Army Updates

Hello viewers let’s get straight to the post since I don’t have much time.

1.) The Army of Club Penguin- ACP has recently has been building their relationship with The Nachos. They’ve had various PB’s with them, and ACP won the last one with 40+ troops, this proves ACP is still the largest and strongest army in CP. They’ve released a chapter of their story, and shocked a few people by helping The Nachos in their defense of their capital; Fjord.

2.) Nachos of CP- The Nachos have been recently in all out-war against UMA and all other armies in “The War on Ignorance” their former allies, their reason was for fun and they needed a war. They lost to UMA on Whitehouse due to small numbers. But on Mountain Nachos won with an apparently 30+, on Cloudy The Nachos had 25+ on CP, facing opposition from only The Rebel Penguin Federation.

Golden Troops- GT is an army of great power and strength, this army has regained their old position of being in the top four not quite long ago. This army has recently done many unscheduled event, in most of them they had what seems to be 25+, Tap Dancer has proposed “Tap’s Code”, with this when members retire they must notify the owners, when mod retires they become Modvisors, and when owners retire they become advisor. They also joined The War alongside The Nachos and ACP, and scheduled a PB with IW.

Underground Mafias of CP- UMA has been in a massive war, now their “War on Ignorance,” is in a whole new level, with The Nachos alongside ACP and GT have declared war on all armies participating on The War on Ignorance, UMA has made peace with many armies like DCP and Water Vikings, and now are hoping to fend off Nachos Alliance with their own alliance, in the battle of Whitehouse they had a large amount of numbers and won. They’ve been raiding Nachos a lot, even a raid on their capital with 20+, on The Battle of Mountain, UMA lost with 25+ but with a lot of confidence still in them, they’ve also scheduled a PB with NW.

Macheraraidnacho2.png (806×389)

5.) Team Gold- TG is an army not quite popular, but no matter, they have been at war with RPF, and are luckily being ignored by The Nachos, they’ve claimed RPF is changing times and are cheating to win and such, anyways they’ve had 20+ in battles.

(Click to Enlarge.)

6.) Ice Warriors – IW has been in what seems to be on a fall. They’ve had invasions of their own servers due to small armies claiming them, they had a PB against CP Crew with 15+ and won. They’ve made many events including a PB with GT.

Light Troops of CP- Another quite not so loved army, LT is defiantly major though, they were allies of UMA in the War on Ignorance but now with The Nachos and their allies coming in they have stood defiantly along with UMA, DCP and a few others.

8.) Doritos of CP- Yet another not the favorite army of the community, DCP has been working hard to regain their World Power status, they were one of the main armies against UMA, but now they have united their swords against The Nachos.

9.) The Elites- The Elites are an army with many generations, people doubted if they would be able to get to the top ten, The Elites are helping UMA against The Nachos, and are being quite sucessful, they’ve had a PB with GT where they lost but had 15+.

10.) Club Penguin Sun Troops- CPST is one of the original merge armies that made the mighty GT, now this army has re-entered the top ten they’ve had many PB’s and in a tournament event they had 30+,

Other armies with top ten potential:

  • Night Warriors
  • Dark Warrior
  • Army of Republic
  • Club Penguin Crew

Well i’m done, there are a lot of battles today, so those battles will not be put on here, anyways i’m out.


26 Responses

    • Im replying so people this comment 😆
      If you think that picture of ACP was massive check the other ACP pictures of the Fjord Defense!


  1. Ty for taking one of the worst pics the Elites had on the site :3


  2. AR is defenitely coming back. Sorry, and I know it sounds biased from me, but I miss the old top ten days where I was invited to all the meetings and we had so much fun, xD


  3. Looking @ IW’s section, I’m pretty sure we should start another Order 67.




  5. Spelling mistakes. -_-


  6. The pic you used for Nachos was not on the battle of Mountain it was for the defence of Cloudy yesterday(Friday)


  7. Hey Char. This is a good post, but, in the future, I’d like you to post about specific events. This overview is basically a Top 10, which is what King just made a few days ago. It would have been great to have you post about any number of the battles that are going on later today. Also, watch for spelling and grammar errors.

    BTW, while I have your attention, I’d like you to get a little more active. Right now, you’re one of CPA Central’s more active reporters, with about one post every week and a half. I’d like you to step it up a bit and make a post at least every week. That means you next post should be by May 7th. Thanks.


  8. UMA is way bigger than GT in those pics….


  9. LAST


  10. Btw, its Underground Mafias Army, hence the acronym UMA, not Underground Mafias of CP.


  11. I read tg’s part it seems like ur a rpf because they never cheated hense forf =P


  12. Please remind me when DCP was a World Power? Getting 5th at a high in former Top 10s doesn’t make them World Power.


  13. eh, tap’s code failed to get passed. Anyway GT currently had a PB and we are entering the PBA, which involves the current top three. Also the Golden troops have been dealing with poor evening chat activity since it always has been a eurasian army.


  14. Update the TG pic please, we hit 40 yesterday


  15. In the picture of Uma, it doesn’t have 20, it has 25+.


  16. Isn”t LT dead?


  17. Earlier, you said LT died, meaning RPF then moves up to #10 top army.


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