CPAC Christmas Chaos || Round One || Ice Warriors vs Water Raiders

In a one-sided battle, IW took victory

WR was a no-show in this battle. IW maxed around 45 and averaged about the same. The sheer size and power of IW in this past few weeks has been amazing. They are rising greatly, and may continue to do so.

Winner: IW

Well done to IW, who are moving on to the next round.

9 Responses

  1. 2nd
    we did awesomesauce 😀


  2. 3rd


  3. WR a no-show? Wow.


  4. Let’s see if IW can maintain these sizes when Icey leaves. Anyways I hope IW or LT wins this tourney.


  5. we did it


  6. im mad at the wr why didnt they show up i wanted a real battle well at least we move on


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