Top Ten Armies: 26/03/12 // Champions Cup Semi-Finals

Welcome to the final edition of the March Top ten lists following the Quarter-Finals of the Champions Cup. Scroll down to the bottom of the post for the information for the Semi-Finals.

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Comic: Watch the Sky

Yet another comic crafted by your’s truly.

This time, it’s about two pilots who pilot a plane and well, actually, just read the comic. It’s short, trust me. (And also destructive.)

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Army In Focus – Puffle Warriors

Results of the Quater Finals below.

Hey Penguins,

Today I will be talking about Puffle Warriors and how they are starting to rise back to Major Status. Hit the “Read More” button if you are Interested in reading!

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CPAC Champions Cup – Quarter-Finals – SWAT vs UMA

Size = SWAT 15 3 UMA

Tactics = SWAT 10/10 5/10 UMA

In what will probably be one of the easiest wins in the Quarter-Finals the SWAT dominated. There was nothing really to say about this battle, apart from domination.

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CPAC Champions Cup – Quarter-Finals – Metal Warriors vs Ice Warriors

Size = Metal Warriors 15 –  12 Ice Warriors

Tactics = Metal Warriors 8/10 – 7/10 Ice Warriors

In a cluster of blue at the full dock, the armies battled out in a messy encounter. It was hard to pick a winner, but only one army could go through to the next round.

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Fired Staff.

*Tylund has retired from CPAC. Thanks for reporting, tylund.

Due to the lack of posts by almost all staff members, a lot of the staff members have been fired from CPAC. We have a lot of open spots so please remain patient while we fill them.

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Army in Focus: Light Troops

Like the Dark Warriors, the Light Troops seem to be in a small bit of trouble at the moment despite being 4th in the most recent top ten list. After a very bad result and Roberto’s departure, what’s next for the LT?

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Champions Cup: Predictions for Quarter-Finals

Now the group stage of the tournament is over, and some armies have moved on to the next round while others were eliminated.  I have made predictions for the quarter-finals of the tournament.  The top ten ranking, results from previous round, and recent performances of the armies will be used in making these predictions.

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Dark Warriors Leadership in Turmoil

 UPDATED: As of 6:41AM EST, Ganger, Coff, and Flo have been declared leaders, with Donut as a temp.

UPDATED: As of 6:09PM EST, Puf is the presumed leader of the Dark Warriors.


At the time this post is being written, both Ana and Flo are considering leaving the Dark Warriors or armies altogether, and urging the other one to stay. This is because of turmoil between other leaders, and DW is called dead by some, but very much alive by others. So what is happening inside the army? I will talk to Flo, Ana, and multiple other Dark Warriors troops on the debated leadership changes. Continue reading

Champions Cup Quarter-Finals

Champions Cup Update: Due to DW’s death UMA will face SWAT and IW/MW will face in a two-way battle.

*Each Battle is 45 minutes long

Hello CPAC,

This post is to inform you about the nine armies that are taking part in the Quarter-Finals of the Champions Cup.

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Hurricane Leaves the Watex Warriors

Hurricane, known as the face of the army and most experienced leader out of the three, has retired after the Watex Warriors Entered the Top Ten. This was about a month after his retirement from the Nachos.

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Dark Warriors Site Defaced

Hello CPAC,

I’m here with some breaking news. The Dark Warriors website has been defaced by Joe, former DW 2ic. All posts and pages have been deleted. Could this be another end to the Dark Warriors? Will they finally rest in peace? Read more to find out.  Continue reading

Dark Warriors Leadership in the Dark.

The world power army, the Dark Warriors, are in the dark with their leadership after SaW and Unk left the leadership to Juju/Ana. Only one day later she left and Donut and Flo Rider took the helm. But who are the leaders now?

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Comic- Failed Ideas (Issue #1)

From now on, I’ll categorize my comics by different editions. This edition is called, “Failed Ideas”. Basically, it’s failed ideas that were never created (and should not be created). Enjoy!

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Top Ten Armies: 19/03/12

Welcome to the top ten army list, this includes 11 armies due to a tie at 10th. This was a tough one to decide so remember some decisions may be different from myself to you.

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