The Struggle to Be Number One

Here is an in-depth look at the struggle all armies face: the Top Ten. A struggle to be on top, a struggle to be the best it can be. This has plagued armies since the beginning of CPAC’s Top Ten, but is the struggle worth it? Only a few armies, being ACP, Nachos, IW, GT, and NW have ever achieved number one in the Top Ten. Is it truly something an army should focus most of their time on, or should they simply focus on becoming the best army they can be?

The first CPAC Top Ten was created on September 6, 2009, by Woton. It ranked Nachos as first, ACP as second, IW as third, UMA as forth and so on. As well, Reds ranked sixth, BP ranked seventh, and IMAF ranked ninth; of all these armies are now dead. This was a historic event, and the Top Ten has been continued ever since. It has been questioned, discussed, and argued about, but this is the first about such (I Belive).


Table of Contents

1. ACP: Spearhead of the Top Ten

2. Other Armies

3. Interview with Buckleybeans, Army Veteran

4. Overall


ACP: Spearhead of the Top Ten

Even though the Nachos secured number one in the first Top Ten, ACP secured that position in both the second and third ones, and have continued to hold that post many times. This is because of ACP’s strong leadership, and dedication from their soldiers. Of course, when army does overtake ACP, it’s a big deal. Such as the recent placement of IW as number one, and the not to long ago placement of GT as number one before their collapse. It seems, though, that whenever an army takes ACP’s spot, they always secure it again the next week. ACP is extremely used to doing what they do, and not having to work extra hard to secure that spot. If another army becomes extremely powerful, it might be difficult for ACP to remain number, but that hasn’t happened yet.


Other Armies

This is not to say that other armies have not taken this position as well. The IW, Nachos, NW, and GT have all secured number one at least once; the Nachos doing so many times. When the army secures this position even once, it’s a huge achievement for them, because, in that week, they rivaled and/or surpassed the power of ACP, the greatest army in Club Penguin. This also allows armies to realize how well they are doing, while being compared to great armies around them. Even if an army does not secure number one in the Top Ten, it is always a great achievement to get in.


Interview with Buckleybeans, Army Veteran

Blue: Hello, Buck.

Buck: Hi, Blue

Blue: So, how much do you think the Top Ten really matters?

Buck: I think it’s a very vital statistic.

Blue: Do you think armies should care as much as they do about placement in the Top Ten, and, if so, why?

Buck: I think people are way to serious about the Top Ten. I think it’s a statistic based on the performance armies to inform them what they are, and aren’t doing right.

Blue: How long do you think the Top Ten will continue?

Buck: I think if the basis of it gets toned down to be simple and just more outright, then it will continue on for another good while, but at the moment it’s just become somewhat of a joke and needs to be cast back into the simpler, better way of doing it. A prime example of this is when an army has a very good week with a fast rise, and is made number two, and falls out the next week.

Blue: Do you think armies can prosper more with or without the Top Ten, and why?

Buck: I think armies can prosper more with a lot of things being reformed, there’s a lot of corruption, incompetence, and just general ignorance here, so yes, I do think CP Armies will prosper more with a Top Ten.

Blue: Any final comments?

Buck: Final comments are, on a general note, the fabric of our little society is just going to tear through itself if we don’t try new things and reform. We need to institute an, at the least, semi-democratic regime, as public opinion, elective choice and whatnot, is the most important thing even in the simplest of situations. We’re more than just armies, we’re a group, a gathering, a community, where this sort of government is the fairest and most equivalent there is.

Blue: Thanks for your time.

Buck: It’s been a pleasure.



The Top Ten is a very important part of armies, at least for now. It allows all armies, whether large or small, to stay up-to-date on how they are doing, how other armies and the competitors are doing, and, when they are both put together, a message on the army’s placement in CP. The Top Ten has become a very important part of the army community, just as CPAC has.


So, what do you think? How important is the Top Ten? Should it be considered a true fact of how an army is doing currently? And finally, should it be reformed? Comment with YOUR opinion!

~ Sιя_Bℓυєsσ¢кωa_тнє_1sт, CPA Central Head Reporter

26 Responses

  1. Third!!!


  2. The Top 10 is a great source of publicity, which is why ACP strives to be first all the time.


  3. That is pretty true that the ACP DOES try extremely hard to achieve what’s theirs. That’s just what makes us unique. I feel cozy.


  4. I honestly only read the top ten for the comments, I think it’s funny how people rage over a list.


  5. CPAC is gonna reach 1 million hits soon.


  6. I seem to enjoy reading the Top 10, looking over the biased points, and then reading the hate comments.


  7. Since when is Buck a army veteran xD


  8. CPAC Staff needs to update the Top 10 widgets.


  9. Aren’t you a Head Reporter? This, I believe is philosophy.


  10. I don’t believe there’s any need to get into a comment war, so I’m going to stop right now. However, I believe it is utterly apparent that you are a very sore loser, as well as someone who is not humble in the least, and, as well, not aware of your true position here at CPAC. Your position as simply a reporter, and not someone who critiques those of a higher rank then them. Do you speak in this arrogant way to Blue2, Funks, Tempahh, or Shab? Then why do you talk like this to me?

    That is all I have to say, call me a ranter, I really don’t care. However, I will not respond to your next comment.

    Remember your place, Kooldude247.

    Sιя_Bℓυєsσ¢кωa_тнє 1sт


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