LT Suspended From CPAC Member Army Status

As of 5:52 AM EST, Club Penguin Army Central no longer recognizes the Light Troops of CP as an army.

The actions taken by the LT that have been mentioned and condemned by posts across the community. Due to their continued refusal to recognize the severity of their actions and the failure to remove them from their site, CPAC has suspended LT’s army status on our site for an indefinite amount of time.

This means that during this time, LT will:

  • Not be featured in Top Tens
  • Not be featured on the Servers Page
  • Not be featured on the Army Nations Page
  • Not be featured on the Leader Profiles Page
  • Not be featured in an RSS feed
  • Not be featured in any tournaments/events held by the site
  • Not posted on in any manner, except in posts pertaining to the war, in which they will not be considered an army, rather, a “rouge force”

Until LT apologizes for their actions and removes the images from their site, these conditions will remain in effect.



CPA Central Heads of Site

6 Responses

  1. what did we do


  2. and is LT still suspended? guess not


  3. […] You can read the suspension of the Light Troops post by clicking here. […]


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