IW, ACP, Nachos: Operation Sour And How it Never Happened

Klug here.

 April 10, 2011.

The Nachos’ leader, Tanman626, received word that three to four different armies were preparing to invade Fjord to destroy a small army that had supposedly laid claim to the server, the Iron Fist Army (IFA). The Nachos quickly went to work, protecting their server from the mass of small and medium armies that had decided to invade it. Shortly afterwards, the IFA’s leader told Tanman that many of IFA’s allies were declaring war on the Nachos. Sensing something interesting in this, Tanman challenged all small armies in Club Penguin to come battle them.

Apparently, this idea had been tossed around by three of Club Penguin’s largest and strongest armies, the Ice Warriors, ACP, and the Nachos, for a while. Instantly, there was talk of ACP/IW/Nachos vs. all small and medium armies. An allianced dubbed the “Fruit Alliance” had been created, with a banner being boasted with the three armies’ colors on the Nachos’ site. Posts confirming that both ACP and IW will be attending this “war” next Saturday, on the server Outback, both of them with words along the lines of this:

“Some of the points of this war are to teach small and medium armies that you can’t just claim and win a server without notice, and most importantly do not mess with world power armies.”- Taken from Ice Warriors site

“Their cruel misdeeds to our major armies will not go without punishment! Therefore, the major armies have confirmed a battle.”-ACP Site

Instantly, this “Operation Sour” has drawn criticism, mainly from ACP soldiers. As soon as the announcement was made, chaos erupted on ACP chat. Shouts of protest against this battle on Club Penguin were quickly announced. Petitions have been created to attempt to keep ACP out of this war. The chat was dozens times in a matter of minutes, in an attempt by the leaders to restore order. ACP second in command Noka 8 even went as far to suggest that ACP would be in a state of civil war in no time.

Instantly, this announcement of war on all small and medium armies has drawn direct comparison to the infamous Order 67, which took place in July 2008. For those of you that do not know, the name “Order 67” was a direct spoof of Star Wars’ Order 66, which was a plan to kill all of the Jedi. Simarily, Order 67 was a plan to destroy all small armies.

Order 67 was created when the five largest armies at the time (ACP, RPF, IW, Nachos, and UMA) created an alliance, called “ANTA”. ANTA declared war on each and every small army in existence, outraged at claims by small armies that they owned large army servers, as well as claiming to have beaten powerful forces like the ACP. Small and medium armies were given three choices:

  1. Surrender your army and end it. For good.
  2. Surrender and start following ANTA rules.
  3. Go to war, be dignified, and have a chance of winning or losing.

Order 67 did not last long. After about a week of fighting, the idea of Order 67 was cancelled by ANTA, shortly before the small armies’ “final stand” was to take place. 

Order 67 was an important event in the history of Club Penguin armies. Not only did many small armies find the courage to stand up for themselves in the face of total annihlation, but it paved the way for newer armies to come on the scene and rise to power. Some of the people that lead the coalition of small armies went on to become great and legendary soldiers, in particular the three that were chosen to lead the small armies. Jedimaster17 went on to become an ACP second in command, Ktman went on to become a veteran ACP soldier and former second in command, and Itachi6dark went on to become the leader of UMA.

Just before 7:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time, the leaders of ACP, IW, and the Nachos canceled Operation Sour, due to extreme opposition from their soldiers. This post will go out anyway.


28 Responses

  1. Order 67!
    Galaxie3, Iron Fist Army leader


  2. Galaxie, know that you dont own crap.


  3. Whoa crap. I have a bad feeling that I was a HUGE influence in this.


  4. This operation was a terrible idea because we as large armies would totally annhilate any morale or loyalty in small army soldiers so they would have to join a larger army. Just because everybody is all hyped up on Sunday doesn’t mean they should get all wacky and insane about a situation such as this. It’s not like ONE small army will destroy the activeness or loyalty of your troops in Major armies.


  5. I’m not in IFA, and I don’t like them. HOWEVER, they owned the SMALL army server “fjord”, not the LARGE army server that the nachos owned.


  6. I think it’s such a better idea to hack all the protesters (:


  7. Wait… Who hasn’t become UMA leader?


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