on their site today or tomorrow. Sign ups will close on Thursday, so make sure to sign up quick! Also there have been some changes in the rules, so if you’re a leader, then make sure to read the entire post. Here is the current information that you should post onto your armies websites:

UMAACPIW and Nachos (Big 4) V.S. Everyone Else (Opposing team)

* RPF Declined

[UMA, ACP, IW and Nachos were chosen because these are the 4 armies that have lived my time in CP Armies]

June 22nd – June 24th/25th (2 and a half days long)

Mammoth, All Over

5pm UK [22nd] – 5am UK [25th]

12pm EST [22nd] – 12am EST [25th]

11am CST [22nd] – 11pm CST [24th]

10am MST [22nd] – 10pm MST [24th]

9am PST [22nd] – 9pm MST [24th]

*During each day there will be two main fighting slots: 12pm EST and 4pm EST.

*Armies can still fight at any time of day other than this time slot.

*Armies will work together (the big 4 or the opposing time) and the opposing team will wear 1 uniform and 1 color, Pink.


There will be 5 Armies “leading” the opposing side during this event. All armies are asked to send their leaders/high ranks onto 1 chat, which I will make and distribute to everyone on the day of the first battle. In order to keep everything organized, I picked the 5 largest armies to help guide the other armies against the big 4. The 5 armies are:

  • SWAT
  • DCP
  • AR
  • Ninjas
  • Ranger Troops

The last 2 will be determined throughout this week.

Armies with an * next to their name may not be leading the opposing team.

Here is a map of the battle field for the 2 main fighting slots only, all other fighting can take place at any room at any time. The 2 pink circles are where the opposing side will be divided. It is up to the 4 largest armies to divide the team to make the rooms even, but one side will NEED to have more people, as you will notice in the next few paragraph.s. This is where the chat comes in, where leaders can communicate.

Basically, the object of the 2 main fighting times is for the armies to get to the Snow Forts within 1 hour and 30 minutes. Other than that armies can fight wherever and whenever they went.

For the left side of CP, the armies will land at the Mountain and make their way through the Ski Village and then into the Beach. After that they will head over to the Dock, where they will be facing the Ice Warriors.

The Right side of CP will have more people, because they will be fighting on mainland CP and underground. They will first head to the Cove and make their way to the Forest to fight against the Nachos. Next, the team will have to divide into the Mine Shack and Underground lake. It doesn’t matter what they do at this point, as long as 1 group fights ACP in the Pool and another fights UMA in the Underground Lake. Once again, this is where the leaders can decide which armies fight in which rooms. *Since the opposing team will be fighting 4 armies, it is wise to split the 4 largest armies up to match them with 1 army, and then have the smaller armies help them.*

Now that all of the information is complete, here is the map =D. Remember, large pink circles = starting point, small pink circles = fighting point. The pink lines are the armies goal point, while the red lines can be where they move to if it’s blocked off. The big red circle at the Snow Forts is the opposing teams destination =D.

The Superhero/Villain hideouts will NOT be used during the battles.

The map got a little bit messed up, but you can somewhat make out the 4 main fighting rooms.


If you have any questions, then please PC me on IW chat.

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234 Russian Swag

Staff Applications

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The Ninja Freedom Force- Setting An Example in Alliance Creating for the CfC?

With the NFF’s alliance with the HRCP to claim the server Polar Bear, are they setting an example for the use of alliances in this Clash for Control? Continue reading

Are We Losing Tactical Strength? [EDITORIAL]

Edit: Why are you guys complaining about little color? Are you guys like five years old? You complain when a post is too short, now you complain when it’s too long? Grow up.

Hey guys, whats up? Now if you don’t know I have come back for the summer after being away for over a year and a half, and truthfully a lot has changed around here. Some armies have fallen and others have risen. Of course that’s all supposed to happen with such a long time period, but what I have noticed that is not good for armies is the decrease in tactical skills. So since I’ve come back I’ve seen a few battles, and truthfully I was not impressed. I am looking at top 10 armies who are struggling to perform even the most basic tactics and are probably unable to do a complex one.

I am going to speak of the most recent battle I witnessed between two top 10 armies. SWAT and AR. I would like to say that I have nothing against either armies and that they are not the only armies I have witnessed having problems with tactics. During their battle I saw that they both had bad reaction time to tactics, since I was on SWAT chat I was able to see the orders given out and how fast the order was taken and put into action. It was shameful. There were simple tactics like an emote in a line and it took people too long to react. The people who reacted fast were often scattered and it didn’t even look right and by the time everyone else started doing it, those people had to do it again, even if they managed to get it right at the end the fact that it takes up to a minute for everyone to follow out an order is not a good sign. Now looking at AR, they may have lost the battle, but that battle was basically determined by size, if it was determined by tactics I would consider both armies as a tie. Even though I think AR did better with reaction time, they had problems as well. At one point in this battle SWAT started charging with a joke bomb and nearly thirty seconds or so later AR responded with a joke bomb as well, and when they noticed they were doing the same thing they had to switch tactics in the middle of a tactic, which in simple term is messy and shows that they need to pay more attention to what’s going on in Club Penguin.

This being said, neither armies really did anything that was complicated. The most complicated thing they did was when SWAT piled up on their leader, Ganger, and then exploded. This is an OK tactic to use maybe once or twice, but I’m sure it was used at least four, maybe five times. Along with that I noticed that both AR and SWAT copied the other armies tactics at least once. During the battle SWAT attacked AR’s line and then decided to sit on them and toot, which is actually a pretty good, and amusing tactic. Then later in the battle AR did the same thing, SWAT was in line and they walked up and started sitting/dancing around SWAT and tooting.  Army leaders have to realize that reusing a tactic is boring, dull, and not a good way to show tactical strength, and copying another armies tactic is even more pathetic.

Now I have to ask, what happened to the complex tactics that are done during battle? What happens to when an army attacks someones line with a joke bomb and then quickly goes back in line and starts chanting. What about when armies create a circle or a square or any shape around a certain room, lines and pileups are almost the simplest forms of organization.

Now since I am done I would like to remind the readers that I am not trying to “diss” or “point out” any particular army leader or army in general. I just picked AR and SWAT for this particular post because I witnessed the entire battle and it was recent. I am pretty sure other people who witnessed the battle would agree, for when the judging was done it was determined that SWAT only won by size, not tactical might. I hope all leaders of all armies take this into consideration and do the following to possibly improve tactical strength:

  1. Practice Sessions: These are great for improving tactics and practicing new ones. An army can not be accepted to a brand new tactic out of the blue and be accepted to get it right,
  2. Orderly Leading: Make sure you don’t have more then one leader or owner giving orders at the same time, it could conflict and make the tactic come out weird.
  3. Work On Reaction: I know that some people have slower computers and take longer to change tabs and that Club Penguin causes lag and everything, but remember, don’t lag behind on chat. The faster you get to Club Penguin the better for your armies tactic.
Albaro Lord

Operation Army Organization: Nations Page

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Results of CPAC’S Tournament Battle: Underground Mafias Army (UMA) vs Nachos

Edit: Sorry for the site being so inactive the past days guys. Puckley went on vacation for a week, and I was gone for awhile myself.  

Hello there fellow readers, please  click on “continue reading” to view the post

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How we all changed

Jojo: Nothing super important but, I added a Top 10 category. Top 10 makers, Red and I, can use that too. 

Splasher: Sure, you can do the medium top ten this week if you like. I’m sure our top ten makers need a bit of a break. Also, make sure you post in the categories. 😉

I recently just came back to armies sine school has ended and I have had a great time so far, but I realized something has changed in armies.

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