Recovering: The Warnings

I have become aware and it has become apparent that CPAC is on the fall. CPAC’s quality has gone down and some of the reporters are not CPAC standard. I will give a warning to those people, and to almost all CPAC staff, including Bluesockwa1 and Etac14. Other news sites are getting bigger, and CPAC needs to step up our quality. If you are a staff member I advise you click the ‘Read More’ button.

Before I start, I know some of you will disagree when I say the quality at CPAC is and always has been the best. But some of the new reporters during this generation of reporters and CP Army Press at CPAC has been lower than it has been in the past. We will not accept low quality at CPAC, and any reporters myself and blue feel are not active enough or good enough will be fired without question.

We may seem harsh, but we want the best quality at CPAC for you to enjoy. If we have reporter applications and no-one is good enough for CPAC, we will not hire anyone at all. If you think you are good enough for CPAC, speak up and come to me or bluesockwa2. Show an example of your writing about CP Armies and we might hire you. I also want all new reporters to post at least once a week. Quality is good, but we need more post’s than we have.

This warning should be taken seriously. Myself and blue2 will not accept this anymore. The staff, the future staff and anymore who works on CPAC should look at this warning and take the message on. If you don’t have time for CPAC, leave or don’t apply. We want quality reporters who are willing to post and who like the post. I will start to post more army news as well as the top tens and site management (The top tens are on a Thursday for now). The tournament will not be the only thing we will post on during the winter holidays, the news will still be posted as well as our philosophes (I don’t mind if no-one posts on the 25th of December).

This is mainly to Bluesockwa1 and Etac. Although you are the ‘Higher Staff’ at CPAC, you’re position isnt anymore stable than the reporters or the Page maintainers. Etac, you need to post a lot more than you are now, because this warning should be taking just as serious as the reporters should take it. Secondary heads and Head reporters should be posting once or twice a week at least, and if not it is a terrible example to the reporters at CPAC.

I want the reporters to step up to quality. This will be my new quote at CPAC, because I would rather the reporters posted one good post over the week, than five rubbish posts. However, that doesn’t mean I dont want you to post as much as you can. If you don’t like reporting, don’t report. It isn’t rocket science so get the facts. Do you want to work at CPAC or not? If you do, get posting more or you will be fired. Step up to quality.

This is important, if you are a staff member or a great reporter that doesnt work for CPAC, you could be the differance between us staying here or not staying here. Save CPAC, keep CPAC at the very top and keep the quality at CPAC. We need you to post and to make quality posts.  Don’t slump to the slow levels of reporting and stay at the top of your game.

Take this warning with two hands.

-Kingfunks4 CP Army Central Head of Site

♣||»Sιя Bℓυєsσ¢кωa тнє 2η∂«||♣

“Step Up to Quality”

Definition of Quality:

[C or U] how good or bad something is
a shop advertising top quality electrical goods
The food was of such poor/low quality.
Their products are of very high quality.
I only buy good-quality wine.
The quality of the picture on our television isn’t very good.
[U] a high standard
He’s not interested in quality. All he cares about is making money.

55 Responses

  1. Ok 2nd Withount replying


  2. The philosophers have been inactive also.
    Etac hasn’t posted since the 12th of november.


  3. If you want an active Philosopher, I’d like to join. Some examples of my posts are available at the links below:

    I couldn’t be bothered to make a snippet of a post thingy because I’m really tired at the time of writing.



  4. funks I’m working on my next post. I couldn’t do a Friday Special because I was out of town. My post should be done by Sunday, and I will try to post a little bit more and have much better quality. Also, this was a good post, and helped me remember some things about being on a news site : )


  5. I would write some guest posts if I had the time, and the patience. I have an extraordinary memory for grammar rules, spellings etc.
    I wish my memory applied to other aspects of my life.


  6. CPAC is losing its touch, its getting old so you no one really cares about it anymore. People are starting to pay attention to CPAA again, since they came back. Sadly, CP Armies are starting to evolve, and the evolution just doesn’t include CPAC in the picture another


  7. You should hire me for the third time so I can make two posts and leave.


  8. CPAC Dashboard crashes on Google Chrome, and my IE + Firefox have viruses in them. Solution pls


  9. I do believe, I have good quality.

    the nochos vs. lighth trops

    in teh battel teh naocvhos wer smaler then the lighth trops, but teh naochos had bettar tactecs so they wur almust tieded. but tehn the naochos got realy small! then the light troops leik sarted to won! in the end the lighth trops woned woll soks so now they r invaeding fjord!

    ninjas vs. ice worriors

    teh ninjas wer smal an teh ice warrorz wer biiger so they won. but ninjaz wull leik cuame back an won the tournoments


  10. CP Getting Hacked?

    Friday, November 25th only one server, Sleet was hacked. It was hacked by either a group or a single person, nobody knows. They have made warnings about them hacking CP. A penguin named LULZCPHACK was found on Sleet yesterday.

    They say they will start the hacking of Club Penguin on Tuesday, November 29th. They may or may not be capable of it. Lets hope not. It might be the return of IATW from 2009.

    First, they will make Club Penguin Start to look slow.
    Second, then it will crash.
    Third, next they will hack into the data base.
    Fourth, they will leak everyone’s login information.
    Fifth, they will delete all of Club Penguins files, including back ups.

    This is very, very risky for them. They will probably go to jail most likely fail. But if Club Penguin is lost, we will need a new game until Disney foxes it, if they do fix it.

    Here is an Interview between Me and Vinny, sorry for no color separating us, I don’t think I can use color in comments.

    Me: Can I interview you really quick Slider?

    Vinny: Sure

    Me: Do you think LulzCP will successfully hack CP?

    Vinny: No, I think its some troll noob.
    if they’re a group they will be out like PR

    Me: If they do succeed or even if they don’t, do you think they will get caught?

    Vinny: Yes, I’m sure clubpenguin will find a way to IP ban them, if they are a group that’ll fight on CP. But if they ARE real, then CP armies will have to go on standby I guess.

    Me: If they succeed how long do you think it will take?

    Vinny: I’ll say about a month.

    Me: Thank you for your time.

    Vinny: No Problem.

    Vinny obviously doesn’t think LulzCP will succeed. I am not really sure, but I’m on the look out. Reply to this what you think will happen or if you have some ideas/solutions. (copy and paste)



  11. I have a good idea, make it that people on site report philosophy and Army News. The quality and Quantity have been going down since shab came back with his anti-hacking bill philosophies and many dislike that


  12. Why do you color quality every time -_-


  13. Step one for recovery: Stop controlling armies 😆


  14. Quality is a manner in which CPAC cannot grasp, much less wrap their head around. Slightly out of their reach, quality is a level of completion where those who make such astounding quality display their best and bring news, reports, battles, and extraordinary topics to this major CP armies website. Many, many staff members try to have quality, but they fail in the process that only few can exceed. So, staff members, why not give quality a try? Maybe it’s just the approach the reporters, philosophers, historians, and… whatever else you people are… are taking to quality. Take note, I for one do not mind this idea of quality. It could certainly give CPAC a boost for their readers/viewers. Quality is a fun word to say once you speak aloud for awhile, so maybe it’s even fun-er to obtain…
    Sorry, I am not part of the CPAC staff so this comment practically means nothing. Perhaps feedback is what it takes to succeed in quality…?


    • From experience, I know feedback is hugely important to CPAC. Comments on posts (like yours) are read by staff, and the whole reason this post was made was because of people complaining about the quality.


  15. @ Mew2red Did you or anybody present at the hacking receive any odd postcards? During IATW in 2009 the chat message in the typing-box was ‘Do not go on Breeze. Saint’s orders’. I decided to investigate with a test penguin of mine, O97426. I logged into Breeze to find several penguins with names that included ‘bot’ or ‘walrus’. It was then I started getting weird postcards. They took the form of one of those ‘Feed me, I’m hungry’ cards you get from your puffles. Instead of the puffle name, however, it said this:


    It was at this point I decided I should leave. I received several postcards with the same message and several others saying ‘WE ARE IN THE DB’. My friend Mrchips10 told me that he met IATW bots in Breeze later that day, and the messages he received actually had swearwords in them. I’d guess that, since he had a high-rank in AC, the bots were more likely to ‘target’ him. His password, however, was safe.
    A year later, Mrchips10 was banned by his friend 21 Nm.


    • Whatever happened to Chips?


      • I live just over a mile away from him, I’m the person who introduced him to Club Penguin and armies. He told alot of people his password (including me) but a friend of his (and mine) banned his penguin. The reason he didn’t change his password was because he made his penguin while at my house, so we couldn’t find out which of my sisters or parents’ emails we used. Only last week I found the information that could have saved his penguin and ultimately his career, but it was two years late. I’m still in his class, and I see him (and the person who banned him) every weekday.

        Pity, really.

        Back to the subject of the hacking tomorrow, the CP Support team replied to my email stating that the Tech team is alot better than Lulzcp, be it a group or an individual.

        The upgrade to Action Script 3 (which rendered Penguin Storm and the like useless) and countless other upgrades that CP have incorporated into the game in the two-odd years since the IATW disaster have made Club Penguin virtually unhackable. That, coupled with the decline in glitches as bug-sweeping continues, has literally won the war against trainers, and private servers are also in decline as Disney has filed several lawsuits against their usage. Remember, private servers offer completely free membership, which made Disney do what they did.

        This comment was ridiculously long, and I apologise.


  16. I meant ACP, not AC.


  17. Approve the comment I spent ten minutes writing


  18. Funks and Blue2, I really do apologize. Without question, I am thankful for my position. I have had family at my house since Wednesday, and have been unable to post. However, I made an attempt to show I am still active with my “Happy Thanksgiving!” post. I know this wasn’t a full-length post; I promise to make one today. I will not let you down; I will prove myself to you.


  19. Quick fire lentalsoup, circa, and np3000 they haven’t made any posts at all


  20. Did my comment post make it?


  21. 700 words per post isnt good enough? =[


  22. They’ll sure try, but CP’s got one hell of a team up there


  23. you guys seriously to shrink the widget that is aligned on the bottom-left corner of the page. it’s fine for me since i have a high-resolution iMac, but for the laptop/netbook/tiny friggen monitor users I think it would stretch even onto the content.


  24. Almost all of the reporters need firing, Blue1 is a hypocrite, saying I was an awful Secondary Head, yet he does an awful job himself.

    Good post Funks, needed to be done.


  25. […] you have a chance to work for CPAC! If you want to know what we expect at CPAC click HERE. You need to make at least ONE post a week, but you can of course make as many post’s as you […]


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