Inside Scoop: The Global Defenders

Note: Before you attack me let me tell you that it is SMAC’s ADS WEEK. I have gotten several attack comments on this post. I even mentioned in the post that it is different because of ADS WEEK. Please no more attack comments!

Hey SMAC Fans,

It’s Pungy here with some exciting news. I’m starting a new thing here at SMAC called: The Inside Scoop. I’ll be doing a different army each week. This week’s will be about the Global Defenders, my army, since it’s ad week. Future “Inside Scoop” posts won’t be advertisement oriented and will be about the army. This week’s is a bit modified. Let’s begin.


The Global Defenders have a unique and turbulent history. The Global Defenders (Abbreviated GD) were created on February 2nd, 2011 as the Penguin Militia Army (PMA) by Pungy1234 (aka me). The PMA was a fine army in the beginning maxing 2 at an event (fail). They were however, the building blocks of what would create a great army. The PMA’s name was changed due to the fact that “PMA” and “Militia” won’t pass through CP’s filters.The name was changed to the Global Defenders on February 13th, 2011. After the name was changed, the army began to thrive. Despite some problems with loyalty of a specific owner, the Global Defenders were at a great point for success. They had the leadership and tech skills. Now all that was needed was active troops. Mass recruitment was put into place and the army began to thrive. The 1st major achievement of the Global Defenders was nearly defeating the CP Rangers in a tournament. After that, the GD gradually became what it is today: One of the greatest small armies of all time.


The Global Defenders are a Representative Democracy. The GD has a Senate of representatives from the lower ranks who vote on laws approximately every Sunday. Laws must be approved by the leader and can be vetoed. However, the Senate can override the veto with 3/4ths Senate approval. The GD also has a council of owners who make higher decisions such as war. The Leader has supreme power over the GD but this can be checked by the Senate to make sure there are no iron-fisted [ic] dictators. The point of the Senate is to give all members of the GD a voice in the decisions at hand. By joining GD, you would get a share of that voice too.

Benefits of Joining GD

GD has a lot of power in the CP army world. It is also on a rise and I wouldn’t be surprised if we got Major some time in the near future. Anyone who is in GD during our rise to glory is almost guaranteed to be quite powerful in CP Armies. Another benefit is how amazing the website looks. Many armies have mediocre or poor website design. GD’s site has amazing graphics and a custom CSS upgrade. The GD is no noob army and is very attractive to browse the variety of GD’s fun pages. I added a picture of GD’s website below. You will realize even better how amazing GD’s website is by clicking this link:

Join GD Today, be a Hero Tomorrow

Click Here To Join!

And now I have some final polls for you:

22 Responses

  1. 1st


  2. Completely biased…. COMPLETELY!!! I mean that’s your own army and plus you’re doing a poll asking if they will join… come on 🙄


  3. First of all, just like Biasallion. Second of all this is just another ad, there is no benefit learning about their “government” or “history.” Seriously, as i said above do not keep this because it is just another army ad. The SMAC viewers want NEWS…




  5. I think black bandits 🙂


  6. Scouts got so many votes.
    Wierd i taught we where unpopular within smac :S :O


  7. Lol, I remember when GD was one of my rising armies. That was sort of its first hit of fame. Okay Lets Check on my rising armies.
    1.RW- Not Really


  8. Dont be haters. It was an Ad week thing. I bet you would all shut up if it were your army.


  9. When is scouts Inside Scoop?
    Iv’e been waiting for it for ages -.-


  10. GDs kool


  11. Dang, I can see why this idea got shut down quickly… it shows bias, even if you’re not intending to lol


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