Laziness has taken over.

Alright guys,

I’ve been thinking about some things recently and one of the things that came up was, where and why did armies take a plunge.

So lets go!

Ok lets start,

So if you’re a leader you know that your job is not simple by any means. Some people think anyone can do it, when it seems that barely anyone has what it takes to become an outstanding soldier. If you can barely be a soldier, now what makes you think that you can lead an army? The dedication level goes up like 3 times as much, because not only are you in charge of the army and making sure it shows up. But your also in charge of entertaining, solving problems, keeping peace, and scheduling. So none of leading is easy, yes it may be easier for some but even for them it’s not a walk in the park.

For the ones that have been here for a while, remember when the troops of the army would be on 24/7 and would help the army without having to be coaxed into it. They were treating the army itself as if it was their own. Always on, always listening and always recruiting. So somewhere along the line something had to happen to make all of this change and I’m pretty sure we all wanna know what it is.

So earlier I interviewed Boomer and tempah and got what they thought on the matter.

In your opinion, whats the biggest problem for todays leaders?

Boomer: Probably motivating soldiers to work as hard as they need to instead of doing the minimum required to get promoted and wasting time on chat.

Tempah: Trying to keep troops active and entertained.

Do you think it’s harder to lead now then it was say… 2 years ago?

Boomer: I would say yes because the mentality of the soldiers has changed. Back then, the soldiers were always on cp and recruiting or patrolling to help the army without even being told to do so. Now its just a challenge to go to battles.

Tempah: Yes, troops just don’t seem to want to know anymore, they wont stay active unless you prod them, like cows almost. O.o

So, along the lines. What has happened to CP armies? Is that were becoming more lazy? Because I do. If you put effort into anything, plus the refusal to quit. Success is the only outcome. You can never say you tried but you failed. Because at the end of it, you were too lazy to carry on.

“Laziness is a secret ingredient that goes into failure. But it’s only kept a secret from the person who fails.”
Robert Half

Prodding troops every hour or so is something that leaders nowadays have to do. Whether it’s getting on CP to fight a battle, getting on chat, or commenting on a post. Leaders should not have to act like parents. Leaders are to lead the ones that are already willing to put in the effort to bring success for the group of people around them. However, how many of us are really putting enough effort into this I mean really. It’s not hard, you get on the computer, long onto chat, log onto CP and do what you need to do in order to bring success.

“Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.”
Napoleon Hill

What has made CP armies take a true dive, is when the leaders themselves, have become lazy. Because people look up to them for some idea of what to do.  And they have breeded the laziness into others. Why even try if you know your outcome will be failure? I don’t get it.

All it really takes in CP armies, or anything for that matter. Is the billionth of a volt going off in your head that you’re gonna change for the better and to help. Now if you can’t do it, then you should probably start learning how. Laziness gets nothing. I personally think we should all take a stand against laziness. Of course not all of us will, but the ones who work hard and want the best for armies will. So take the stand against laziness and don’t let it affect your army.

Thank you for reading.

Now time for a random picture:

~Elitesof aka Korn

30 Responses

  1. 1st…now to read…


  2. Nice post Korn. I can call you that right? You and Redd are good at setting stuff clear, putting your point across, and making the reader want to read more. I like the pack leader pick XD


  3. nice post and wow Tempahhs interview was so good omg :O ❤


  4. Accurate, well written, well structured. Nice to read (as it always is); good job!


  5. Add a part where people start making excuses that they “have a life”


  6. I like to think that I was successful because I made it so that not only was the army enjoyable, but the battles were enjoyable too.

    Also, today, battles consist of constant orders on chat of what to say and what to do. It’s safe to say that most kids don’t like being bossed around 24/7. Armies used to be a group of people who enjoyed to throw snowballs at their opponent. Now, it’s a group of people who just want power, while at the same time, they’re unwilling to dedicate themselves to the army that will give them power.


  7. Ikr Gordy!


  8. My view on it is, if people aren’t willing to put in the effort, then they shouldn’t be here in the first place. It’s not like we force anyone to join armies. Why join if you don’t plan to contribute?


  9. We all are getting lazy. Not only that, we also prefer doing something else rather than sitting on the computer and throwing snowballs.

    So yeah I say it’s a good thing that the majority of us are getting our selves away from the computer. Now don’t go hating on me for saying that.

    IT IS healthy that we spend as much LESS time in this because honestly, you think the people we run into chats are any good role models/influence? Lol yeah I thought so

    Isn’t being lazy to go on CP a good thing? Look at it in a real life perspective…


  10. I r jawz made my day


  11. Nice post… It’s not all that easy when people pc you ever 5 secounds saying stuff like “I’m bord,” or ” They keep yelling at me.”


  12. Nice post! And, what Boomer and Tempahh said is true. I must have pc’d people a million times today to get on chat


  13. Jcm45 what chat you on. Lets talk…


  14. I was to lazy to read this post, I only looked at the pictures… nice pics btw *wary*


  15. heres my theory of how you get your “pics”

    step 1: go to google images

    step 2: type in “funny pics”

    step 3: pick the first four-five pictures that show up

    step 4: ??????????

    step 5: PROFIT!!!!!


  16. temp wasnt even here 2 years ago


  17. my opion on how lazyness started
    1 a leader was lazy and the troops got lazy slowly
    2 those troops are in other armies and got those armies lazy
    3 etc.


  18. Your pictures are epic


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