DW declares war on NW; Another large war beginning?

The ACP vs. NW war has dissolved, but is there another war brewing? Recently, the Dark Warriors declared war on the Night Warriors for various reasons, one being the fact that NW abuses Dark Warriors soldiers for copying them.

Will this turn out to be something big? Or will it just fade away?

Here’s what the Dark Warriors had to say:

Today, the official Nation of the Dark Warriors, is Declaring War on the Night Warriors Empire. Why? well, there are many reasons, some of which I’m sure you’re familiar with, but oh so many more. We’ve all been working ourselves to get this army into the position it is in now, and we don’t plan to stop there. We’ve reached our goal of fourth place, why stop there? Let us take it up a notch, up to the “World Power” section, shall we? It’s indeed time Dark Warriors, time for our retribution, our revenge, and above all, our Revolution!

So, be ready DW. We’re going to win this, and we’re going to make a new name for ourselves. It’s time to accomplish what the Dark Warriors were always made for, victory. I’m counting on each of you to contribute to this war, for it will be a major war, and accomplishment in the Dark Warriors History. We’re going to be invading what’s left of the NW Empire, until they are down to none, thus… the Night Warriors will be unable to invade us due to the 3 server rule, let us cripple our foes, and win this war!

The reasons for this war, we’re still being treated unfairly by NW, continuously being kicked, banned and accused of copying NW, so it’s time to put an end to this war. We’re going to give NW another taste of defeat, for it is our time to take over. If the Night Warriors attempt to fight back, I’m sure it won’t work, due to our strong forces all round the clock. So NW, be ready and give it your best shot.

As you can see, the Dark Warriors claim to be treated unfairly by NW, being kicked, banned, and being accused of copying the Night Warriors.

However, are these good reasons to declare war upon an army? Most importantly, are the NW aware of this declaration of war? So far, nothing has been posted on the Night Warriors site about defending their servers (which DW is invading).

During this week the Dark Warriors plan to invade the remaining 4 servers that the Night Warriors own: Oyster, Hibernate, Snow Globe, and Ice Breaker. There’s one tiny problem. The Dark Warriors will invade Hibernate at 7 PM EST on Monday, February 28th. The Night Warriors have not been notified of this, therefore breaking the 24-hour rule. Will DW carry on with the invasion?

For the times and dates of all the invasions, CLICK HERE. What is your opinion on this declaration of war? Is it going to turn into something huge, or will it just flop?

Did the Dark Warriors break the 24-hour rule?

In the last CPAC Top 10, the Night Warriors were ranked first, while the Dark Warriors were ranked fourth. Was it foolish of DW to declare war on a much larger army, or can they handle it? If this war carries on, who will eventually prevail?


[Interviews will be added later, since there are no leaders online]

63 Responses

  1. Better than last post.


  2. We can definitely handle it. Again, we are once more being highly underrated by the CPAC. Take a look at our battle pics, then ask if we can handle it. 😉


  3. 2nd!


  4. Ven should not invade and play the innocent guy. Try not to get ACP involved and all. NW can bat away any DW attacks, so all he has to do is be patient, wait for ACP to get busy, and wipe DW off the map.


    • The ACP is still at war with the NW (no one in the army has teh power to end the war until Mchappy comes back). So the ACP is already involved.

      Even if this WAS a new war, we help our allies. The NW will never in their wildest dreams “wipe DW off the map.”


  5. It’s a 24 hour notice, it was posted at 1PM EST, and NW were notified of these invasions.

    DW can handle it. We have carried out unscheduled raids throughout the NW Empire, maxing about 30 troops.


  6. they proably know about the invasions but are not posting them on there site so DW cant invade them.


    • That actually makes sense in a twisted way. Never ignologe the invasion so that you never really “lose” the servers. Of course the media will probably stop that from happening.


    • I’m not well versed in army rules due to the fact that I’ve never been in charge of a large army (IMAF was different, and it was a while ago).

      I agree with Emperer up there..they can just not acknowledge the invasion and claim DW didn’t notify them 24-hours before..therefore making the invasion invalid. DW could’ve let them know a while ago and they didn’t post about it.

      Therefore, they will pretend they don’t know about the invasion, which instantly makes the invasions invalid (due to breaking the 24-hour rule).


  7. What the Heck is the three server rule?


  8. Go DW!


  9. NW has gone from respected to hated, smaller armies will help


  10. Well NW has pretty much already lost this war with DW. Do you know why NW was never a big fan on “allies”? It was because it keeps battles from being 1 on 1. Lets say NW does defend from DW, big deal. They can’t invade DW. This is because we all know ACP will get involved. NW does not want other armies on THEIR chat. Get over it. At this moment NW can not invade because of ACP:

    ACP, DW, Nachos, DCP, WW. Who else can NW invade? Your basically saying you want NW to die. One thing NW will never do is hide behind allies…


  11. I bet DW is gonna win. NW is in trouble. The massive invasions of ACP have CRIPPLED them. And this sentence shows how unprepared the NW are:

    “So far, nothing has been posted on the Night Warriors site about defending their servers (which DW is invading).”

    If NW is giving away servers, then i want in!

    Alec, Lord of Fjord (Until Nachos Reclaimed it XD)


  12. dw just pwned nw on hibernate 😛


  13. IDK how NW went from being respected to hated/crippled. I thought for sure people would’ve gotten used to being banned on NW for “being in another army”..


  14. Really, can some one please give me a reason why kicking people from other armies is “wrong”.


    • well its kinda strange when a leader of an army that is helping you a lot goes onto your chat and gets banned for “being dw” o.O. When im sure tan is allowed on there chat :l


    • Ok

      1) It keeps out foreign ideas, making the populace ignorant to solution other than what the leader dictates. Which artificially lowers their free will.

      2) It is annoying to those that want to speak with certain NW leadership.

      3) It gives the impression on others that you neglect them, and that you think they are lower than them. Which may very well be true.

      There’d be more, but these are the three major ones. Most others branch off of them.


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