Practise Battle Report: Ninjas vs Shadow Troops

Yesterday the ‘close to top ten’ army Shadow Troops took on the 7th army Ninjas in a close practise battle. If you want to see how each army did, just click the ‘read more’ button.

The Shadow troops came into this battle after finding themselves among the list called ‘Armies close to the top ten’. They have had several events with sizes of around 10, and decent tactics followed up. They also maxed 15 at another event to be very close to the top ten armies. The shadow troops would now find themselves in an important Practise battle to try and get into the top ten.

A few weeks ago the Ninjas weren’t even in the top ten, but now they are becoming a top ten regular after rising to 7th on the latest top ten list. They had a practise battle with the Nachos a week before this, as they tried to get a higher spot on the top ten. The Ninjas and Shadow troops are the same colour, so the Ninjas claimed black and the Shadow Troops were given Dark Blue.

This battle was favoured towards the side of the Ninjas before the battle, but it was not like that during the practise battle, onto the next part of my post.

This battle turned out closer than most people thought it would. The Practise battle took place at the ice berg on the server Summit. The battle started out with even sizes, both had about 10 – 15 at the start of the battle with great tactics, the ninjas in particular had the better tactics.

The Shadow Troops (on the left) and the Ninjas (on the right) had this sort of size throughout the Practise battle and had tactics of that standard as well. The Ninjas seemed to have an advantage, but it was actually very even during the battle. The Ninjas did have a few points when they were bigger than the shadow troops, but the shadow troops also had a few moments of being larger than the Ninjas.

Above is one of the examples of the Ninjas amazing tactics and a case of the ninjas taking an advantage with 15 – 20. The Ninjas did have a few high points like this, but most of the time the battle was an even contest in tactics and size. This battle was not the longest battle ever, and was a good battle the watch.

The above picture shows one of the successful bombs by the Shadow troops, showing how even the battle was. The shadow troops in this picture are slightly bigger, although it is hard to tell the exact sizes of each army in that picture.

Looking back on the battle, this won’t mean too much for the Ninjas as this was an average event for an army like the Ninjas. They will probably keep a spot on the top ten next week, but it could be a lower spot than their current spot of 7th. 15+ was expected for the Ninjas, and it was only enough to draw against the Shadow troops.

For the Shadow troops, this could be the difference between jumping from outside the top ten to 10th or 9th spot. The shadow troops have been slowly rising and they have used that at the right point. They also had sizes of 15 at points and are very close to returning to the top ten.

Overall I think both armies were happy about the result and a draw was a fair reflection on the Practise battle. The shadow troops will probably take more from this result than the Ninjas will, and the Shadow troops look like they are on a huge rise.

But what do you think?

-Kingfunks4 CP Army Central Head of Site

“Step up to quality”

14 Responses

  1. 1st


  2. Also, I think it was a very close battle, but the ninjas won


  3. Agreed. Both armies showed decent strength, but the NInjas “edged” it.


  4. * Practice ^_^


  5. Even though Im ST leader I think Both armies did Great and Ninjas may have won.


  6. BTW, That guy with a Guitar is a Parka xD


  7. ST didn’t do good in tactics. Using joke bombs 3 times? Is that even aloud? (Don’t comment saying it is allowed, cause I know :8) Ninjas managed to come out on on top in the end with tactics and a bit of bigger sizes.


  8. Um, why is there a Parka instead of a Shadow Troop?


  9. i think it was a draw


  10. Do people not look at sizes or tactics? Cuz there’s some haters in the building for Ninjas.


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