RPF Declare War on Team Gold – Their Invasion of Walrus

A few days ago, I introduced a post on UMA by talking about their ups and downs. I’d like to introduce RPF in the same way. RPF has gone through some of the largest periods of glory in Club Penguin Army history, but also some of the most inactive and depressing times ever seen. For years they’ve struggled to regain their footing, and it looks like they may be finally back.

Recently, the Nachos declared war on UMA in an effort to stay active, and it seems that RPF is following in suit. They recently declared war on TG, although they did have somewhat of a reason: to gain back servers important to them. So far, in the early stages of this war, it’s seemed quite well played out by both sides. TG, already well into a war with UMA, took the news of RPF’s declaration of war with open arms, always ready for more action. Both armies are known lately to fight on Club Penguin, not with flaming posts, so this war should be a good one. So far, Walrus, Snow Drift, Bobsled, and Snow Bound have been on RPF’s invasion list. The invasion of Walrus took barely 24 hours after RPF’s declaration of war.

According to RPF, one of the first rooms they invaded was the Town.

RPF moved throughout Walrus, claiming and reclaiming rooms until finally ending in the Cove.

A great deal of fighting and later controversy took place at the Dock, which was invaded and reinvaded by both armies multiple times.

Unfortunately, both armies are currently arguing over the true victor of the invasion. Each is stating that the other did not actually have a true invasion. Their points of view are as follows:

RPF’s Point of View: After RPF invaded a room, TG would “clean up” behind them; reinvade the room after RPF had left.

TG’s Point of View: Whenever TG entered a room, RPF would “run away;” go to a room as far away as possible in order to not have to fight them.

Both armies are stating the same instances, just with different perspectives. Since it’s obvious that this argument could continue for a while, I, as a Club Penguin Army Legend, would like to do a quick report to shed a little more light on the true victor of this invasion…

RPF and TG both averaged around the same amount of troops, so I can’t make any decisions based on their size. Furthermore, both armies are known to be honest and not get in many fights over battle winners, so I can’t judge the invasion based on their integrity, either. The whole controversy throughout the battle was over which army stuck to the actual invasion rules. RPF blames TG for invading rooms after them, TG blames RPF for running away from them. There’s no way to tell who’s telling the truth (both armies may actual be being honest, but just be at a misunderstanding as to what happened), but the objective of a defending army during an invasion is to get in front of the invading army and stop them, which, in either case, TG failed to do. TG also had only one picture on their site, while RPF had a whole series of pictures to chronologize every move of their invasion. So, due to a lack of supporting evidence, and based on their inability to establish the objective of a defending army during an invasion, my report concludes that TG loses Walrus to RPF.

However, my report may not be completely accurate, and certainly isn’t official, so I’d like to know what YOU think of the invasion of Walrus!

Comment with YOUR opinion of the invasion of Walrus! Who do YOU think won?

Woton, CPA Central Head of Site

20 Responses

  1. wow, post about the freekin ww

    btw, snowbound iz ww wth


    • What’s there to post about? Your site was put on private… not much of a story there.

      If this is some sort of attention ploy it’s not working…


  2. No, it’s not for attention. We’re attempting to restart WW as a small army. I just feel like WW is always the freaking underdog in CPAC and CP Armies.


  3. Hey, in the poll it’s “I think UMA wins” instead of TG wins. Was that a mistake?


  4. Uh its TG not UMA, Lol.


  5. http://revoltagainstacp.wordpress.com/

    report on the war against ACP. Join the revolution against acp at http://revoltagainstacp.wordpress.com/

    be apart of history. ANd get rid a the filth of ACP.


  6. Uh its tg not uma


  7. I think tg won you said uma


  8. Woton I picked the prize for the easter egg hunt the comment is on that post


  9. i thought we got rid of claiming….


  10. its tg not uma xDDDDDDDDDDDD


  11. RPF did the exact same thing in the IW-RPF war…


  12. This is what happend i was there:
    TG showed up on time and defended the server.
    RPF showed up 30 minutes late and invaded the server.
    If you think the time does matter, than TG won because at the actual time RPF chat was dead while TG actually defended.
    If time doesnt matter than RPF won because they invaded late after TG logged off


  13. pattern much 😛


  14. You put UMA its TG. xD


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