BW Take Third In The CPAC Scary Showdown!

Congratulations Blizzard Warriors; you have won 3rd place in CPAC’s Scary Showdown. You put up an amazing fight all the way here. Now you can finally rest and claim your rightful spot as 3rd. Good Job.

 Blizzard Warriors Size: 18-20

CP Sun Troops Size: 2-5

Winner: Blizzard Warriors

Information: You fought your way to the top and never gave up. Now that you’ve finally won you can clam your rightful place. Today the Blizzard Warriors pulled a lot of fighting for such little time. With the official battle only lasting around 3-5 minutes, the Blizzard Warriors sure made a great stance in this competition. With many tactics being performed, and snowballs flying from here to there, the Blizzard Warriors will surly have a spot a the top ten.

The Blizzard Warriors started out battling against the Junk Warriors in the beginning of the SS just a few weeks ago. After finally overthrowing their turf, and making a stance to CPAC they finally move on to the next round of the CPAC SS.

Blizzard Warrior’s next opponent were the Light Troops. This was a tough battle for the Blizzard Warriors since Light Troops were currently on the rise. Although the day was fierce, and times for both armies were nerve breaking, somehow Blizzard Warriors pulled through and took the lead from the Light Troops. Blizzard Warriors would now move on to the semi finals of the Scary Showdown.

Now that the Blizzard Warriors have proudly beaten the Light Troops Army, they must now move on to battle the currently [Upset] army, the Ninja Freedom Force. As Blizzard Warriors put up a great fight in the SS they finally shatter the wins of the NFF, and take the lead to advance in the next round.

Finally Blizzard Warriors make it to the final round. As they put up an amazing fight towards the Sun Troops they eventually beat them and take the official spot as CPAC’s Scary Showdown 3rd place.

17 Responses

  1. 1st


  2. Fail puffle cert edit


  3. ok I don’t see how but whatever if you want to waist your time insulting menthen do so.


  4. 😀


  5. Deli, do you make your graphics with a potato?


  6. these graphics look fine stop complaining


  7. no and if you don’t like it idc


  8. You guys are missing the whole point of the post. :\


  9. Lol, no one’s perfect at gfx, get over it. Congratz BW. (DANGIT WHY DIDN’T I JOIN THEM WHEN THEY WERE CREATED)


  10. Im kind of proud of BW.


  11. LT will somehow, most likely, in an unplausible way, say they won.


  12. please everyone read before it is deleted …


  13. […] Blizzard Warriors showed their ability to win battles as well through this generation, as they came third in the inaugural CPA Central Scary Showdown tournament, beating the Sun Troops in the third-placed playoff, hitting a maximum size of 20 troops. The size […]


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