Oh, yes. Greed, self-corruption. What a dastardly thing.

After all, who could possibly believe that greed was a good thing? And yet, I see it all around us. Something so common, yet so corrosive. Like water on a river front.

My viewers, most of us have spent many months in an army, working up the latter as we first started our careers. I can think of none that have never been a low rank in an army, or at least a rouge.

Now ask yourself, why did you spent so long to get where you are? Why are, many of you, still working at it? After all, progress is slow. How many of you can honestly say you work and are working for the good of others? No, no one would recruit for others, at least not past their army’s banner. People fight for promotions. A dog treat for an ignorant pet. That hope that some day you will overcome the barrings of low ranks and make it to a higher level. It is for self-intrest that you work towards that next rank and attempt to make it past footmen life.

But face it, this is poor living to go by. Most of you will drop out before you reach leadership, and even fewers armies will be remembered for anything.

The truth is that this motive of self-intrest and power is damaging in and of it self. Sure there will be good apples, people who are actually deticated to the army. But there are others who simply follow the booms and leave in the busts. Use their titles to grow and then leave before the shrink. Clawing up the latter will bring out the worst in many. The less-developed will becomes left behind while a man who exerts his will on others becomes the leader.

How can one possibly agree to this system? The only stand-point is that there is nothing better. Something I find most disappointing. It seems that we are given but two options. Either stick with the system or have no ranks at all, which is terrible indeed. No ranks leads to no reward, no reward leads to collapse. The solution, as many things are, could be a middle-ground.

What if there weren’t these heirartical ranks, but there weren’t no ranks at all. What if there was certain titles that each member would achieve upon doing some couragous act. Which would inturn lead to trust and authorship or something of that sort. Until they are built up to a point where they would run for leader, as elections would prevent some corrupted man from become leader.

It is just an untested idea, but it would help curb the exploitation of the grunt. Which is a problem I have mentioned many times before. Ranks are something that needs to be fixed, so people don’t labour months just to get the recognition they deserve and so the forceful don’t become greed-ridden leaders.

Think about it.


“Let us celebrate our successes, but pray to the Heavens that we do not grow to proud.”

Night Warriors vs. ACP: Invasion of Brumby

After losing their capital, Breeze, to the Night Warriors, ACP scheduled an invasion of Fog, the Night Warriors’ capital server. The ACP successfully captured Fog, thus adding it to their server collection. Shortly after the Invasion of Fog, the Night Warriors scheduled a Monday invasion of all of ACP’s servers. The ACP also scheduled an invasion of Ice Palace, same time and day as NW’s invasion.

The NW focused on their invasion of Brumby, planning to re-invade Ice Palace later. Once ACP was finished invading Ice Palace, they quickly jumped to defending Brumby.

Let’s take a look at some pictures…

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Mammoth’s Importance / Fighting for Server A on Server B

BREAKING NEWS: King’s Pizza Palace has now opened up branches in Breeze, Mammoth, Tea, AND Snow Fort!

—————————(King’s Pizza Palace is a proud sponsor of CPAC)—————————


I. Mammoth’s Importance

II. Mammoth Today

III. WWIV(The War for Mammoth)

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Pink Mafias: A CPAC Investigation [UPDATED: 8:12EST]

GP: I’m on vacation, I’ll make a newer, better post soon.

Well, since I have about 35 minutes to investigate and post this, lets get to the point. A few days ago, on the 18th of February, an already known army legend Trickster privately released a post on the Underground Mafias Army stating that he in fact was the legendary and rumored-to-be-gone-forever Pink Mafias, creator of UMA. However, as the post leaked and became public, a huge controversy blew up around the whole thing, and in a matter of hours, it is now one of the biggest topics on and around chats, websites, and no doubt, given the UMA site a huge boost in hits.

So, now, I will lead you, the viewers, through the dark tunnels of the unknown and reveal the truth to you.

Is Trickster Pink Mafias?

Before I get to the nitty-gritty, I’d like everyone to consider the fact that he is nine years old right now, and Pink Mafias was four years ago.

The Uma was created in December of 2006, as a rouge army…
-UMA Website, History page

I am absolutely certain that Pink Mafias was not four to five years old at the time of the creation of UMA. Now, I’d like to point this crucial fact out:

UMA filled many rooms on cp during wars by her leading…
-UMA Website, H.O.F. page

Take notice to the word “her”. This indicates that Pink Mafias was a… a girl? But wait, how can this be? Trickster is indeed a boy. So, I looked further down the page, and came across a familiar name. She was the only girl to ever lead UMA, and she came shortly after Pink Mafias. Her name was Abercombie29, a former ACP co-leader. So, this being my main point, I’d like to revise a few things:

  1. Trickster, being that he is nine years old, could not have been Pink Mafias at 5 years old.
  2. Trickster is constantly saying that he has proof and doesn’t, indicating he does not have proof.
  3. Pink Mafias is a girl, obviously eliminating Trickster.

I’ll update this more later with other points, but for now, dwell on these facts!

Update: Here’s Mchappy’s comment:

Smartuin and I did some investigating ourselves. I checked the IP addresses on ACP site of Trickster and Pink Mafias, etc. They both came out as two different ones. Here are the possibilities of that:
-He moved.
-He is proxing or phising.
-He is faking.
Also, “Trickster” said that he “created” UMA when he was nine years old and indicates that he is fourteen years old now.


ACP Makes a Comeback Victory on Fog

Update: NW pics added.

As part of the raging war between ACP and NW, ACP invaded NW’s capital server Fog, a counterstrike for their loss of Breeze. This invasion was a one-on-one conflict, mostly because Mammoth was being invaded by NW’s allies at the same time. ACP pulled together an impressive turnout that maxed out at nearly 100 troops. NW topped about 35-45. The majority of the invasion was made up of ACP sweeping the server with NW struggling to defend against their strong numbers. ACP claimed the Dock, Cove, Plaza, Snow Forts, Beach, Box Dimension (lol), Forest, Ice Rink, and Ice Berg. NW seemed to stick to the Plaza and Town for most of the battle, although sources said they split up and had one group go around trying to defend rooms. For the most part, it seemed like they didn’t even try to fight ACP.


ACP executes a Cover Bomb while in an “L” formation at the Dock
“ACP claims Dock” Frenzy
ACP claiming the Cove while lined along the shore and vertically from the rock
ACP greets Tom Yellow, a former 2nd in Command from a long time ago
ACP claiming the Plaza
ACP doing Clovers in their circle at the Snow Forts
Point well taken…
ACP claiming the Ice Berg
ACP claiming victory at the Dojo


ACP and NW battling at the Cove
ACP using a Raspberry Bomb on NW

NW circling the Plaza

NW doing a Cake Bomb in their circle

NW's War Faces

NW circling the Snow Forts

NW uses a Flower Power Bomb at the Town

NW Joke Bombs a handful of ACP troops at the Town

ACP and NW weren’t even battling until the last 30 minutes of the invasion, by which time NW had began to shrink, while ACP retained its size. The outcome of this invasion is quite clear, and Vendetta realized it, and surrendered Fog to ACP. As for the aftermath, both sides are being fairly good sports about it, although NW believes ACP is trying to get them hacked, and that the only reason ACP was able to achieve their turnout because of all the retired legends who returned to attend the battle. So far, both sides have gained and lost in this war. Their capital servers have been exchanged, if you will. What does this mean for the rest of the war? Well, it certainly gives ACP a morale boost after their loss of Breeze, but we’ll just have to see if the confidence will carry over to the next battle. NW may have lost their capital, but it’s certainly possible that they could turn it around and be victorious as ACP has this weekend. A positive for NW is that their allies supposedly gained control of Mammoth. The issue with that, however, is that the invasion took place on Klondike (seems to be a recurring server, hmm?), so ACP does have a valid argument in protest of the invasion. But that’s for another post that will hopefully be covered by Person!

Good job to both ACP and NW, they did their best today, victorious or not.

So, what do you suppose will happen next?

~Lorenzo Bean

Rise Of The Tacos

A few months ago, I wrote about the re-creation of the Tacos. A lot of people said it would not work, and they would fall in a mater of weeks. The Tacos are now in the CPAE Medium Top 10, and are rising still. They came second in the CPAE Brawl, with GT and RPF in it. The Tacos have attracted a lot of attention, and could follow GT’s suite, by making it back into the top ten.

In the interview with Rainy on my last post, he stated “I think by February, we can get involved with the medium armies.”. It appears he was spot on with his prediction of when the Tacos will be medium. Also a lot of Well known people have joined, such as Sercan, Wgfv and Holo2. The re-creation of the Tacos seems to be going well, and they are rising at a steady pace.

Like I said in my first paragraph, the Tacos came second in the brawl. They did get a good 15 at that, and they are still rising strong.

That was the Tacos v the Rebel Penguin Federation in the Snow Forts of the brawl. They have also entered the CPAD Tournament, and the CPAE League. The Tacos have been rising, and in the last interview with Rainy, he said they would reach the top ten by About April. That seems like an achievable goal at the moment. To see if any of his goals have changed, we will have another interview with one of the four Tacos Leaders, Rainy.

Rainy, Tacos Leader

Do you think the Tacos will make the top ten, if so when?

Hopefully, towards the end of march, we may be there.

What army would you say is similar in size to the Tacos at the moment?

I would say the Water Vikings are of similar size to us.

Do you think you will beat the RPF in the CPAD Tournament?

Well, it’s a possibility, but I’m a big fan of RPF and I’m not too sure that we can beat them. We might be able to match them though.

Were do you think Tacos are in the medium top 5?

Well, on CPAE’s one I think we’re 5th. On The SMAC top 5 we are 4th I belive. I reckon by next months CPAC top ten we could be right up there

Interview Analysis: Rainy Thinks that they could be in the top ten by about the end of March, meaning he has not changed his mind much from the last interview. He also says they have a similar size to the Water Vikings. He thinks the RPF will be a tough match, but not impossible to win. Currently he thinks they are about the 4th or 5th best medium army, and they will keep rising in the next month and will be right up there in the next CPAE top 10 medium armies.

The following section is my opinion only, if you don’t agree then I don’t mind. Please don’t flood comments about my opinion, as it’s only one segment of the post, and only states what I think.

My Opinion: In my opinion I think that the Tacos will be in the top ten in the middle of April, not far off what Rainy said. I think they have a similar size to the RPF and WV. I think that the RPF match will be tough, but I think it will also be tough for the RPF, and they will have about 15 each. I currently think they are 3rd on the medium top 5, and they will rise to first in a matter of weeks should they keep rising.However, I don’t think they will rise from the top medium spot to top ten that easily.

Comment your opinion on the Rise Of The Tacos!



The Evolving War: ACP’s Servers – Battle for Fog || Posting

Hello, everyone! With the elimination of the posting schedule and the stillness before battle, it seems there’s been a gap in posting. With all of the invasions that have gone on, it’s time to review the war completely so far.

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Legends Page Votings

Edit 2/20:

❗ Comments are now closed ❗

 This is due to the massive number of votes.

Results will be out soon.


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When Johny Comes Marching Home…

It seems like both sides in this war are ignorant. Ignorant of their actions, past, present, and furture. Ignorant of their words, past, present, and future. Ignorant that today is not tomorrow. That tomorrow the actions that you have taken today will come into play, and so forth.

Now this is all good and well, and I suppose everyone can at least get the jist of such things. But tell me then why both sides act so unintellegent?

McHappy, anger aids no one. It only harms yourself, as Vendetta is always watching. McHappy, your words are his weapans. Do not arm him. And just as well, stop burning bridges before they are revealed. If you do not stop appearing as being an ACP Supremicest in the eyes of the masses many will not support you as they would have earlier. Whether you win this war or not.

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The Top 10 Armies – 2/17/2011

Skl: I’m seeing that the comments are good overall [except from ACP xD], but I’m hearing that the Nachos should be behind the ACP. There was this little thing that I do at the end of the calculations that’s sort of weird, and that’s what ended up switching them. It has to do with their place last week and size growth, which can deduct points. I think it’s messing it up, so I’ll stop doing that.

The time has come. After the success of the last Top 10, I continued to use that system the exact same way – formulas and numbers.

DISCLAIMER: The Top 10 and statements included in it are solely based on calculations developed by the CPA Central team to judge armies based on their size, activity, and tactical knowledge. It is in no way meant to be the official army rating system or to run armies, unless the armies choose to make it that way. The entire points system is based off of calculations, not opinion.

I quit CPAC.

 You should make this as an edit, since this is going to be a very short post…

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Change Will NOT Come From Above…

My loyal viewers, from Fog to Mammoth a great drama is approaching. Oh the Fall of ACP some would say, a great shift in power. Or as others would say, the wooden stick that’ll stab through NW’s heart, and the diamond-topped septor that will bash down Nachos.

But, viewers, I do not understand. Why does it matter? So ACP falls, what does that amount to? Why, I know that RPF politics wont be much changed by ACP being 2nd or 3rd best instead of 1st. I doubt it much affects the politics of RFW and UMA either.

Viewers, the entire point of this war is not about DCP, about Mc being billigerent, about Ven wanted to take out the last milestone in NW’s way. No, this war is about Empires. My viewers, Empires rise, Empires fall. One age a nation will be the strongest place in the world, the next it has fallen to another one. And inturn, another, and another.

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The Invasion of Fog

This is a drawing of Fog in MS Paint. Bask in its glory.


It is the stronghold and capital of the Night Warrior empire that has remained nearly untouched for the time it has been a Night Warrior server. The server has been the platform on which the Night Warriors were able to build their empire around and grow to become the 2nd largest army in all of the land. This territory, sacred to the Night Warriors, will be invaded by the forces of the Army of Club Penguin on Saturday. Will the Night Warriors be able to hold off the ACP? Will the ACP be able to overwhelm the Night Warriors and take over their precious server?

Let us have a look…

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What’s Going On?

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