Weekend One – Round One Results – Sun Troops [5] vs Crystal Warriors [28]

Winner: Sun Troops

SuT Size: 10+

CW Size: 0

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Weekend One – Round One Results – EPF [24] vs Ranger Troops [9]

Winner: Elite Penguin Force Army [UPSET!]

EPF Size: 1

RT Size: 0

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Weekend One – Round One Results – Non-Members [25] vs Underground Mafias [8]

Winner: Underground Mafias Army

NMA Size: 2

UMA Size: 5 – 10

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Weekend One – Round One Results – Red Rampagers [16] vs Parkas [17]

Winner: Parkas [UPSET!]

RR Size: 0

Parkas Size: 5

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Weekend One – Round One Results – Crusaders [15] vs Night Warriors [18]

Winner: Night Warriors [UPSET!]

Crusaders Size: 0

NW Size: 10

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Weekend One – Round One Results – Army of CP [1] vs Spartans [32]

Winner: Army Of CP

ACP Size: 30+

Spartans Size: 0

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The Ninjas- Fading into the air?

Kingfunks4: Remember to add the “read more” option to your posts

Keith: @Funks: Sorry, I think I had to get off right after I finished and published, so I didn’t have much time and I didn’t think of it. 😛

Hey guys. In case you didn’t know Keitherines is back. 😆 I was a former reporter, and my lack of ideas and fast posting kept me from holding the position. I’m back even more experienced than last time, and ready to post.

Enough on lame fail introductions, let’s get onto the post.

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Light Troops Defeat Army of CP in Practice Battle

The Light Troops continue to rise steadily, and have beaten ACP in a PB just two days ago. Yes, I’m back, and my family issues are resolved. I will resume activeness, starting with this post. I want to thank Funks and Tempahh for understanding and not demoting/firing me. Anyway, onto the post! LT claims to have defeated ACP in an “Epic PB”. With this win for LT, will they continue to rise higher and higher? Continue reading

Fallen Armies- Part 2

Some of you may have read my first post where I talked about some armies that have fallen out of the top ten in the past few months.  To read this post, click here.  I have a few more armies that fell out of the top ten, so click below and read on.

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Armies these days – Pt. 2

Hey guys and gals,

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Ghosts Tie the Sun Troops in a Practice Battle

Sorry this post is sorta about my army, but I thought someone would’ve reported on this by now. This is about another one of the weekend battles last weekend: Ghosts vs. Sun Troops. It had a small turn-out, but it was interesting and VERY close. The maxes were sadly around 10 though. If you presume the post is biased guess what you can do… Continue reading

Weekly CP Army Report 21/09/11

Hello, it’s me Nathancool1 (El Diablo). I’m back as a proper Reporter for the first time since February 2011 when I was Head Reporter. This time I believe I am even better and ready to make loads of posts that you will enjoy! My first post back is the return of the Weekly Report, a made a few while I was working for CPAC before and they got quite a good response from people so I though I would bring them back. basically, it’s just a report on what the current Top Ten Armies have done over the past week.

Okay, click ‘Read More’ to read the rest of this amazing post!

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Top Ten Armies – 19/09/11

Vote for a new awesome power! Go to http://util.xat.com/vote/story.php?title=pawn-costume-3 and click the vote button on the left side under the number of current votes. We need to get 100 votes by next Wednesday :D!

Jcm21: I finished up most of the servers page check it out Here

Tempahh: ew to Icey’s power, lack of turtles and bronys, anyway due to me being grounded and restricted time on the computer because I had a fight I will be unable to post, unless I get lucky, until monday. Funks are you doing the Top 10 or am I?

Boomer: King wanted me to make an edit, so hai there. I’m helping out as Secondary Head of Site. Just finished updating all the new Top 10 widgets. Glad to be here. Staff members let me know if you need anything, and I’ll do my best to see to it that it gets done.

Kingfunks4: Tempahh, I would like to see the top ten draft (Finished) before you post it so I can check it. I won’t change orders unless I totaly disagree with it. I might also edit a few rankings (Eg. LT are not Medium and Medium is not 15 – 20)

Blue1: Sorry I have not been posting, I have had some family things to attend to. I wil post on wednesday, I promise. 🙂

Sorry this is late, I was informed today I was meant to do the Top 10, so without further ado, here we go. Funks made the core of the postitions, I chopped and changed the order, and wrote the post.

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Nachos Invade Summit From Elites | Golden Troops Leadership Issues

Hello everyone, It’s me again.  I have two topics to talk about today, so click below for my two part post.

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Too focused?

Hey people,

Alright so this will be my 2nd post, and if you kinda gathered something from the title its gonna be about whether or not the Cp army community is too focused on the Major armies. So,  lets go.

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