Army of Club Penguin Defeats Watex Warriors in a Practice Battle

ACP and WW battled it out yesterday on Ice Box.  It was a good battle by both armies, so check out the results.

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The Battle after the Battle

One of the greatest conflicts at the end of a battle: Who won? From small armies to world powers, leaders will argue until insanity to make sure their army wins. In the summer of 09 during the epic Nacho vs. Acp war, Boomer and Person would never come to a decent decision until a somewhat idealistic compromise was met. the Spring of 2010, Uma leaders argued furiously against Dcp leaders to decide who would win a simple raid. So how is it that there are “victories” and “losses” in Cp armies? This post will discuss the battle after the battle: the decision on who will win.  Continue reading

AHB Volunteers Added/Poll

Funk & Blue, I promise that this will be my last use of CPAC for the Anti-Hacking Bill. Thank you for your patience and help.

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Army Report: 11/19/11

Many armies have been rising and falling.  There have been some wars and some interesting practice battles, so here is another edition of the weekly army report.

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Friday Night Special

Well, from now on I will be doing a Friday Night Special. Friday Night Special’s will be anything new to armies, and “inside” reports, and sometimes interviews. The First Friday Night Special is about CPST ( Cp Sun Troops.)

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Blue2: Just wanted to say that the new staff are doing a great job keeping the site active. Also, Funks, I need to meet with you this weekend.

❗ All Armies have Accepted

As christmas approaches the CPAC will be hosting a tournament. It will start on the 18th of December, and it will finish on the 30th (It will not take place on the 24th, 25th or 26th).

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Sky Troops: Silently Moving Up

Note:  This post was scheduled and made before the last top ten.

Hello all of you followers of the #1 CP Army news Site!  I am here today posting on the Sky Troops, an army who seems to be rapidly rising with no attention whatsoever.  My post will cover what I think may be causing this rise with no attention.

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Top Ten Armies 17/11/11

Welcome to a slightly late top ten, because I was ill during the opening stages of this week. This is based on Tuesday, so the BW are still in the top ten for this edition.

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Anti-Hacking Bill V2.0 Released For Signing!!!!

The Anti-Hacking Bill Version 2.0 has now been released for signing. Click “READ MORE” for more details.

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Your Future is in Your Hands

Blue2: Lockdown has now ended.
Are you ready for it?

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Update: IPs from LT site/Eyes Leaves Xat?

Remember that CPAC is currently in lockdown. I’m here to warn you guys about posting on the LT site. Click “READ MORE” for more details.

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Blizzard880 to Be Suspended || Bluepaint is the Doxer? || Vinny Also Confirmed as a Doxer

As a reminder, CPAC is under lockdown after these and other undisclosed events.

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❗ CPA Central is now under Lockdown ❗

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The End Has Come – BW in Turmoil

The army of BW is in turmoil after Blizzard880 has made the decision to shut it down, not disclosing his motive. However, it would seem to reason that accusation toward Blizzard880 from Shab Boomer declaring he is a hacker may have something to do with it. Blizzard has retaliated back, stating that he has never hacked or doxed anyone or any site. But, who is right? Only time will tell….. Continue reading

Army of Club Penguin Defeats Ice Warriors in a Practice Battle

Two powerful armies faced off in an epic battle recently, with ACP coming out on top.

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