SMAC Now Has a Pet!

Hello Valued Readers!

SMAC now has an official pet! His widget (on the right side of the blog, under “About Grant42”) is titled “The SMAC Hamster”. If you click anywhere on the screen, you will give him a snack. If you click in the center of his wheel, he will run on it. Please be kind to our hamster!

Our hamster needs a name. I will let you, the readers, decide on it! To give a suggestion, make a comment answering these questions:

1. What is your name?

2. What name would you give to our new hamster?

In my next post, we will have a poll where we will vote on the suggestions. Thanks for reading SMAC!

SERVER UPDATE (And after the server update:The Holy Pear)

Edit: Servers Fixed! No need to fire me now!

Comment for your army to be added:

1. Cp army name?

2. How many active troops?

3. Servers?

Click Read More to view the servers

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How to Be a Good Loser

Please note that this post may contain explicit language. By clicking “Read More” you are putting yourself at your own risk for viewing material that may be inappropriate.

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Round 3 Times

Hey SMAC Fans,

It’s time for round 3 times of the SMAC-Down III. This time the winner of each battle will win, except in the JW vs EW vs CPFBI in which the top 2 armies will advance. Without further ado, let’s begin. Continue reading

Legends Cup Day 6 Results

This day of the legends cup was a day to remember. Two of the biggest armies faced each over, a replay of two similar sized armies and the small battle between medium armies.

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IMAF Posts + Pages Removed, Message For Armies

Hello SMAC,

In case you don’t know already, I have been the one doing the graphics for Small Medium Army Central. I’ve already heard from Grant, several people think we can compete our graphics with Club Penguin Army Central, in which I am deeply honored. So far, the header and the background do not match. That will change as soon as Custom CSS comes to SMAC. 🙂

Besides this, there has been always an issue about hackers. Recently, the website of the Impossible Mission Army Force had all its posts and pages removed. What was the cause? It’s typical…

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Will The Competitiveness Rise?

Hello There Readers Of SMAC!  CPAE Is Back And Will The competitiveness Between The Top Army News Sites Rise? Click Read More To Read On!

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Are We Too Competitive to Grow? (A Continuation of the Taking Advantage of Cheat Sites Discussion)

Yesterday, Shaboomboom wrote an interesting article on armies taking advantage of cheat sites for recruiting purposes. If you haven’t read it yet, click HERE. This post sparked a lengthy discussion on this site, about the rights and wrongs of using those types of sites to gain new recruits for armies. I’d like to write a short follow up to that discussion.

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New World Power Army?

Hello viewers of CPAC Tan here today to talk about a new army that is fairly new but already making a huge impact on the Army Community. What army you ask? “Read More” to find out.

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CPA Central Ideas – Submit YOUR Idea

This Sunday, on the 4th of July, CPA Central is going to be undergoing a few massive changes. We’re going to be keeping most of them a secret for the time being, in order to surprise you, but the changes will be working to improve and innovate the way this site works. Along with a few huge theme changes, we’re going to be announcing a few new projects / ideas, and, of course, announcing the new staff members.

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Legend Inductions

Rio: Commenting ends soon, then poll voting will take place.

I know it has been awhile since we have had  legend inductions, that is why we are going to have another one now. I have not done my job in awhile and I apologize for that, I have been on vacation. NOW… time to get serious.

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Legends Cup Day 5 Results / NW vs AR vs IW Battle Postponed

Today, thanks to Club Penguin’s worthless map update, the game has stopped loading. This means that we’re going to have to reschedule some battles.

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Last Minute Recruiting for the Legends Cup – Should it Be Legal?

Over the last four days of fighting in the Legends Cup, I’ve begun to see an annoying habit that armies are getting into, that’s taking quite a bit of fun out of what we’re all about.

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Retiring from SMAC

Okay, I am just leaving SMAC. I haven’t posted in ages and I have no time to post to here and CPAE. I would rather have someone else actually going to post be in my position. So I ask to be taken off the site. I would rather just Read SMAC not Write it. Thanks,

Redd Kool

Debate Post: Is it Fair to Take Advantage of Cheats Sites?

We all try to find ways to do things faster or better with less work or effort, that’s just natural and its called improvement. However is it really fair to change the rules for yourself completely and leave other people having a disadvantage?

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