Top Ten Armies – 11/10/11

Kingfunks4: Flipper has always been helping me with the top ten and he will proof-read it because I find it hard to find mistakes in my own posts. Also, Hurricane is good at top tens and he is a great help to me and to have a better top ten order.

Tempahh – I think a lot of people will be wondering this along with me, Funks why on earth do we need 3 top 10 editors, we got by fine without any, now we have 3 o.o. What do they do exactly, other than Holo doing the GFX.

Only one army has stayed in the same spot in this top ten, as four new armies come into this weeks top ten. Armies are rising and falling everywhere you look.

1. Army of Club Penguin [+0][WP]

2. Dark Warriors [+3][Ma]

3. Nachos [+1][Ma]

4. Ice Warriors [-1][L]

5. Blizzard Warriors [NEW!][L]

6. Army Republic [+3][L]

7. Sky Troops [NEW!][L]

8. Water Vikings [NEW!][L]

9. Watex Warriors [NEW!][Me]

10. Light Troops [-8][L][Me]

The ACP continue to impress as they reached sizes of 40 – 45 at one of the battles against the former top 3 army, Light Troops. The ACP are still in the Scary Showdown and take on the Underground Mafia Army in the next round. The ACP have had it easy in the past few weeks and haven’t had many hard battles to challenge them. The ACP tactics have been better than usual and the ACP are still favourites to win the Scary Showdown.

The DW have continued to show amazing sizes as they reached 30 against the UMA. The DW had similar tactic standards than the ACP, but generally got outnumbered in size. DW are close to ACP’s size as they close in on the number one spot. The DW are going to have a PB with the Global Defenders and the number three army, the nachos. The DW also had 15 – 20 at a tactics session and claim “we had low numbers due to the scary showdown going on”.

The nachos continue their re-rise as they get back into the top three.They had around 25 at their training session and are going to have a practise battle with the Dark Warriors to have a chance at going for 2nd. They had 20 against the Watex Warriors in the scary showdown and only just got through to the next round. They are against the S.W.A.T in round three. They drew with the Army Republic in their practise battle.

Despite being knocked out with 10 – 15 in the scary showdown, against the Sky troops, they beat them at an invasion with about 15+. The IW have had a bad week, but haven’t done terribly and do deserve to stay in the top five. They have done better than a lot of armies have and had decent results in the past week.They also had around 15 at a raid of snow cone against the smaller Sky Troops. The IW have proved themselves to be no pushover as they beat the SkT hands down.

The BW have returned as they caused a shocker in the Scary Showdown. They beat the Light Troops with a good size of 15+. Their tactics were decent and they beat the LT in a fairly easy battle. In the next round, they are against the Ninja Freedom Force, who got to this stage in an unexpected way.The BW are having a promotion day soon and had a server given to them from the Army of CP.

The AR have proved they are not falling, after getting 15+ against the Nachos in a close practise battle. They had great tactics and forced a draw against the top 3 army, Nachos. They are going to have a PB with the Underground Mafia Army, and they had 10+ an unscheduled training/recruiting event. The AR are improving as their fall is almost forgotten as they close in on the top five.

The Sky Troops caused one of the two huge upsets as they beat the IW with 15 soldiers. However, the IW invaded the Sky Troops and they only had 5+ as they lost Snow Cone. The Sky Troops are against the Sun Troops in a close battle for a place in the Semi-Final against ACP or UMA. The Sky Troops have been up and down this week and would be higher if they didn’t do bad against the IW in the rematch battle.

For the second time in their history the Water Vikings have reached the top ten. They had 13 – 17 at their defence of sparkle against the fire troops and had pretty good tactics at the same time.They also had around 10 at an unscheduled recruiting/training session and have made a huge jump from nothing to large. The next WV event is a recruiting session tomorrow as they try to gain more recruits to the army.

The WW are back into the top ten for the first time in a while. They had about 10 – 15 during most of the battle and maxed 17. They came close to beating the Nachos, but got beaten at the very end as they got outdone in tactics and a little bit in size. The WW haven’t done anything else this week, but have a lot planned to do in the coming days. One of those events includes cleansing their prized sever Tundra.

After going to war with the ACP and losing with terrible numbers and losing to the Blizzard Warriors in the scary showdown, the LT are lucky to even be in this week’s top ten. They have agreed a peace treaty with the ACP and will not be at war with them for at least two months. By getting 10 – 15 at the Scary showdown, they only just got ahead of the UMA and GD in this top ten. The LT are given a sort of “last chance” to prove themselves.

*Note: The Sun Troops would have been in this top ten if their event was the day before or a few hours later. The top ten was already being made before their event had finished. The CPST event from yesterday will count towards next weeks top ten.

Armies Close to the Top Ten: Ninjas, Night Warriors, Global Defenders, Underground Mafia Army, Ninja Freedom Force, Special Weapons and tactics.

Well done to all the new armies and better luck next time if your army isn’t included for this week’s top ten.

-Kingfunks4 CP Army Central Head of Site

-Holo2 CPAC Top Ten Editor

-Flipper CPAC Top Ten Editor

-Hurricanex1 CPAC Top Ten Editor

154 Responses

  1. u3dghuhe 1st


  2. I like trains 😀


  3. Isn’t this the first time Ninja’s have completely fell out the top 10?


  4. I would of thinked AR would of gotten a little higher, But thats me talking.


  5. ill do top ten gfx

    We are fine, Thanks though!


  6. Biased much?


  7. Thanks to the ****ing fail leadership during my vacation, LT is now 10th… -_-
    Thanks for giving us another chance though.


  8. Ninjas fell out o.o Anyways dang Dw returned =O


  9. IW and SkT had a rematch battle? Dude, we went to freaking war. Get your facts straight.


  10. LT didn’t have big numbers because over half of troops and owners couldn’t come due to Thanksgiving weekend for Canadian, and LT has mostly Canadian troops, American, well, they had to do something, and we could have 10 more troops that were Australian If Blizz would be nice enough to change the times so the Australian troops can do a taste at the battle, 😛


  11. yay DW is second, well lets see how long until acp either wants to battle us or declare war 😀


  12. I think Nachos should get 2nd or tied with DW but good top 10!


  13. Wow, CP armies sure are moving on.. armies are decreasing in size 😦


  14. Love the GFX, but why not have customized titles for armies representing them?


  15. gayest top ten ever


  16. One 2 day war with the ACP almost knocked the LT out of the Top 10 O_O


  17. It was because Blue wasn’t there,he pretty much holds the army.


  18. Cuz Tempy asked for em:




  20. Wow you guys are stupid Just because LT loses one event against BW you put them in 10 You guys should seriously fire some reporters

    or inactive ones


  21. Lol, LT is probably raging right now.


  22. I still think S.W.A.T should have been in the top ten before Water Vikings.


  23. Could you please add to the post who was close to being in the Top 10?


  24. This top.10 is HORRIBLE. Worst top.10 i’ve seen. Swat and these armies that “were close” 3 of them shouldint even be close. My army gets more than 1/2 of these armies UNSCHEDULED without noobs.


  25. SWAT noobs, keep raging. Cause it won’t change anything.


    • True, true, it is not enough to “rage”. It is best to present a logical argument, or give people what they are looking for.

      If SWAT shows superb sizes, I assume they will be included in the next Top 10. If they do not, then they will most likely not be included in the next Top 10. It all depends on their performance, not their raging.


  26. lolwut.

    I find it ironic how armies declare war as a result of the Top Ten. So stupid… No wonder we are not going back to the golden ages


  27. 😀 I am in some of the pics.


  28. Congrats to DW, ST, WV and WW.


  29. WW isn’t new.


  30. Sad story: MAN: MAKE ME A SANDWICH

    WIFE: NO!

    Reply if u cried


    • I am not replying because I cried, but because I feel like I have something to say.

      This is the 21st century. Times have changed. Women no longer stay at home and cook/clean/take care of the children while the men work and travel the world. No. That was the past, but it is not the present nor future.

      Times do change for the better. Without improving technology, this civilization will soon dwindle. Without change, the human race will not last much longer. We need change. We need different things in our lives. Change is good. Change forces us to adapt, to change our regular lifestyle. Change improves the lives of many.

      I find it very offensive when men think women should just sit at home and cook/clean. Why don’t the men do that? Because they’re too manly? Is manly sitting on the couch playing video games all day? I hope not.

      There might be a few (pathetic) people who cried because of your “story”, but anyone who lives in the modern world will just roll their eyes and do something else. By the way, that wasn’t even a story. If you would like to make it a story, I suggest adding some plot development, background story, action, consequences, characters, etc.

      I decided to put a little thought in it to help you get started on your story. I am not an expert on writing stories, in fact, writing is my least favorite activity, but I did this for you.

      Kevin woke up, startled. His hands were clammy, sweat was rolling down his back, and memories of his dream haunted him. He could vividly remember the images of larger-than-life hamburgers and hotdogs chasing him, saying “eat me Kevin, eat me or we’ll eat you”.
      “Kevin, just go back to sleep” his girlfriend, Danielle, mumbled, “I’m trying to sleep.”
      Kevin’s stomach grumbled. Was it just his imagination, or was his stomach mumbling “feed me, feed me”? He rubbed his stomach, and he immediately felt a rush of satisfaction and ecstasy.

      I suggest you set the “sad story” part you wrote above as the trouble the main character (Kevin) gets into, and think of a resolution to make everything “happily ever after”. You can also change the names, I just looking around my room for inspiration, and came across the names Kevin and Danielle.

      I wish you the best of luck, fellow writer.


      • I’d like to point out that WordPress failed to save my indentation. If my indents in the beginning of my story had saved, it would be correct.


      • A few things:

        1.) If times are constantly changing, as you previously stated, why is it not manly to play video games?

        2.) If it’s the 21st century, why do women still cook/clean/take care of children? My mom, and almost every other married woman I know does it.

        3.) Change is always happening and we are aware of it happening, so why does it need to brought up to our attention?

        4.) Make me a sandwich.

        With love,


        • 1) Manly = masculinity. Acting like a man. Masculinity? Being tough. Being the provider. Being the defender. Being that person who seems like a stereotypical man. Can you do all those while sitting on a couch playing video games? Way, way back in the olden days, “manly” meant going hunting and bringing back food for the family. Fighting off wild animals to protect your family, and things like that.

          Now, manly still means masculine, but in a way that fits with the current age. It’s the 21st century.

          I’m not saying men should be girly and women should become manlier, I’m saying that the women should be looked on as people who can provide and protect the household. They need not be the stereotypical masculine person, they just need to add on a few things that it’s thought only men do.

          If the guy is the one who makes the money in the household, protects the household, and does all the manly stuff in the household, I’m sure we women wouldn’t mind cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the children. But if all guys would do is sit on the couch and play video games all day, heck no, we ain’t making a darn sandwich.

          People still need to work for everything, stuff don’t come for no reason.

          2) It takes a while to revert from the old/traditional ways to the new/modern ways. Nothing will change overnight, or even after a few years. It may even take a few generations for things to shift over.

          Women do cook/clean/take care of children, but men do it (almost) as much as women do. I know quite a few fathers (including mine) who stay home, work from home, and take care of the children, while my mother goes off to work.

          3) Some people hate change. I’m tired of everybody complaining about how the “good ol’ days” were so much better than now. Nostalgic people simply cannot embrace the future/changes. It is important to bring the concept of change to people’s attention, because there are a lot of people who are suffering from nostalgia.

          Even in this CP army community, many of the people who have been here for 2 years or more (even some of the people who have been here a year) long for the “old times”. Color wars. Even when CP armies were better than they are now. They are the people who cannot accept the fact that CP armies have changed.

          4) ….I’ll definitely make you a sandwich, dear.


      • i feel like im at church


    • Bahahaha owned.


  31. not me atleast it is the worst top ten ive seen yet but WW and ST deserved it


    • “The worst top ten” Says BLuedjpj

      … Don’t we read the phrase EVERY single top ten? I mean really.. “THIS TOP TEN SUCKS!!11!1!11@2@21!SHIFT!1@33@2@@@!!!!”


  32. its ok that were not in the top tem this week,atleast we were close.we can ALWAYS come back.


    • Wouldn’t be because AR is 6th would it?


      • No, but beacuse he clearly thinks this top ten is fair. Ar should be higher, but hey, you dont hear me crying about rank. All the top ten really is, is biased rankins for a Cp game. It may make things more fun, but seriously, it’s just a biased ranking.


  33. Dear ACP,

    Stop steamrolling over armies.


  34. Flipper can barely spell himself, how is he gonna proofread your stuff?


  35. Here’s a hint: Learn to spell ‘practice’ right.


  36. 100th! And w00t ST.
    P.S. Keep the trollin’ goin’ etac.


  37. I like how 4 of the armies up there are blue, seriously think of some creativity, ice warriors should be the only exception blue army.


  38. Shadow Troops got 20 at a recent event. Just saying…


  39. DW will fizzle out and die. Khimo just can’t stay retired, so once he leaves, they’ll die, then 2 months later, he’ll come back and they’ll rise.. And the process repeats.


  40. What is my Title on this site? Oh that’s right.
    CPAC GFX Designer.
    Please explain to me why Holo is making the Top 10 Graphics (nothing against Holo).


  41. SWAT can shove a machine gone in their trunk… Topic closed.


  42. “trunk” the one filled with “junk”


  43. 151st. The best place you can get.


  44. […] – The Rising Medium Army“. They gained much wider attention when they broke into the CPA Central Top Five towards the end of 2011. Placing just below the Ice Warriors, and above the Light Troops, Army […]


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