DCP: What is Going On?

That’s what’s going through my head right now. The DCP site was up and then down and now it’s up again with only one post, by Alfrondo, who was recently fired from DCP. Alfrondo is claiming he is the true leader of DCP, and that he will bring the army into its next stage.

The DCP site has been hacked, I guess you could say. Everything’s gone as far as posts go. I’m not calling it a hack yet because I have no idea what’s going on, but anyway.

A Note: Alfrondo, when we were both in Storm Warriors I never thought I would be reporting about you on CPAC. 🙂<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

Table of Contents

1. Alfrondo Overthrown

2. The “Big Comeback”

3. A Side-Note


Alfrondo Overthrown

As I stated before, I was simply looking for a post topic when I stumbled upon the “Alfrondo Overthrown” post on the DCP site. I left my computer for a minute, and, upon returning, saw the DCP home page was blank.

The post stating the firing of Alfrondo (as well as everything else) had been removed from the homepage. Alfrondo is now the only author on the DCP site. So was DCP hacked, and by whom? Alfrondo, or another? Only time will tell…..


The “Big Comeback”

After the site was blank for a few minutes, a post surfaced, made by Alfrondo. It was titled simply “My BIG Comeback”.

Hello Troops and Armies!

Since Wwe, and Bam “overthrew me”, I am continuing this generation of DCP. I will not let it die; it was Wwe’s and Bam’s actions, and in the end it reflects back.

Why they overthrew me.. reason: “Alf, you have made many DCP troops quit the past days.”

Wrong. None of you will listen why I overthrew Bam in the first place, so why should I listen to you?

Bam made many troops quit. I guarantee if I had let the fight continue, Bam would have made 3-5 troops quit. That may not seem much to you, but in a leaders’ mind, it’s a lot.

Now for my big comeback..

Since wwe doesn’t think I do sh*t, and that I’m lazy, let me just show you what I am capable of, what you didn’t get to experience in the Summer of this year.

Throughout this week, I will gather new and old DCP troops, and recruit new ones in that have never been in DCP.

Also, wwe, you can’t stop me from using the graphics and css that is already on here.

Why? Lets just take a look…

For one, yeah you may have bought the gfx, but they are NOT your graphics, it is etac’s graphics, and whoever else that made graphics. For another, you can’t stop me. They are DCP’s graphics, not just, or so you call it “yours.” Just keep this in mind, you can’t stop me.

Enough ranting now..

Now for the comeback: Since wwe accused me of all of this, and I know many of you reading this right now know what I did during the summer of this year, since he accused me of this, I will just do what I did this year, and show him what I’m capable of.

Note: Your ranks will stay the same, but the Main Leader rank will be reset, to just me, unless someone wants to help a long. I probably will accept 1 or 2 more leaders, making the max 2 or 3. I will make an active count in the next day. 

And my ending sentence:

Welcome back, Doritos.

– Alfrondo

– DCP Main Leader, DCP Co Creator –

So Alfrondo is back in the position of DCP leader, but for how long. Will a new DCP generation be created? Will Wwe and Bam stop Alfrondo? At the moment, it appears not, but who knows?


A Side-Note

Just a little tidbit on all the hacking hullabaloo that has taken place in the past month or so. Hades hacking the Nachos, the recreation of the Anti-Hacking Bill, and, of course, this.

In no way am I going to say that hacking is right. It’s not. But there are some good things that can come from it.  Hacking also, not to be cruel, makes things interesting. If only good things happened to all armies, and we were all “friends”, what would CP Warfare be like? Sure, there may not be “bad guys”, but it would not be nearly as interesting. And most major armies experience some kind of hacking at some point in time. It makes them stronger, better, more efficient, more careful.

“Hacking” is not right, however, in some cases, nor is it wrong.


So, what do YOU think? Who will stay leader of DCP? Will Bam and Wwe regain control of the army? Will the army crumble through the fighting for the leadership, or rise above and make the right decision? Comment with YOUR opinion!

~Sιя.Bℓυєsσ¢кωa.тнє.1sт, CPA Central Secondary Head of Site

27 Responses

  1. First.Now to read the post.


  2. Huh.


  3. This why I stay away from DCP, it only took me one battle with them to figure it all out. DCP does not use bots, but they may use something similar.


  4. I am the owner of the chat, and the owner of the site.. and Bam can’t refund the CSS or domain. I currently do not have ANYONE added to the site, except me. I made the right decision when I overthrew bam, so I will rise above what Wwe and Bam did – Overthrowing Me – And focus on the army.

    I made the right decision if overthrowing bam.


  5. I can only hope for a entertaining civil war.


  6. Alf is right It is his site he owns the domain.


  7. They will apologize to Alf, Alf will put them on the site, and they will take him off it and lol at him. 😆


  8. The only fall back alfrondo has currently is old troops that hate Wwebestfan (which is alot) But then again Alfrondo was a lot like Wwebestfan so many won’t see any difference in them.

    And Response to alfrondo’s comment, All that he did was own the site, he was fired for being in general a leader that did nothing but try to fire other leaders for stupid reasons, so when the time came for him just to shut up and leave he had a fit and now hes stolen DCP’s site, the css and domain that i payed for personally and the site and history of DCP has been tainted by his so called “come back”, even though all he did was remove everyone and split dcp father apart with his decisions and again blaming someone other then himself.


  9. DCP- The one army that manages to stay alive despite having this happen every week.


  10. this reminds me of when IW hack our chat and deleted our site


  11. IM LMFAOING cause this is fail


  12. that awkward moment when IF DCP signed that antihacking bill, alf should be suspeneded….


    • I didn’t fu*king hack, ITS MY DAMN SITE.


      • There is a similarity to stealing the site with the domain and css and the graphics from the 2 leaders who bought them to hacking 🙂


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