Light Troops reprieved.

Urgent meeting needed with blue2 on Saturday 

We are pleased to announce the Light Troops have been re-added to CPAC’s day to day news. They have said sorry and removed the header, anti-CPAC banner and propaganda pictures which may be offensive. We thank the LT for this and all the people who were patient in the wait for this to be finished. I would also like to say I have one prime suspect for the person who hacked CPAC. This could lead into something bigger so watch out. If you do anymore hackings within this week you will be confirmed as our hacker.

-Kingfunks4 CP Army Central Head of Site

 ♣||»Sιя Bℓυєsσ¢кωa тнє 2η∂«||♣

P.S. Thanks Poch for helping out and this is why LT were in the new header. We knew it would end eventually. 

27 Responses

  1. .____________.


  2. Wait, you guys made them remove the header..? I thought it was only the pictures, and the dissing CPAC which I still have no idea how they did that. I’m not saying they didn’t I just haven’t been paying much attention. But making them remove is just biased.. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not all “OH CPAC IS BIASED” but DCP had a header of dead LT penguins CPAC took no action, I’m pretty sure LT didn’t whine about it. I don’t know if DCP still has that header up. But since it was dead ACP penguins they had to remove it? Lolwut. I’m pretty sure CPAC wouldn’t mind if it was some other army that was lying their dead, since they ignored when DCP did it, and don’t say CPAC was not aware of it everyone was. But last I checked this an ARMY NEWS SITE. Yet, you guys are trying to dictate armies by telling them what they can, and cannot do. My neighbors creep me out.. Like I can just turn around to any window and they’re just staring into my house especially the little girl who’s room is right across mine. She stares all hard D: I’m just like “wtf o.o” and I been tired this whole time but somehow I managed to stay up. Telling them how they can, and can’t design their site? They pay for their CSS and GFX let them design it however they’d like. Gah, before we know it CPAC will be telling armies what the name of their chat has to be.


  3. Well that took long, didn’t it?


  4. LOLZ ACP’s fight final destruction against LT hasnt ended though


  5. The hacker made me look like I’m the recent poster.


  6. This hacker is cool 😮


  7. good job Light Troops for giving in… ? This post makes me laugh as so as the other one when they were taken out of CPAC. It was obvious they would come back anyways as of course… CPAC controls all of armies …good job cpac


  8. LT still needs to die


  9. Ph3nom is back!!!!!


  10. LT, What is Wrong with you, LT shouldnt be in CPAC, Its wierd how a week or so after you remove LT the site gets ”Hacked”..


  11. On the contrary Funks, I am not at all pleased that LT is back as an “Official” army.


  12. Someone keeps deleting my posts


  13. Once again, CPAC the Light Troops are officially sorry for:

    1.) Calling you bias
    2.) Calling you evil
    3.) Putting up the ANTI-CPAC Banner which was extremely wrong (we now know that)

    Once again, we apologize. Thank you.


  14. Contenders for Top10 Team Gold 😉


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