I’m Back? || Practice Battle: Elites Vs Golden Troops

I’m Back?


 Practice Battle: Elites Vs Golden Troops


Elites are an army for whom reforming is almost a daily occurence. They are now on their 6th Generation, and their leaders are currently 57to and Khimo. Both are very experienced; Khimo is a 3ic in ACP amongst others, and 57to was a former leader of Top 10 army Ice Vikings, who reached the Final of the CPAC Holiday Smackdown.

This reincarnation of the Elites was formed around 2 weeks ago, and are going strong already, and have been covered on this site already by Kingfunks HERE. 

Current Place on Top 10: 9th

Golden Troops too are on army returning from the depths of inactivity. They are currently lead by Ganger90, Jerry2cool and Sercan 44444, equally as experienced as those who lead the Elites. Similar to their opponents, Golden Troops have been rising in size, and at the time of writing they gained a place in the top 10, moving up to 4th.

Current Place on Top 10: 4th 

The Battle:

The battle itself took place on the 23rd of April, 5 days ago, but better late than never to cover these two armies on the rise.

Pictures of the Battle:

❗ Note: These pictures were taken from both sites, but the majority from the Elites, so factor that in.

Your Opinion:


15 Responses

  1. I’m so much better than you.


  2. I

    5 x
    6 =


    I am so great at everything 5×6=30, x30.


  3. 1st!


  4. You forgot to carry the 1.


  5. […] I’m Back? || Practice Battle: Elites Vs Golden Troops […]


  6. “Im back? Yes” o.o


  7. The reason Me and Khimo called it a tie because in the beginning, Elites had the upper-hand in size, in the middle during the event, both armies were equal and in the end GT had the advantage of size.


  8. No.


  9. Sweet Im cool nao. XD


  10. Ohhai kewl.


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