Legends Cup I – The Final Record


Table of Contents:

  1. Round 1
  2. Round 2
  3. Round 3
  4. QuaterFinals
  5. Semi-Finals
  6. Third Place Round & Championship Final

As will be known to most, CPA Central was hacked during Sklooperis’s term as Head of Site, and the site’s posts were completely destroyed. This obviously included all records of the First Legends Cup, in August of 2010. As it is the Legends Cup time of year again, and considering I will most likely forget most of this information very soon, and other army sites could be hacked destroying this information, I have decided to gather it into a single post.

This post is created to gather the surviving records, and put together a final, complete record of Legends Cup I, hopefully the first of many Legends Cup Tournaments.

The Legends Cup tournament was first announced on the ACP site by Oagalthorp in a post HERE. This included all the main information on the tournament, and is the only record available due to the CPAC hacking.

This was the largest CP Army tournament at the time, with 40 armies participating, including the Major Top 10, Medium Top 10, Small Top 10, and more miscellaneous armies. They were divided into two brackets, Alpha Bracket and Bravo bracket and armies were placed in these according to their ranking, similar to how most tournaments work, including the Second Legends Cup.

1. Round One

Round 1 consisted of the far smaller armies fighting against each other for a right to fight the larger ranking armies. This allowed Smaller Armies the publicity and chance to participate, but would separate the best of the Small Armies from the rest. 16 armies fought in the First Round of battles, with the very first Legends Cup battle taking place between CP Spy School and Elite Romans on August 2nd. All battles in this round were 30 minutes long, and the remaining 8 armies continued to the Second Round.

2. Round Two

Round 2 was where the biggest armies began their tournaments, and Round Two was held over 4 days. There were very few upsets in this Round, as most of the larger armies were up against far smaller armies who had won through in Round 1. Favourites and Number 1 ranked army ACP faced little problems progressing through to Round 3 after defeating CP Spy School. Nachos were 2nd Seeds, and faced little trouble against Gatorade Gators. By far the biggest shock of the Second Round and the entire tournament so far was CP Clones’ victory over DCP. CP Clones had been in Round 1, and were the only army from Round 1 to win their battle in Round 2. This was a significant moment for CPC, and provided great publicity. There would be great interest in their next battle against the formidable Night Warriors.

3. Round Three

Round 3 was where the muscle of the larger armies was beginning to be flexed. In Alpha Bracket, ACP’s serene progress continued as they relatively easily brushed aside the enthusiastic but far smaller Snow Fighters. The surprise of the tournament CP Clones could not continue their progress in the tournament as they lost to the Night Warriors. Nachos faced a tough opponent in the form of Former Top 10 army Black Bandits, but were able to progress to the Quaterfinals after a strong performance. Watex Warriors and Icy Troops faced off in a tightly fought battle, with WW prevailing to face Nachos in the next round.

In Bravo Bracket, Ice Warriors had their first test against the new and strong rising Orange Republic, but experience and sheer size brought them safely through. Team Gold and UMA fought in the closest battle of Round Three, and after much argument and debate, UMA were declared victorious and progressed through to the Quaterfinals against Ice Warriors. Number 4 seed Golden Troops were up against Snow Warriors, who were full of confidence after their win over MFW, but could not progress any further after a confident display by GT. RPF and RFW also faced eachother in a highly controversial and close encounter, with RPF narrowly earning the right to progress to face GT.

4. Quaterfinals

ACP Vs Night Warriors

By far ACP’s toughest test of the tournament so far after a relatively easy start, against the strong and newly rising Night Warriors who had also brushed aside all before them so far in the tournament. This was an incredibly close battle, and NW definitely announced themselves to the CP Army World with this powerful performance. Even ACP 2ic McHappy had this to say regarding NW’s performance:

Good job, Night Warriors! You have risen and did very good today.

Due to the incredibly close nature of the battle, Fiasco121 declared that the two armies had tied. Thus meaning that both armies would go through to the Semi-Final to face the winner of Nachos Vs Watex Warriors.

ACP and NW charge each other at the Stadium during their Quater-Final encounter.

Nachos Vs Watex Warriors

Another extremely close battle and a difficult one to judge, as both armies had a very impressive turnout. WW excelled themselves in this battle, and had a fantastic turnout far exceeding what they had done up to this point. Nachos though, also had a formidable size, although this was not uncommon for them and less of a surprise. Again this battle was close fought, but the fact that both armies would fill a room very quickly, it was a very difficult battle for both armies to actually fight eachother. From the fighting that did take place, it was decided that the winner of this battle was the Nachos. And they progressed to the Semi-Finals to take on both ACP and NW. In spite of this, Wexfief of WW was very happy with their performance stating:

This battle was amazing. I have never seen WW this big before. Even when WW was 3rd place, we weren’t as big as this.

WW wait at the Snow Forts during their battle with the Nachos.

Ice Warriors vs Underground Mafias Army

This battle was not as close as those in Alpha Bracket by comparison. UMA had done well to progress in their last battle against Team Gold, where they had a fantastic turnout. However they were not able to reproduce these numbers again against more formidable opponents in the form of Ice Warriors. IW however, had a fantastic improvement in size, numbering 50+ throughout the server, and looked good to progress far in the tournament. As you might expect, the winner of the battle was announced as Ice Warriors.

Ice Warriors show a dominant size during their battle with UMA.

Golden Troops vs RPF

The favourite before this battle was Golden Troops. GT had a relatively comfortable passage to the Quater-Finals, and hadn’t been tested too much. However, RPF had come through a very difficult battle against RFW, and a very controversial one. They had survived that test, and were full of confidence to take on the 4th seeded army. RPF had a very impressive turnout, which far exceeded their Non-Top 10 Status. GT also underperformed and seemed relatively dis-organised. Some Rogue ACP could not distract RPF from defeating the GT and progressing father than anyone could have expected of them.

RPF gather in the Snow Forts with sporadic disorganised GT, some rogue ACP can be found in the bottom left.

5. Semi-Finals

ACP Vs NW Vs Nachos

This was an unplanned Three-Way battle between what had become 3 of the 4 largest armies in Club Penguin, caused by NW’s surprise tie with ACP in the previous round. This caused a faceoff between three huge armies, who had been getting massive numbers throughout the tournament. It was being built up as the biggest battle of the Year, and it did not fail. It could even be known as the largest battle of all time.

Due to the Three Armies, this battle was going to be judged differently than those before it. It would go for 30 minutes as per normal,  but at that time, one army would be eliminated. After that, there would be a further 15 minutes for the remaining two armies to fight eachother, and then the overall winner was announced.

The battle truly was huge. It was just as big as the hype had built it up to be. In total armies filled 4 rooms. ACP filled one and a half rooms, Nachos filled one and a half rooms, and NW filled another room. Due to the massive size of the battle, it was difficult for both armies to actually fight eachother, as when all armies tried to attack, the rooms would become immediately full.

However, after much fighting and attempted fighting, 30 minutes had passed and one army had to be eliminated. It was decided that NW would be the first army eliminated. Despite their incredibly impressive size, it was simply not enough to keep up with either Nachos or ACP, and the judges had deemed that they had not done enough to include themselves in the battle, and therefore they were eliminated. This left ACP and Nachos to fight it off 1 on 1.

For the first time in the battle, a meaningful exchange between the two armies could take place in the Dock, and although both armies had vast numbers of troops locked outside, it came down to a battle of tactics. As a demonstration of the scale of this battle, not only was the Dock full, but the Town was also full of overflowing soldiers from the two armies who were queueing up outside to try and get into the Dock. In addition, in the Snow Forts there was more people queueing up to trying and get into the Town. This truly was a giant battle.

In the end, the 15 added minutes was up, and the victor had to be decided. Both armies had brought out a phenomenal size, but the judges had made their decision:

Winner = Nachos

This must have felt like they had won the final after such a long draining battle, and eventual victory over their biggest rivals. Obviously there was huge emotion showed on both sides after such a battle. Both armies had been building their armies for the days and weeks preceding this, and throughout the tournament to try and win it. This was where it all paid off, and unfortunately for ACP it was just not enough.

In a post on the ACP site HERE, ACP leader Matre10 made a statement regarding the battle. Here is part of what he had to say:

Over the past week, our daily hits went over 4,000 EVERYDAY.
Does this seem like a bad army for you? This is the most populated army full with people to hang out with, and they chose ACP for a reason. Will you choose us too?
“Even in defeat, may you all be victorious, ACP” ~Stev712

This would have come to both a major shock to ACP, but also to the wider CP Army Community. ACP were the red-hot favourites to walk away with the title. They had a fantastic record in tournaments, winning virtually every CP Army Tournament before this, and were the Number 1 seeds in the tournament. It was most certainly a surprise to them to crash out without even reaching the Final, and the best they could do was now Third place, in the Third Place Play-off against the loser of IW vs RPF.

NW also had taken a defeat after a lot of work and preparation, but the NW Leader Tomb seemed to almost be in a celebratory mood. In a speech on the NW site HERE, he felt that NW had performed far beyond expectation throughout the tournament, and the whole army had a lot to be proud about. His feelings are summed up in this excerpt from his speech:

Some of you may be mad that we lost, but look how far we’ve come. I don’t know about you, but boy, did we upset this tournament or what?!

His speech highlighting the improvements NW had made through their strength and size throughout the tournament. It was definitely true that NW had made a long and lasting impression on the CP Army World following this tournament, and they truly announced themselves to the wider public.

Nachos however, were thrilled with their performance. They were not finished however, as they still had to prepare for the Championship Final battle against the winner of the IW Vs RPF battle which was scheduled to take place just 15 minutes after the conclusion of the first Semi-Final.

Ice Warriors Vs RPF

RPF had been another surprise package of this tournament, and exceeded their own expectations by reaching the Semi-Finals, albeit in an easier Bracket than the other one. However, IW were firm favourites to win this battle and progress to the finals. There was good reasoning to back this up, as IW had proved strong and by far the best army in their bracket thus far in the tournament. RPF had to be hoping either for IW to slip up, or for an exceptionally large turnout if they were to stand a chance of winning.

It was far more one-sided and less exciting than the previous battle, and RPF simply weren’t able to keep pace with the formidable strength of IW. RPF far from disgraced themselves, and showed why they had been such an improved army so far this tournament, and why they deserved their place at this stage of the tournament, but IW simply had too much for them and it meant that RPF would have to be content with a Third Place Playoff. The choice for the judges was a relatively simple one, especially in comparison to the first Semi-Final:

Winner = Ice Warriors

IW were of course happy with their victory, but like Nachos they were keen to press ahead with their preparations for the Championship Final which took place just 2 days after this battle.

RPF though, were in a more reflective mood. Although they had lost this time around, they were more than happy with their performance throughout the entire tournament. In a post on the RPF site, RPF 3ic Chaos had this to say:

First of all, I would like to say: Epic Job, everyone! We have been owning in the tourney, and we have become extremely large. Even though we did not beat the Nachos, who needs them anyway?

Like NW, RPF felt that this tournament had served them well and that their size had greatly improved. They were keen to press ahead with this size and hope to challenge the Top armies more often. They had their first chance to take on the biggest armies when they took on ACP in the Third place Round.

6. 3rd Place Round & Championship Final

3rd Place Round – ACP vs RPF

This was definitely a sideshow to the Main Event of the Championship Final, but there was still interest in the 3rd Place Round. This was ACP’s first chance to rebound after their Shock Defeat at the hands of the Nachos in the Semi-Final. The ACP Leadership would have been keen to avoid a serious morale drop by suffering two losses in a row, and this was a must win as far as they were concerned.

Despite the favourites tag that ACP possessed, RPF were still confident of their chances of causing an upset. They were also determined to just have fun and enjoy the battle, with the Starrk of RPF had this to say on the site:

Whether we win or lose against ACP, do NOT make a big deal over the fact that we lost/won. The ACP are one of our closest allies, and we shouldn’t lose them over a silly tournement battle. Just fight honorably against the ACP, and let’s hope we can give them a hell of a battle.

The battle itself went pretty much as was expected and ACP’s size advantage was clear to se

e. The judges eventually decided that the victors of the battle were the ACP. Thus granting ACP Third place in the tournament. 

ACP charge RPF during the Third Place Battle at the Snow Forts

 Championship Battle – Nachos Vs Ice Warriors

The two and a half weeks of the Legends Cup had all lead up to this. 40 armies had taken part, and 38 were now gone. From the very first battle exactly 15 days previously. From the very first army to fall in this tournament Nuclear Warriors, to 2 of the largest and most powerful armies in CP Warfare. This was it.

This matchup was against the expectations of most people. Whilst the majority felt that Ice Warriors would reach the Final from the Bravo Bracket side of the draw, it was the belief of most people that ACP would make up the Final. However ACP unexpectedly fell at the Semi-Final stage, which opened the door for all other armies. Whereas previously ACP stood in the way of any army trying to win the title, this was no longer the case. This was their chance. Both Nachos and IW wanted to seize their opportunity.

To give you a sense of the seriousness with which both armies viewed this battle, I have these pictures saved from the day of the battle in my photobucket:

It was clear that this was going to be a big event.

As was decided before the tournament had even begun this battle would be one hour  long, compared to the 30 minute battles previously.

By battle time,  both sides had produced phenomenal numbers. Were it not for the First Semi-Final, this would have been on one of the biggest battles of the year so far.

Ice Warriors showed their formidable strength in the form of a circle:

Ice Warriors fill the Snow Forts whilst waiting for the Nachos.

Nachos fill a room too, thus causing both armies to find it hard to fight eachother.

Nachos bide their time in the Forest demonstrating their fantastic size.

For the first time in the battle some 45 minutes in, both armies are able to fight each other at the Dock. Both armies experience a loss in number of troops due to the obvious problems of fitting two huge armies into one room. Troops are locked out in both the Town and the Beach, but inside the Dock, war wages.

It has come down to a battle of tactics. IW make continued use of the puffle and joke bombs, but Nachos have a more vast experience in use of tactics, and call upon all this experience when it is needed, and produce a flurry of varied attacks and bombs.

After 1 hour of fighting, the armies stop. The winner has been decided.

The winner of the First Legends Cup 2010 is:

The Nachos

This prompted jubilant scenes across the Nachos’ chat and site, with people rejoicing in a memorable victory for the Nachos, which included victory over their bitter rivals ACP, making it all the sweeter. IW were disappointed and even shocked at the result, at first even refusing to accept it. It was a  bitter blow to the army who invested so much time and effort into trying to win the tournament.

The joy of the Nachos was clear to see, none more so than on their victory post. Here is some of the comments of some Nachos soldiers on what they thought of the battle:

I was there. Amazing, fantastic, epic, magical, awesome, incredible, unbelieve battle.
We came, we saw, we conquered.



i was there EPIC

Wow. I wasn’t there for the last 5 minutes, but that was the best battle I have been to during the 7 months I have been here. It was so epic, it was an honor to fight in it.

i was there it was an epic battle!

That was a sick battle.

I can remember this battle clearly I wish I could go back to this day 😦

Here is the Final Completed Brackets for the Legends Cup I:(Click to enlarge)

Results of Legends Cup I:

Winner: Nachos of Club Penguin

Runner-Up: Ice Warriors

3rd Place: Army of Club Penguin

4th Place: Rebel Penguin Federation

That’s what happened.

-Iasgae 56

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  3. This was pretty epic. I wish you posted more about how WW, ACP, NW and IW raged after being beaten though…


  4. I remember this, CPC got over 600 hits the day after we beat the #4 army.


  5. Boner.. Jk most epic battles for Nachos ever though 😀


  6. i lead RF in that battle vs UMA. stinks we lost.


  7. Largest WW ever was besides the War with ACP & RPF at WW’s beginning…


  8. I thought posts were restored then I read it ;D


  9. Wow, things sure have changed for NW since the last legends cup…


    • The only time NW got 20+ troops this month was in the tourney, when DW were proven to help them. NW didn’t even get 20 when FGR took NW’s CAPITAL 😐


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  15. Incredible Post, I remember that day when you struggled in that chat to tell ACP that they lost. Oh good memories…


  16. I think IW should of won not because they are my army (not then) but Ice Warriors look bigger than Nachos.


    • Not all about size, plus there was no pics of the battle, IW was bigger at the beginning, but Nachos outnumbered during the battle, IW also recruited much longer than Nachos. ^_^




  18. Well, this year its gonna change for IW. Were gonna win it all. BEEEEETCH


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