My opinion on Xats

This is my rant about how Xats and its many features have made a profound impact on CP armies.

So first of all, what is Xat? Xat is a flash-based chatbox that enables soldiers to communicate with one another like IRC. It is useful during wars when leaders can give out orders to their soldiers during a battle. But then there is the part that just annoys me about Xats and how it contributes to present-day army warfare.

First of all, people have taken Xats just way too seriously. First off, soldiers in armies are using Xats as a way to receive attention automatically. For instance, there is one particular soldier called Jujuflower (no offense or anything) and she received a high rank in ACP under 2 months. She was so famous in ACP that she even got an event named after her. Then came her death and a lot of people paid tribute to her. My question is, if she didn’t have Xats, then would she have received a lot of attention at first?  My point is in this argument is that leaders and soldiers shouldn’t judge someone by how much Xats they have and their ‘politeness’ by donating some. A soldiers should earn respect by the amount of hardwork they did and how responsible they are in serving their army. Sure people like Juju did contribute something to ACP but had she worked hard just the same but had 0 Xats and powers, would she have gotten fame this easily?

Another thing that just pure annoys me about how Xats have been integrated in CP Armies is its overall impact on an army. I won’t be surprised if there is now a new type of corruption in the army world known as ‘Xat bribes’. Okay first off, what is the point of it? If a leader cares so much more about how much Xats they are getting offered, then should they be in armies at all? It just ruins the fun for everyone. It will result in unfair promotions and leave a bad mark on their respective army.

Another thing that amazes me about the influence of Xats is scamming. Its like a new tactic in CP armies to recieve power or a way to shun people. Okay, this I just find purely idiotic. Soldiers who scam and such should know that they are the ones who care too much about Xats. Soon we will have a hit and run type of deal where hackers are bribed a certain amount of Xats to hack an army’s website if soldiers continue to be influenced.. That is just pure joy.

So what will this all mean for CP armies? Are we actually willing to focus more towards Club Penguin or more towards Xats. Though I agree that Xat is a good way of communication for armies because it enables better organization, it has its disadvantages towards CP Armies. My worst fear is that armies in 5 years will shift 100% from CP to Xats which ruins the whole purpose. Armies should be less influenced from Xats and focus more on the real action on the battlefield instead of being bribed by people. My point is, if people want to by Nameglow or whatever, then fine whatever, but if leaders and soldiers use Xats to their advantage to extort their own army, then no, that is just wrong.

Hope you enjoyed my post. I hope to improve my writing structure and keep a concise argument throughout my post. Comments and feedback (please no trolling) on this post is very appreciated.


15 Responses

  1. Say whuttt?


  2. First.
    This post is pretty good and basically proves your point strongly.
    I recommend putting a, “Read More” button since the post seems to be a bit lengthy. (Actually all posts are lengthy, so idk).


  3. Juju was faked. Insult her


  4. No you dumbo its not because of the xats she was active TOO AND VERY ACTIVE!




  6. Could do with some pictures.


  7. Dude, don’t center your text, it looks like a poem, but good post


  8. Pictures.


  9. I agree and good post.


  10. This post is true.

    End of discussion.


  11. This guy can rant but I can’t?


  12. I agree with this post eventhough i have xats and days I get asked if somebody can have a day every second,to all you askers im not longer giving days out for free because it makes you even more power hungry.


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