Top Ten Tackle – Round 2 Battles

GP: I’m not going to be around much for the next few days, maybe (but not likely) weeks, because I’m just absolutely loaded with homework. Please keep a steady flow of posts coming!

Hello there, everyone! As you’ve probably seen, the results have been posted for all of the Round 1 Battles of the TTT Tournament! In case you didn’t see them, scroll down, or…

  1. Battle 1: ACP vs. Tacos
  2. Battle 2: IW vs. FW
  3. Battle 3: NW vs. GT
  4. Battle 4: UMA vs. IV
  5. Battle 5: DW vs. WW
  6. Battle 6: Nachos vs. TG

There you go ;D. Now, it’s time to continue the tournament! Round 2 will take place this weekend, so read on for the battles.

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TTT Battle 6 Review: Nachos vs. TG

Welcome friends! It’s time to review the last battle of Round 1 of the Top Ten Tackle before we move on: The Nachos vs. Team Gold Battle!

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TTT Battle 5 Review: DW vs. WW

Hi There, all! Just recently, the Dark Warriors and the Watex Warriors battled in hopes of continuing on to the semifinals of the Top Ten Tackle – TTT!

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TTT Battle 4 Review: UMA vs. IV

Hello there, friends! This past weekend, the well known Underground Mafias Army and the re-rising IV battle it out for a continuation in the TTT!

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TTT Battle 3 Review: NW vs. GT

Hi There! This past weekend, the Night Warriors and the Golden Troops battled for a spot in the next round of the Top Ten Tackle!

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TTT Battle 2 Review: IW vs. FW

Welcome, readers! This weekend, the two polar opposite armies, the Ice Warriors and the Fire Warriors, duked it out to continue on in CPA Central’s Top Ten Tackle!

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TTT Battle 1 Review: ACP vs. Tacos

Hello Everyone! This past weekend, the Army of Club Penguin and the Tacos battled it out to continue on in the TTT – the Top Ten Tackle!

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The Warriors of Watex Rising to the Big 5?

Note: Picture B seams to not be showing up. I will try to get Picture B up when I can.

The WW surprised the DW with shock numbers at Sundays “TTT” battle. The winner is still not announced, but the WW claim they were much bigger with better tactics. The WW recently got knocked out of the top ten, but had a maximum of 35 at the battle. The DW also had similar size’s to the WW. The DW are also claiming they won, and say the complete opposite to the WW saying they were much bigger. The UMA also say the DW should be out of the tournament due to interfering with their battle.

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Note||Armies in Focus:Government: Which is better?

First off, sorry I haven’t been around, but now I’m finally better, so I’ll be posting again.

Many armies have a defined form of government. But what do these terms actually mean? Here I will hope to enlighten you with a clearer understanding of what these different governments actually are.

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The Club Penguin United Nations

Emperer: Well, I could do that, or….

GP: Emp, post about war. There is no more room for these kind of posts, we’ve already promised not to post this so often. Find a war to post about and enough history and philosophy.


My loyal viewers, today I went brousing through CP History. I saw its holes, its patches. But the biggest thing I saw was Order 67. Now many of you were not around for Order 67, but if you do not know what it was, here is a brief summery:

Small armies would continuously recruit and hold events on “large army land”. Of course the small armies, being small armies, did not give in to large army authority. They would be brushed aside, only to reinvade the server. So eventually the large armies had enough. They assembled the ANTA. An organization who, although its official goal may have been otherwise, was supported only because large armies wanted out with the small armies. ANTA gave two choices to the small armies.

1) Form an alliance, which would’ve been incredibly beurocratic and inefficient mind you, so that large armies could recognize them.

2) Be wiped out by a coalition of large armies.

The small armies, would not have this. They would never bow to large army authority. However, they looked around. The small armies were fiercly indepdent, constant warfare armies. They did not have a “new site” or something of the sort to rally them. So they looked to the only people who would help them, both could and were kind enough to. The Club Penguin United Nations.

The Club Penguin United Nations, or the CPUN rallied the small armies. They were to make their stand and hold back the large armies. Armies were given rooms to protect against the onslaught and the CPUN would be direction forces during the battle.

The large armies shook. They had not expected such fierce resistance. Soon they began dropping out. One by one until ANTA was dead for all intensive purposes.

The small armies cheered, they had expected to survive as long as they did, not less win in all. And CPUN was commended by all for their actions for small army autonomy.


Now, look around you my viewers. The CP Armies are not in the most satisfactory state. It is the rules of the jungle. Big eats small, and no one sheds a tear of remorse at the men they opress. But what if I could tell you, there is a way to fix the problem. What if there was a way to make ourselves orderly, and while we would fight, we would not kill unless forced to.

What if I told you the answer was on your very doorstep, you just never bothered to answer the doorbell.

The CPUN has long acted as a safe-guard for Small Armies. Protecting them when they are in need, and saving them from large army threats. They have broken up countless conflicts between the small armies.

Now what if that could be expanded? What if there was a way to ensure that those in the right remained not only indepdent of others, but also in the right they so should be in. The CP Armies are not perfect, but that does not mean we cannot turn ourselves into a better future. Leader, of all armies, simply put that CPUN Badge on your site and let all other know that your proudly marching for the future.

Let all armies see this, and let all armies listen. May order and decency flourish under the banner of the CPUN.


Pre-Battle Report (YOP!): TTT Tourney [+Mitch’s Post!]

Hey everyone, GP here with a new special version of a Pre-Battle Report, along with a Your Opinion Please option! This weekend, twelve armies will be facing off for the Champs in CPA Central’s Top Ten Tackle Tournament, and the stakes for all armies are high because the next Top 10 will be largely based off this.

  • Army of Club Penguin v. Tacos: Obviously, the winner of this battle is clear, but this should be a top priority for the Tacos. Recently, they’ve slammed their way into the Top 10 after being restarted, and this is their chance to rise up the ranks or once again, fall. It should be interesting 😉 .
  • Ice Warriors v. Fire Warriors: This battle, in my opinion, will be the most interesting battle in this whole tournament. The IW have been going up and down the ranks of the Top 10, but I am more anxious for the FW to reveal their size. For months, they have been “rebuilding” and have not posted a single picture on their website, have had a merge with DCP, but now, will it be their time to shine?
  • Night Warriors v. Golden Troops: Well, what can I say? The NW have been on a desperate and sharp decline, and on the contrary, the GT have been rising rapidly. If they beat the NW, things could change dramatically and quickly…
  • Underground Mafias Army v. Ice Vikings: The UMA have been undergoing some huge problems, and the IV have apparently fallen off the face of the earth. However, with Oagalthorp now leading them, it’s a question of whether Oagal will live up to his promise, and lead IV to the top.
  • Dark Warriors v. Watex Warriors: Well, no question here either. The army rising to the top and now around the corner and threatening ACP’s top spot, are almost 100% going to defeat the still weak and rebuilding WW.
  • Nachos v. Team Gold: Once again, this is another battle that isn’t worth watching. The TG have been falling through the cracks and I don’t think they have the strength to rise back up. The Nachos, on the other hand, despite leader problems, are soaring through the ranks on a comeback.

So, if you’d like to comment your opinion, feel free to, and all the good and credible ones will be posted here:

Now, here are a few words from Mitch.

Sorry for the short post, this is my first report, but my next one will be long due to having limited time this week! Thank you for your understanding!

Many people are predicting that one of the Top three armies will win the tourney.. but many things can happen. That means a disqualification or an unpredictable major loss. The main two armies that are predicted or win are Night Warriors or ACP; maybe Nachos. You never know what is going to happen, so I am not going to give you my opinion, I am going to do several interviews and a short YOP from all you viewers on your prediction! Continue reading

The Nachos’ Ownership Problems: Tan vs. 50

Hello, everyone! Becca here with the latest reports on the third largest army in Club Penguin Warfare at the moment: The Nacho Army of Club Penguin.

Who are the Nachos?

The Nacho Army of Club Penguin is arguably the first official army of Club Penguin Warfare, forming in the summer of 2006 by Jamesbond1. They were slightly in the shadows for the first two years of their existence, as ACP, the Romans, and RPF were dominating Club Penguin Warfare at the time. But, during the reign of Person1233 in 2008, they rose to their full power, getting numbers of over one hundered at many times.

But, the Nachos fell into a depression in the summer of 2009. Since then, even now, the Nachos still seem to be recovering from this depression. Their general rivals are ACP and DCP.

Nevertheless, the Nachos are considered the most fun and laid back army in Club Penguin Warfare, though younger soldiers often have trouble with the frequent pervertedness, to many, the Nachos represent fun and the life of a party.

So What’s with the Nachos Nowadays?

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The Final End To DCP?

Definition of “Merge” in day to day Life: To combine or unite into a single enterprise, organization, body, etc.: The two firms merged last year.

Definition of “Merge” in CP Armies: To merge one army into another army to make one army using either name. In some cases they make a new army all together: The two smallest armies in warfeare merged last week.

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An Upset: The Nachos Beat the ACP

In recent news, Mchappy(the ACP leader) challenged the Nachos to a practice battle. The reason? The ACP were targeted in a picture intended to poke fun at the ACP leadership. The Nachos are known to be insensitive towards other armies at times, but Mchappy felt as if they had gone too far with this picture:

From South Park, it depicts the ACP leadership as fat and lazy kids who spend all of their time on the computer. To prove that the ACP could stand up to the Nachos against this, the practice battle was scheduled. However, the battle ended in an upset. The Nachos, who are ranked behind the ACP, Night Warriors, and Dark Warriors, defeated the #1 ACP after a lengthy battle.

There were no pictures posted on both the Nacho and ACP sites, so the only picture I have to rely on to prove the Nacho’s victory is Mchappy admitting defeat:

Also, the only other picture from the battle is this picture of the Nachos goofing off :

This just in! I finally found a picture of the battle 😮 :

The battle began in the town, where the ACP and Nachos fought valiantly to the point where both armies showed no signs of giving up. The town was declared a tie, and both armies moved to the Dojo. The Nachos took one side while the ACP took another, and they threw snowballs to the death. After time went on, the Nachos gained the advantage with around 25 troops, while the ACP shrunk to 20 troops.

Mchappy finally admitted defeat after it was clear that the Nachos were winning, but he gave an excuse. His excuse was how the ACP just got out of a war, so they were still climbing up. Did the latest war have this much of an effect on the ACP? It appears so.

In past wars, the ACP tends to grow in size as the war progresses, eventually becoming stronger than were at the beginning of the war. However, ACP has recently shown significant shrinking after this war. Why? World War V(debatable) had more emotional damages to the ACP than wars in the past. The loss of most of their nation early on put many ACP soldiers in doubt, which may have caused them to give up in the ACP. Another factor contributing to this is the younger age of ACP soldiers, which would make deserting of the ACP more likely. Even though ACP made up for this later on in the war, it did not get back their troops.

If the ACP were damaged by the war, does this mean the Nachos were too? Yes. The Nachos took a smaller toll in the war, because even though they were on the “losing” side, their nation was never invaded. They kept all of their servers, and were able to escape the war with no repercussions. In addition, the Night Warriors and Nachos were able to destroy the ACP in battle after battle, which would give them the ability to ignore any losses that came afterwards, because: “Hey, we beat ACP!” The heavy losses that their side took towards the end of the war had no affect on the Nachos(though this is not true for the Night Warriors). For these reasons, the Nachos were able to defeat the ACP, because even after being ranked so low in the Top 10(compared to previous weeks) and losing a major war.

What does this mean for ACP?

In my opinion: Nothing.

ACP is called the Army of Club Penguin. Any leader has the ability to make this army rise, and this is a small obstacle in their path. They will be able to return to glory afterwards St. Patrick’s Day, because all of Club Penguin becomes a green pride parade. This shows Club Penguin’s opinion against the Nachos and towards the ACP, doesn’t it? Anyway, the ACP will be able to overcome this and return to their former glory. They have 4 and a half years of history to back this up, and they’ve done it many times.

What does this mean for the Nachos?

In my opinion: Overconfidence and a long road ahead.

Defeating the #1 ranked army is a huge confidence booster, which may or not be a bad thing for the Nachos. More confidence will drive the army to excel, but may also cause the Nachos to do some foolish things. After defeating the ACP, the Nachos may not realize their limits and pull themselves into a war that they can’t escape. The Nachos are not going to have the sombrero in the catalog ever again, yet they continue to live on. The Romans are in a very similar situation, except the roman helmet has not been in the catalog for years. Only time will tell if the Nachos are able to survive any longer without the sombrero.

However, even without the sombrero, the Nachos have had 4 and a half years of history to back up their rises to glory as well, and they will most likely be able to find a way around the lack of the sombrero, like they have. The Nachos have created a new uniform for those without the sombrero, hoping to spread their influence to newer members of Club Penguin. Sombrero or not, the Nachos aren’t as lucky to have a name like the ACP, so rising to glory will always be a much more difficult task.


The Nachos being able to defeat the ACP is nothing new, but after losing a war, it could be considered kind of shocking. What is your opinion on this upset? Did you expect it? Do you think the ACP can bounce back?

Also, don’t crucify me for not having pictures of the actual practice battle: I was not able to make the battle, and no army posted pictures on their site. Also, I went on both Nacho and ACP chats to ask if anyone took pictures, and all I was given was pictures of the Nachos having intercourse(and no, not conversation). 😐


New Tourney Info — Staff Situation[Schedule] — The IW Site

Note: All armies, please post pics by tomorrow night at around 9 EST. If you do not, you will be counted as surrendering.

Blue2: I’m finally not sick anymore, so I will be back posting this weekend. Sorry it has been so long since my last post, but I couldn’t get on here while I was sick.

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