Today is the start of the CP SMAC PRIZE COMPETITION!


Are you excited? I know I am. Here are the possible prizes you can win:

  1. 500 xats
  2. 50 days
  3. one month cp membership
  4. coin code
  5. $5 ultimate game card (500 xats & 50 days)

Now here’s how this will work. There will be 5 competitions. Each competition will be for one prize and one prize only. Only one person will win each competition and there will be only 5 winners total.

The first competition will be out on Friday!


20 Things That Make An Army Successful

Hey guys it’s Mini Buffalo here and I am going to tell you guys twenty things that makes a army successful.

1. They have Good Leader(s).

2. They have a decent chat size.

3. They have Active Troops.

4. People follow orders when they are suppose to.

5. They have a active site.

6.  They have a lot of events.

7. They make a post everyday or every two days, so that the troops will see that something new is up on site.

8. Leader(s) make sure they have unscheduled recruit or tactic sessions.

9. The Leader(s) treat the troops fairly.

10. Leader(s) to make sure the active and loyal troops get promoted and they make sure the inactive and not loyal troops get demoted.

11. To make sure anyone is not disobeying the rules.

12. To make sure that the army has good leader(s).

13. Leader(s) should be very active on their chat, which they usually are since they lead the army.

14. They should try to avoid unfair banning.

15. To get the troops to be as much active to the army as possible.

16. They should have a party once in a while.

17. They should try to get their troops on club penguin as much as possible.

18. They should have a xat chat and website which most armies do.

19. They should give out promotions/demotions once a month.

20. The Leader(s) should have experience in leading armies. If the creator doesn’t have to much experience in leading a army, try to get someone else who does have experience in leading armies to lead, also.

These are twenty things that make a army successful. I hope you guys enjoyed this post.

-Mini Buffalo (This post is 272 words long.)

Army in Focus : Snow Warriors

Sorry for not posting in a while I totally forgot I started this post so I have to start again so anyway here it is.

Today’s Army in focus is the small army snow warriors and I think most of the people reading this post today have heard of this army. The snow warriors are currently in tourney of the globes hosted by the number 1 small army global defenders. They will be facing the scouts of club penguin but do they have a chance? They emerged victorious on Yukon against ECP. Now I don’t know who that is but snow warriors weren’t alone they where with sky troops in that invasion.

Here are some pictures from that battle

Now I know who ECP are and I feel stupid.

Those were images from a different battle. Now for an interview with Simon 6789

Me : Hello

Simon6789 : Hola

Me : I believe SW are in a tourney hosted by GD?

Simon6789 : Yes we are

Me : Do you think you can defeat the scouts?

Simon6789 : Well Yeah I think we can but scouts are medium we are small means nothing.

Me :  Is there an army you will like to face in the tourney and why?

Simon6789 : Yes, I will like to face ducks and I will like just to go to the end and win the tourney

Me : Is there an army in the tourney you havent heard of?

Simon6789 : Hmm, Fort ghost recon but I have heard of them but I thought they died down

Me : What armies will go through round 1?

Simon6789 : Snow warriors, Not sure, GD and ducks.

Me : Ok thanks for your time.

Simon. Np

Now I know the interview turned into an interview about the tourney and I am sorry for that. Now once again in the comment if you want your army to be posted about do this.

1) Army Name?
2) Army Leaders?
3) Site link and Chat Link
4) Why should I post about them and don’t say because its my job 😉

Bye guys and for the hell of it here is a vid that some of you might find funny

Sky Troops

The Sky Troops. Anybody reading SMAC has heard of them. They seem to get tangled up in a lot of wars and conflicts. To get a look at how the Sky Troops forged, let’s look at their(very long) history. It’s very organized and has frequent pictures. Don’t worry, you don’t have to look at them.

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Light Troops

The Light Troops of CP is a friendly, rising, and awesome army. Here is the history of Light Troops:

The Light Troops ( LT ) was created on January 10th by Ioioluk4 when Ioioluk4’s other army, Blue Miners Army ( BMA ) died.
Immediately after LT was created, the army began to rise, at rapid speed. LT was able to get into the CPAC top ten within a month. Unfortunately, at that time, GT and DCP took all of our servers, and we had no choice but to make a mega merge with 3 other armies – Ranger Troops, Ghost Miners Army, and the Warriors of CP, to create Light Ghost Troops ( LGT ). Because of owner&leader issues, LGT died in approximately 2 weeks.
After LGT died, Ioioluk4 brought back his first army, BMA. Then, Ioioluk4 decided LT is a better name than BMA, so Ioioluk4 merged BMA into the LT 2G. We were rising again, but this time, at an even faster speed. However, at the beginning of April, lots of troops became inactive, and Ioioluk eventually declared LT dead. But just 1 day after LT was declared dead, it was restarted by Ioioluk, making this the LT 3G. The Light Troops today is an army thriving at fast speed. So what are you waiting  for? Join us today! We welcome everybody!

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My Army (Club Penguin Rangers)

Hello, SMAC, for my “Army Ad Week” I would like to do the…
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Dark Blue Warriors

Kool: Yay! I am the first on Ads Week! Not including Grant…

The United Servers of the Dark Blue Warriors of Club Penguin, mostly known as Dark Blue Warriors, have a long history. Led by me & Kush, This Meritocratic Democratic army, is medium-major. Sponsored by Fly CP GFX, DBW is led by Kooldude 247 & a few others like Cpt Awesome3. This army is in it’s third generation.

Generation 1:

This time was earlier a month or two after Blue Warriors became famous. Platinum Warriors was a small army the scavenged the lower Top 10 spots from 6th to 10th while Blue Warriors would usually be from 1st-3rd. Now PW & BW made a negotiation & CPC & CPAR decided to merge as well. They became known as the ‘Platinum Blue Warriors’. CPAR though being very small the merge was not approved by their leaders, so CPAR pulled out even though their size was unaffected. Eventually, only few days later, they found to their dismay that olive oil & vinegar represented the army’s relationships formed into one and just couldn’t mix. The troops rejected the merge and it failed.

Generation 2:

This is where the group got back together somewhat. BW & PW decided they should try the merge again this time bringing Oreos & Water Tribe. They got 20+ on CP in these events they had, sadly to find out that BW pulled out only a few days later and Water Tribe faded out. Somewhere in this generation included a war on the notorious DCP, which quickly ended. Here are some pictures from Generation 2.

(Last 2 pics were at one time)

Generation 3 (The Current Generation):

Currently, the armies inside the merge are Platinum Warriors, Oreos & Puffle Warriors. DBW now is surviving as a medium-major army in a Meritocratic Democracy unlike the first two generations which were Republican Eras. Currently led by Cpt Awesome3, Vinny Jr. and me are still very active. We recently got a domain name, and hopefully soon, CSS. Our constitution states 11 important articles for us, abiding by us. We recently had a deal with Dark Warriors that it was totally unknown to our army that they owned Frosty as their capital while we did as well, so they gave us full control of our current capital, Ice Breaker. We have 16 other servers as well, including a land grant from RPF on Tuxedo, and the great recruiting server Alpine.

Our current site is at http://dbwarmy.com/

Our current chat is at http://xat.com/pbwofcp/

Now if you want to troll, just remember at least this is factual & in ads week that I didn’t say “LULZ YAEY ITS ADSS WEAK! I BETT U SHOOD JOYN MI ARMEE N00B WORRIERS WEE TOTELLY OWNE! LINK LINK LYNK” ~That would get a low rank in Meritocracy. Why we use it you ask? That’s why. Let the Ads Week, begin!

CPA Central Easter Egg Hunt Results / Winners!

I hope you all had a great Easter! Our egg hunt was definitely a huge success. Nearly 100 people participated in it but, unfortunately, only three are able to be winners. First, check out the egg’s hiding places:

Egg 1:

Hidden in the text coding for CPA Central’s banner (this one was hard).

Egg 2:

Mixed in with the authors on the sidebar.

Egg 3:

Placed in the bottom right hand corner of the About page.

Egg 4:

Embedded in the Stories page.

Egg 5:

Tucked away next to Shab’s name on the Legends page.

Hopefully, you all had a good time hunting for the eggs and congratulations to those of you that found all of them! However, the first three people that found the eggs and won the contest are:

  1. Diggumsfoaly
  2. Tomato 8883
  3. Vick44

If you are one of these people, please comment on this post with either your email to become a contributor on this site or your site or army’s site’s adress to put in the RSS Feed on this site.

Thanks to all that participated and, once again, I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

Woton, CPA Central Head of Site

DCP- Stuck in a corner?

Hey everyone. Keith09 here. Happy easter! *Hears bunny poop out jelly beans*

I’m sure you all know of the army DCP. Currently ranked ninth in the last CPAC top 10. Lots of armies have been flooding in to take DCP down. But why is this? In this post today will find the answers.

DCP have never been much of a favorite. When the short famed army LGT existed, their main target for quite some time was DCP. The DBW wanted war as well when their name was the PBW. They can’t attack till May 1st, so they might go back into war again. Armies such as the UMA and LT are also at a raging war with the DCP. The Elites recently claimed Summit from the DCP. So the DCP tried to set up a protection law. The Elites were mad, and they didn’t accept the protection law. The Elites and other armies believe DCP is too wimpy to stand up for themselves. So they set up some sort of “protection” over their server. The Elites are now invading DCP’s servers as well.


  • DCP is known to supposedly hack.
  • They have been forcing certain small armies to merge into them.
  • DCP has a record of making armies mad.

So what about the current war going on?

The LT claim that DCP stole troops from the Light Troops. Troops like Tylund1 and others were recruited by DCP by Alfrondo.

The UMA are in a partial war with the DCP. The war started out with TG. WV got involved not long after. Then DCP joined in to help them. The LT and UMA have currently been working together to defeat the DCP. Since they are brother allies.


(Note: Battles involving TG and WV are not involved. Plus, I might have missed a few battles for this part of the post).

Elites Vs. DCP:

The DCP was a no-show because of a: UMA battle. Some might say that The Elites had no right to claim since DCP had to attend another event. But the DCP never asked for a time change etc. The protection law didn’t work out.

LT’s raids of Slushy:

Day 1: The LT did some strong raids to show the DCP they meant business. (From the looks of it). DCP claims they broke the treaty. But LT says they didn’t.


Day 2: This time both the UMA and LT BOTH raided Slushy. LT claims that DCP tried to take troops again. DCP got sizes of 5+.



DCP was a no-show. So LT won.



Interview with Ioioluk4 LT leader and creator:

Me: Green

Ioio: Yellow


Me: first off, what do you think sparked this war?

Ioio: Well, they stole our troops.

Me: Is that the only thing that caused this war?

Ioio: Between LT and DCP, yes.

Me: but is there any specific thing that made the war progress?

Ioio: DCP refused to show up to battles.

Me: How do you think the war will progress?

Ioio: Well yeah. I believe the Elites, LT, and UMA will win.

Me: Thanks for your time Ioio

Ioio: Np.

Interview with Wgfv current UMA leader:

Me: Green

Wgfv: Red


Me: What do you think caused the war with DCP and other armies?

Wgfv: The UMA declared war on TG, then we found out the WV had been plotting against us, so we struck first. As a result, DCP came to help WV and they declared war on UMA.

Me: What do you think will happen next in the war? Will UMA play a big part?

Wgfv: Yesterday, DCP suffered 3 losses at the hands of UMA and our allies. The tide of war is going to our favor. I think UMA is going to take down DCP.

Me: Thanks for your time Wgfv.

Wgfv: No prob.


(Possible interviews coming soon)

So what are your opinions on the war? Do you think DCP will be able to defeat the enemies piling up? Or will they fall apart?

~Keith CPAC Reporter

[Note: Yes I am in LT. But if you payed attention, this post doesn’t just focus on them. Plus it is NOT biased. I do not give my opinions saying “Ooooo LT is stronger!”]

Ads Week Example/USCP

Hello! With Ads Week coming up this week, I wanted to make an example post to show the Reporters how they should make their posts. This will also be my personal Ad post as well, for my army.

Ads Week: The United States of Club Penguin

On April 7, 2011, Grant42 (me) created the USCP, or the United States of Club Penguin. I wanted to make a ‘better’ army, that had true values, and good intentions. I invested a lot of time an Xats into the army, as I bought the best Graphics I could find, and I spent a lot of time designing and writing the site.

The USCP is a Meritocratic Democracy. Here is a simple run-down of what those words mean: 

Many Club Penguin armies have Dictatorships, Communist Rule, or Democratic Republics. The United States of Club Penguin has a unique Government. It is called a Meritocratic Democracy. Here are the definitions of both words:

  • Meritocracy is a system of government or other administration wherein appointments are made and responsibilities assigned to individuals based upon their “merits”, namely intelligence, credentials, and education, determined through evaluations or examinations.

Simple Explanation: New Members are given Ranks and Political Positions based on their Intelligence, Education, Experience, and Evaluations.

  • Democracy is a form of government in which all citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives.

Simple Explanation: Every Member of the USCP will vote on new Laws, Amendments, and Actions.

I thought that this would be the perfect type of Government, as the smarter and more-experienced people would be given better ranks. Also, the members of the army would vote on most issues, so they could shape their own army experience. The Commander-In-Chief (me) and the Vice Commander (Sky) just help guide the way of the army, while the Soldiers are really in control.

The USCP has a Constitution on the Government page, which is more than 1,000 words long. It states how the army should operate, and certain rules that everyone has to follow. It took me days to formulate the whole Constitution. Any Soldier is allowed to propose an Amendment which is voted on. If it passes, then the Amendment is added to the Constitution.

Through chat recruiting, the USCP got around 15 people to join. I want to pay to advertise on larger sites, such as SMAC, CPUN, and even CPAC. We really need a lot of people to join, so we can have proper votes, and an active chat. Our first event is going to be on Tuesday.


The link above goes directly to our site. I spent a few thousand Xats to buy our chat, which is:


The chat is very easy to remember, because the United States is the country that most of us live in! We would love to have more people in our army. Finally, here is our custom banner:

USCP Banner

Thank you for reading my post! I really hope you consider joining. Also, look forward to the rest of the Advertisement posts coming this week!

Happy Easter! / The Massive ACP vs Nachos PB

Hey guys! I hope you’re all having a great holiday! I’d just like to wish you, on behalf of the CPA Central Staff, Happy Easter!

If you haven’t already, make sure to try out the CPA Central Easter Egg Hunt! A lot of you have been able to find four of the eggs, but not the fifth. So, in order to help out a little, I’ve come up with a riddle for finding the best hidden egg:

CPA Central’s banner provides much delight,

but how will you be able to put it on your site?

Have a Happy Easter, and good luck finding the final egg!

The Massive ACP vs Nachos PB

The ACP and Nachos have always been the two rivals. They both have always been at the very top of the Top 10 Armies list. They’ve waged countless wars against each other and have each fought valiantly against one another. That’s why I was so excited to see that the two armies were going to be having a practice battle.

Neither the ACP or Nachos have been very busy lately; with the exception to a scheduled patrol last Tuesday, the Nachos have simply held small unscheduled events lately, while the ACP has simply been reforming it’s government in the past few weeks. Each army went into this practice battle not quite sure of their size.

In the end, both showed strong results. I dropped by the battle on Club Penguin, but only managed to catch the tail end of it, where a few soldiers from each army milled about the Snow Forts. Even though most of their troops had left, the battle was still about the size of most other Top 10 Armies’ practice battles. However, during the prime times of the fight, it was massive.

The battle started off very one-sided, with the ACP at around 40 troops and the Nachos at about 25.

Soon, however, the Nachos gave the ACP a run for their money, as they began to build up strong numbers.

The battle took place almost entirely in the Snow Forts, where each army proved how strong they are.

The practice battle was a successful one for both armies, although it was finally called an ACP win. The Nachos were proud of their results, however, and Nacho Leader Puckley had these ending words for the ACP:

Watch out because here we come!

Perhaps, after this boost in morale for both armies, we’ll be seeing another ACP vs Nacho battle in the future!

Comment with YOUR opinion on each army’s performance at this PB!

Woton, CPA Central Head of Site

CP Flyers: Leaders or Liars?

Hello everyone,

Today I will be talking about the CP Flyers and why they edited some comments on their site, to something way different. The Global Defenders had left a comment on CP Flyers website informing them of servers that GD will be invading as it is the rules to leave 24 hour notice. A few hours later, mew2red left a comment on the GD website saying he didn’t see the notification and that he needs 7 day notice O_O. This is because the comment was still awaiting moderation and because he is simply to scared to be invaded. This is logical but it isn’t the right thing to do in a situation like this. Then, Jacknat02, 4ic of GD, noticed that my comment had been completely edited. It said nothing that I originally said Mew2red is the 2ic of the CPF and many believe that he was the one who edited the comments. This was simply fear. CP Flyers know they cannot withstand a full assault by GD so they try and hide the evidence that it is happening. This is a very cowardly move by CP Flyers and may be a factor in their success or failure.

Here is picture proof of the incident:

This was the original comment:

This is the modified comment:

Notice how the Date and Time the comment was submitted is exactly the same. This is proof that it is the same comment but modified from the original intent of the comment. And now I some polls for you,

That’s all for today. This has been a report by,

~Pungy1234 SMAC Reporter

The Snow Warriors vs Storm Warriors

I will try to make this as unbiased as I can.

Hello SMAC! Amichael1 here to talk about the Snow Warriors of Club Penguin and how many wars they have been having. They have had their ups and downs over time, but have entered 3 wars in a row, now becoming 4. The order is CPGT, SPAAF, ECP, and Storm Warriors. Storm Warriors are a relatively new army who average 5-7, and Snow Warriors average 8-9. Looks like a close war. The face off begins in 2 weeks. Their most recent ECP vs Snow Warriors was a short one, as Sky Troops helped them defeat them, (When they didn’t need help at all) ECP only averaging 3-4 lost the war. ECP is now invading Sky Troops land. Snow Warriors are training and Storm Warriors are also training as they begin to face off in 2 weeks. This war will be a no ally war as they are almost equally matched. Storm Warriors having restless recruitings averaging 8. Now here are some pictures of Snow Warriors and Storm Warriors.



Compare the two and they look the same. Snow Warriors may be a little bigger, but that wasn’t all the Storm Warriors.

Tell me who you think is going to win in this war.

Snow Warriors or Storm Warriors?

and How big this war will be.


CPA Central Easter Egg Hunt!

Etac14: To Woton, Funks, or Blue, please read my most recent drafted post.

Blue2: Sorry, I accidentally moderated a bunch of the comments for this post when I came on and saw 80 comments pending, so I drafted it while I removed them…. :mrgreen:. Also, sorry to see you go Skloop, you were a great Head of Site and I thank you for all you have done, both for the staff and for CPAC. Finally, I am working on a post on the WW status. Happy Easter!

Kingfunks4: You told me this day was comming Skloop, but I never wanted it to come. Also, I have been asked a lot this weekend when the new Top Ten will be out, I will be making the Top Ten next saturday. I would also like to wish everyone a happy Easter Sunday!

Sklooperis: Hey, I just wanted to let you all know for those who are wondering that, yes, I have retired from CPA Central. I will be posting an official retirement post whenever I get time alone to finish it. I wish to remain as an advisor to CPA Central. It was an honor to lead this legendary website.

Hey guys. I hope you’re all enjoying the weekend! Some of you may or may not celebrate Easter but, no matter what, you can take part in a fun little event here at CPA Central. On Easter, it’s a tradition of mine (and many other’s) go on an egg hunt around my house or yard. So, I figured, why not have an egg hunt on this site?

There are five different eggs hidden around CPA Central, which will look like the following:

The eggs can be found throughout the home page of CPA Central, and throughout the other pages (which can be accessed through the sidebar on the right). Make sure to simply scroll up and down the pages until you find the eggs, although note that a few eggs might not be in plain site!

Once you find an egg:

  • Click on the egg. It will take you to a blank page with a number written on it.
  • Remember or write this number down.
  • Once you’ve found all of the eggs, write down the five numbers in a comment on this post.

The first three people to find all of the eggs and comment their numbers on this post will be able to:

a. Become a contributor on the CPA Central site for two weeks.

b. Get their site or army’s site’s RSS feed on the CPA Central site for two weeks.

The winners of the egg hunt will be released at around Sunday, April 23rd at 6:00 PM PST, so make sure to get your numbers in!

Woton, CPA Central Head of Site

CPA Senate: Canceled

Pungy here with a CPA Senate Update.

The CPA Senate has been canceled and it will no longer be put into action. The Senate idea was, in Wonton’s view, a good idea. Unfortunately for him, other people did not like it. As you can see in the following pictures, it did not appeal to many other army leaders and troops.

Pictures (Copied from CPAC’s Site):

As you can see, CPA Senate is not so popular. But why is this? Is it simply because people don’t like a Senate? Or is it a more complicated reason. I believe it was different factors coming together. First of all, people want control. They don’t want to have to submit to some person in the CPA Senate.

Secondly, you really can’t make rules in CP warfare that all armies would follow. This was the attempted cause of the CPA Senate. The CPA Senate rules would only affect those who are part of it. The problem with this is there would be no benefit to being in the CPA Senate. There are no rewards, only regulations. If the CPA Senate offered rewards for armies who were part of it, then it  probably would have succeeded. Whether or not this would have been good, is open for opinion.

I believe that the CPA Senate wouldn’t have benefited the CP Army World. All it would have done is set obstacles for CP armies, Small, Medium, and Large. I do however, believe that it was a good idea on paper, but not good when it plays out.

This has been a special CPA Senate Update by,

~Pungy1234 SMAC Reporter and GD Leader