CPAC Coins for Change Donation Drive

Blue2: We raised 18,200 coins at the first party! Great Job to all who came!

Bmf: Matt, UMA is holding a major drive on the 21st, just putting it out there

Hello CPAC viewers, Blue2 here once again to tell you about an idea I had recently. In the spirit of this holiday season, we sometimes forget that there are many people who are less fortunate then all of us. There are many other kids around the world who don’t even have a safe place to sleep at the end of the day, and they are the ones who the Coins for Change program aims to help.

That’s why I think what Club Penguin does with Coins for Change is a really good thing. So thats why I thought of organizing this:

We will have several 1 hour parties on CPAC chat throughout the week where we will play various games on Club Penguin. At the end of each hour, we will donate all the coins we’ve earned to Coins for Change. This way, we can have fun and still help to make a real difference. On each day I will take a poll, and that will decide which cause that day’s coin earnings will go to. Even if you don’t like the games on Club Penguin, come anyway, you can donate whatever amount you do already have, or just hangout.

Hopefully, by the time we’re done, well have filled every Coins for Change collection in Club Penguin:

Maybe we can even fill the lighthouse:

The times are as follows:

Date: Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Place: CPAC Chat, Server to be announced


4:00 PM EST

3:00 PM CST

2:00 PM MST

1:00 PM PST

9:00 PM GMT

Date: Thursday, December 23, 2010

Place: CPAC Chat, Server to be announced


4:00 PM EST

3:00 PM CST

2:00 PM MST

1:00 PM PST

9:00 PM GMT

Date: Sunday, Decmeber 26, 2010

Place: CPAC Chat, Server to be announced


1:00 PM EST

12:00 PM CST

11:00 AM MST

10:00 AM PST

6:00 PM GMT

Now, I know that for the first party many are still in school, and that fine. It is more for those who are already out of school.

So, come out to one or more of these parties, and help CP Armies make a real difference in the world.


Club Penguin Armies: The Next Generation?/Christmas Party is on!

“Generation: a group of individuals, most of whom are the same approximate age, having similar ideas, problems, attitudes,etc.”

Though, in this case, I am talking about a time. An old time that eventually goes onto another. The old age to a new age, to a newer age. I am talking about the next generation of Club Penguin armies. Not in people, but in advancements to new website domains, new chat domains, and maybe, an upgraded Club Penguin Army system? To start off with new website domains.

Most older members of Club Penguin armies know that when we all first started out, the Miniclip Forums were used to direct information and commands towards a troopers way. That, in technological advancements, was the first generation in that area. We are now in the second generation of technological advancements, WordPress. Wordpress is great for Club Penguin armies because it features different website layouts and formats. Why move to another website domain when you can just change the layout from WordPress? Well, because not everyone wants a “.wordpress” domain name at the end of their site. For example, Nachos, NW, and few other armies have original, paid for, “.com” and “.net” domains. Easy to obtain, but not everybody is willing to pay weekly, monthly, yearly etc. for one. There are no certain domains that seem to be taking over WordPress just yet, but if something does come up, and Club Penguin armies move to that, more than just a website will be born, but new armies, generations of penguins, and tactics might come as well. Though domains may not speak for an army as some may think. The most successful army of its time and maybe even now, ACP, has WordPress and strives.

Now, most armies even from the start have used Xat for chat pages and army communication. I personally have seen smaller chat domains, but none of them would have worked. Xat is one of the best choices because it has incredible features. Along with the Club Penguin Army ranks, Xat has Owner, Moderator, Member, and Guest ranks. This is suitable with the ranking system. New members and older members alike see that ranks in Club Penguin Armies clearly base part of their rank on Xat. Owner ranks, moderator ranks, member ranks. If Club Penguin Armies were to move, how would the ranking system change? How would higher ranking officials be recognized? As well as that, Xat has fun features like powers for subscribers, and fun “pawn” and “graphics” systems.

Club Penguin Armies have constantly grown and had great upgrades. Upgrades in tactics, websites, chats, members, ranks and others have been created over time. Other surprises and advances may be in the near future. CP armies have been with WordPress and Xat for some time now, and I wouldn’t be surprised with a lot of others if armies made a change to new domains and chats. Even Club Penguin is aware of our existence, the community, and the people who work on the game. Club Penguin could change for the worse of better just because of us. It has been done, “IW” was almost ban form the chat on CP, and it might be today. Other  large and big armies known might be next. CP could lower the size of people in rooms, making warfare harder, which would make for more tactics, that are well… more tactical with size and numbers. Not only formations, bombs, and charges but things like hit and runs, blocking rooms, and other things may come out of that if anything like that were to happen. Who knows, even Facebook might be used for CP armies as an extra in the long future that lies ahead.


christmas party!

Well CPAC community, the annual Christmas Party has begun! Here are the best features of the party, rooms, and places to see!

The Classic Town:

Check out upstairs in the Night CLub! Be sure to deliver presents when your up there!

The exiting SnowForts!

The collection of coins form the Coins For Change!

The old Ice Rink is back, and shows itself once again!

The free Reindeer head item! (located in the ski village!)

and… Rockhoppers Quarters!

What makes you a legend?

Ok Kj Bulldogs1 here talking to you about what makes you a legend. But first I would like to introduce the legends that are legends now.

  1. Oagalthorp
  2. Boomer20
  3. Woton
  4. Pink Mafias
  5. Trickster
  6. Person
  7. Shadow
  8. Zippy
  9. Fever
  10. Commando
  11. Dialga
  12. Mr. Dee
  13. Wii Mountain
  14. Iceyfeet
  15. Elitesof

Now I would like to point out why these legends are legends.

Oagalthorp: He was the one who created the great ACP.  He has turnt 1server into a war server.  He has lead ACP too incredible limits.  Oagal turnt ACP into weapons of mass destruction!!!  Oagal deserves to be a legend.

Boomer: Boomer was one of Oagal’s best troops.  After Oagal left, Boomer took over(I think) and just took ACP to a new level.  ACP got 50+ at every event, they even started making circles, creating new tactics and so much more when Boomer was leader. Boomer deserves to be a legend

Woton: Woton has done amazing things.  He was RFW X-Leader, had his own cheat site, and created our very own CPAC.  CPAC has reached limits no other Cp army news site has ever. Woton deserves to be a legend

Pink Mafias: He has bust head with Oagal for as long as he was in Cp armies.  UMA and ACP fought each other all the times.  UMA defeated ACP and took Mammoth away.  Then soon the downfall of UMA came up on them.  Commando took the Blue UMA and started RPF.  Pink made UMA off his popular cheat site.  After all the things Pink has done, I believe he deserves to be a legend.

Trickster: Trickster is known for leading UMA and RFW through their golden age. The thing is did RFW and UMA go through their golden ages yet?  Golden age is maxing over 40, and actually beating a world power or very big army.  The UMA has done is what they have today.  The best what RFW has done is when they fought TG.  But Trick deserves to be a legend.  He is known well through out armies.

Person: After shadow left, Person became leader.  Person created the tactics we are using today.  The joke-bomb made by Person.  He is alsoo funny as hell, and a great leader.  He also lead Nachos against ACP, what a major battle it was.  And I believe Nachos won.(I’m talking back way back)

I’m gonna stop there for the legends.

This is my speech on how you could make the legends list.

To be a leader, you have to do something amazing.  You have to be known through out all armies.  You have to be in a major war and lead it.  Your army must acheive 30+ at some point.

You have to do incredible things.  Do something no army has every done.  Create new tactics that work, and could help you win a battle when you are losing.

Get known through out armies.  Spread your army to everyone, get your banner on army sites.  Get your self on cp army sites, not just CPAC.

You should declare war on an army about your size, and actually lead it.  You have to do everything in your power to win it.  Average 30+ through out the whole war.

Your army should have 30+.  Recruit for a while, and as soon as you get atleast 5people joining a day, you should try training everyday.

That is all the stuff you should be able to do, to become a legend.  I am working on this lol.

I’ve done some incredible things, but not enough.  I’m known through out most of Cp armies.  RFW is almost averaging 30+, but I’m not leader.  I’ve lead a major war before.  It was when RFW, UMA, Nachos, GT, etc.  We all went against IW and ACP.  I lead the first day of the war, and we won the first day.  Then the next day we lost, and the next day was when we all made peace.  It was Red Army vs. Union, or something like that.

Well I hope you have enjoyed my post, I am signing out.

~Kj Bulldogs1 CPAC Reporter

Holiday Smackdown – The Finals

Blue2: I’m sorry to all the armies who were preparing so hard for this day, but we looked over the complains about unfair judging and the times, and we decided to postpone it so we could re-evaluate the Finals. To Skloop, sorry for not consulting you, but we didn’t think you would be on in time for us to ask you before the battle.

Boomer: In the absence of Skloop, although it looks like he’s back now [below], Blue and I were forced to make a decision regarding the Finals. After receiving heavy criticism about the times, time changes, and the armies involved, we have come to the conclusion that we need to postpone this battle in order to re-evaluate the Finals so that they are fun for everyone. Along with Blue, and with permission from all 3 armies involved, the Finals will be postponed until after Christmas. CPA Central apologizes.


Albaro Lord: Hey guys! I’m officially kinda ungrounded. Also CPAC now has a facebook! Feel free to like it here is the link!!/pages/Club-Penguin-Army-Central/175654952454640?v=wall

Hello everyone! The time has come. It is the final three armies of the tournament – all fighting for the prestigious spot as the tournament winner and as the #1 Top 10 Army. The time has come for the battle to be posted.

Here is the battle:

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Holiday Smackdown – Semifinals – Results

NOTE: The 3rd Place Battle and the Finals will be posted very soon. Stay tuned.

Hey there, readers. Happy Holidays, having a good break? 😛 Last night, there were 2 battles fought for the last spots in the finals of the Holiday Smackdown!

The two showdowns yesterday were the ACP vs. Nachos, and of course the IV vs. NW.

These battles were much different than some of the previous ones of the tournament, seeing as they were up to 3 times as long, allowing for maximum competition.

There has already been a post made by Godzilla about the ACP vs. Nachos showdown, which can be read HERE. The Nachos surrendered, so for the first battle, the winner was the…

Army of Club Penguin.

Good job, guys!

Now, the second battle is highly more controversial. This battle was the IV vs. NW, and most people would automatically assume that the NW would win, judging by their size, but no, this was a very close battle. I’m not going to disclose who I think won, as the judges have their opinions, who I trust.

Anyways, after it was judged, the winner was decided to be the…

Ice Vikings

Incredible, a non-Top 10 army flipping the number 2 army out of place. Congrats, IV, you are now in the finals with the ACP.

Comment with your opinion on the results, then scroll down for the results of the other semifinal battle!

– Sklooperis: CPA Central CEO

Holiday Smackdown Day 6: ACP vs. Nachos: Results.

Godzilla here with the battle results of an interesting match-up: the Nachos and the ACP.

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Army History: Leaders After The Golden Age

Yes, it’s the long awaited sequel to Leaders: The Golden Age. Before I begin, I’d like to apologize for my terrible post on Golds, I could have done more research on them and actually posted about their final generation.

Were all the leaders of the Golden Age better than the leaders of the future? The simple answer is, no. Every age has had their great leaders and their terrible ones. Like the present day, there were some leaders who were just awful (not naming names). The question is, who were the greatest leaders of late 2008-present?

Boomer 20 (ACP)

No list of great CP army leaders is complete without Boomer. He was one of the greatest, if not the greatest, ACP Leaders of all time. He took over after Kg007’s mediocre leadership (after only 11 months with ACP) and instantly flourished, leading ACP to victory in the Christmas Tournament with an all time record of 150 soldiers. Soon, ACP started averaging 60-80 per battle and were unstoppable. Boomer  lead ACP to victory in countless wars, and to become CPAC’s “Army of The Year” two years in a row. He was also known for his incredible ability to give inspiring speeches, which even Oagalthorp has complimented. He still drops by ACP chat now and then, and sometimes comes on Club Penguin.

NpeppersN/Trickster (UMA)

Trickster/NpeppersN (nicknamed Tricky Mafia) was a great UMA leader, among the many other armies he lead to the top 10. When he was given leadership, the once mighty UMA had fallen to number 2 medium army. During his leadership, he nearly killed off RPF, pushing them into oblivion. Trickster lead UMA to number 4, ushering in a second Golden Age. His leading style was so similar to Pink Mafias, that he was nicknamed Pink Mafias Jr.  He is still active in the Club Penguin Army Community.

Person1233 (Nachos)

Whenever you bring up the greatest leaders in CP warfare , it is inevitable that Person’s name will be mentioned. He was a great Nacho Leader, leading them to become the strongest army in Club Penguin. When he lead with Akabob, Nachos averaged 80 and were fully capable of defeating the ACP. He “bravely” fought against the iamthewalrus hackers, and retired in mid 2009. However, his biggest calling card was his “humor” which anybody who’s ever been in the same chat as him has seen. You can find him occasionally on Nachos or ACP chat.

Iceyfeet1234 (Ice Warriors)

Iceyfeet created the Ice Warriors in June 2007 and he still leads them today. That is a testament to his fiendish dedication to CP armies. He is one of the pioneers of Mass Recruiting and lead Ice Warriors to number 2 in our top 10, along the way defeating many armies. At one point, they were larger than ACP and still thrive today. Iceyfeet will be remembered as the hardest-working leader to ever grace the world of Club Penguin Armies. Even if you hate him, you have to respect him.

Tomb147 (Night Warriors)

Tomb was a great field commander and an excellent battle strategist who always knew what to do. A brilliant leader and true CP warfare legend. NW wouldn’t be the same without him and Vendetta. They may have never ascended to number 2 in the Top 10 or even have been considered a world power. Tomb has lead NW through thick and thin since being made Leader and his accomplishments include leading NW to victory over ACP, Nachos, RPF, and winning the Clash of The Unforgiven War ( He still leads NW today. (Credit to NW mod Jack McIntyr for information)

There were many more great leaders like Woton, Pringy and Wii Mountain (Wex, I edited in a mention of a Watex Warrior) who were not included.

Now, it’s the time you’ve been waiting for. Interview Time!

Jigsaw (UMA 2ic)

Do you think the leaders of the current day are better than the “Golden Age” leaders?

Hmm. Pink [Mafias] was awesome, but Wgfv and Berat have raised the bar and set a whole new challenge for UMA so I have to say the current times.

What about in other armies?

Oh. Really im a UMA person. I’m not in any other armies really.

Who do you think was the greatest leader in CP Army History?

Pink Mafias or Ogoal, however u spell it.

Thanks for your answers.



Noka8 (ACP 3ic)

Which leaders do you think are better, the leaders of the Golden Age or today’s leaders?

The leaders of the Golden age. i hate todays leaders.

Who do you think is the greatest leader of all time?

Thats a hard question. I will [just] go with Oagal and pink mafias

Do you think you could be a better leader of a major army than most of the current leaders?

Maybe since I been here a long time

Thanks for your time.



Don’t just leave it at that, you can comment your opinion as well. At CPA Central, it’s all about the viewers. We want to hear your opinion. Who do you think was the greatest leader of all time? Do you think the leaders are better now than before? Comment away!

If you have uncovered this (meaning people actually read my posts), go to to find out 2 topics I’m considering for a future post. You can vote on which topic I actually post about.

See you in the Future


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Holiday Smackdown – Day 5(Playoffs) – IW vs. IV Results

Skloop: After talking to people, the winner of this battle is IV. This was judged after asking multiple people’s opinions, and putting my own in to place. ALSO, an IW troop hacked the poll, and IV STILL had more votes. So yes, the Ice Vikings are moving on to the semifinals.

Boomer: Until further notice, the poll will be discredited due to it being hacked. I recommend a decision be made by Skloop and the other Heads of Site. It is not likely that IW will be penalized for this because it was not ordered by any leaders, merely the action of a soldier acting of his own accord. The decision will be based solely on the results of the battle. [To Skloop: Edit this or contact me when you get the chance]

Message from the IW Site

Welcome everyone! Hope you’re having a great holiday break. Today, the IW and IV stormed through Club Penguin on their mission to with the Holiday Smackdown!

These battles were much different than the previous ones of the tournament, seeing as they were up to 3 times as long, allowing for maximum competition.

This battle is very, VERY hard to judge. The IW were larger, and that’s nothing to argue about, HOWEVER, the IV were very strong in numbers too, at times matching the IW in power. The thing is, 2/3’s of IW’s tactics were J Bombs, according to the IV post and what some others had to say.

Here’s a few pictures from the battle.



This battle will be judged differently. In Alfrondo (The Judge’s) opinion, the IW won, but everyone seems that this is a very unfair judge, considering how little IW “seemed to try”.

[Poll discredited due to being hacked]

So, this battle will be left up to the poll. Yes, we all know that usually the more popular army will win the polls, but these armies are so evenly matched at this point that this poll should be very accurate. Here:

Until further notice, this battle is a TIE! I will edit the winner to the top 0f the post once a day has passed.

Comment with your opinion on the results, then scroll up and down for the rest of today’s battle results!

– Sklooperis: CPA Central CEO

RT Rising?

Hello everyone. RMStitanic94 here posting about the rise of RT. ( Ranger Troops )

Today RT was in a PB with the Black Panthers and RT won since BP never showed up. Below are some pics of the PB:

*In the pics, RT look like top ten material.

RT at Klondike, Town.

RT using war faces at Klondike, Town.

RT troops at Klondike Town, awaiting commands.

RT troops saying Make A Circle at Klondike, Town.

On RT site, it says that RT looked as big as TG and they think RT is gonna replace WW in the top ten. For more details, here’s the link to the post on RT site.

Below are some history of RT:

Ranger Troops was created by Nicole30267 ( Jordie30267 ) on August 25th, 2009. He retired not long ago, on Dec 2nd, 2010. It was late night on August 25th, Nicole30267 was bored when suddenly he had the idea of making a Club Penguin army. He didn’t what to call his army till he saw this program and said, ” Cool I’m gona call it Ranger Troops!” Drigo2 and Super Paco24 was among the first troops to be recruited by Nicole30267. It is beileved that Nicole30267 recruited his ACP friends, and they recruited all the time. RT kept winning small army tournies and got reconized by other armies. Eventually, RT made its way into the medium armies and now they r near the top ten. RT’s current leaders are Super Paco 24 and Smartuin.

Interview with Super Paco 24, RT leader:

Me: Hi

Super Paco 24: Hello

Me: When do you think RT will get into the top ten?

Super Paco 24: I’m aiming for new year and I know my troops are eager.

Me: Which army do you think is the biggest threat to RT right now?

Super Paco 24: Well, we are not at war with anyone right now but if we were I’d say IV, DW, and AR would be the biggest threats.

Me: I understand that RT is trying to become larger and stronger than WW so RT can get into the top ten. How is RT going to do that? Like what is RT going to do, for example: invasions, recruiting sessions, etc……….

Super Paco 24: Well, we are in many tournies for recognition, getting ads out, and daily unscheduled recruiting sessions.

Me: That’s all. Thank you for your time. I hope RT gets into the top ten soon.

Super Paco 24: Your welcome and have a merry Christmas.

– RMStitanic94

Holiday Smackdown – Day 5(Playoffs) – Nachos vs. UMA Results

Welcome, readers. Today, the Nacho Empire and UMA Nation collided in a brawl to move on in the Holiday Smackdown!

These battles were much different than the previous ones of the tournament, seeing as they were up to 3 times as long, allowing for maximum competition.

This battle, unlike the AR vs. the ACP, was closer. Both armies were very impressive, with the Nachos continuing their impressive size.

Here’s a few pictures from the battle.

Anyways, after it was judged, the winner was decided to be the…


Congratulations, Nachos, well done today. You move on to the next round.

Comment with your opinion on the results, then scroll up and down for the rest of today’s battle results!

– Sklooperis: CPA Central CEO

Holiday Smackdown – Day 5(Playoffs) – NW vs. RFW Results

Hello there, happy holidays everyone! Earlier today, NW and RFW took their turn in the ring and duked it out to advance further in to the Holiday Smackdown tourney.

These battles were much different than the previous ones of the tournament, seeing as they were up to 3 times as long, allowing for maximum competition.

There wasn’t any pictures posted on either site, but RFW admits that they lost, and word on the street is that everyone believes NW won.

Here’s a few pictures from the battle.



Anyways, after it was judged, the winner was decided to be the…

Night Warriors

Mazel tov to you! You move on to the next round.

Comment with your opinion on the results, then scroll up and down for the rest of today’s battle results!

– Sklooperis: CPA Central CEO

Holiday Smackdown – Day 5(Playoffs) – ACP vs. AR Results

Hello Everyone! Today, the first battle of the Holiday Smackdown – Playoffs took place. This battle was between the ever large ACP and the new and impressive AR.

These battles were much different than the previous ones of the tournament, seeing as they were up to 3 times as long, allowing for maximum competition.

Anyways, the battle was strange – it didn’t event start. The ACP was very large at the battle, filling up the Snow Forts nearly on their own, and they had two chat rooms. The AR, as a result, forfeited the battle right before its started, about 10 minutes before I wrote this sentence.

Here’s what the leader’s of the armies had to say:

Austin, AR Leader

AR lost because half our troops either didn’t show or didn’t follow orders and I don’t know why.

Now, McHappy, temp ACP Leader:

McHappy, ACP Leader

I was expecting more, but no doubt ACP did great, we average 75 through the whole battle and I’m proud of that! Than you AR for the battle 😀

Here’s a few pictures from the battle.

Anyways, the winner is obviously the,

Army of Club Penguin

Congratulations, well done! You move on to the next round.

Comment with your opinion on the forfeit, then check back later for the rest of today’s battle results!

Sklooperis: CPA Central CEO

Army History: The Golds

It was May 27th, 2007. One day after the historic Battle of Breeze between the three largest armies in CP at the time, UMA, ACP, and RPF. After ACP’s victory at Breeze, the landscape of Club Penguin Armies arguably looked like this (you’re welcome to disagree):

  1. ACP
  2. UMA
  3. RPF
  4. Romans
  5. Vikings
  6. Nachos
  7. CPAF

Little did the CP army world know that they were about to be graced with another powerful army capable of contending for one of the top spots in CP warfare. That day, J0hanwillfir created the Golds. They first started to gain recognition at an unscheduled battle including UMA, Nachos, and Greeners. The post can still be found at Here’s an excerpt, edited for grammar:

The war was UMA vs. Nachos vs. Golds vs. Greeners. First, UMA and Golds beat greeners, then Golds and UMA beat Nachos. But then UMA beat Golds.:( Here’s a picture from when we were winning. I seperated the armies with the colors. Green is Greeners, yellow is Golds, brown is Nachos, and red is UMA.


By late July, the Golds amounted to an impressive size, and won multiple unscheduled battles with UMA, Vikings and a plethora of other armies. Just as the Golds were becoming relevant, a new leader was named. Fly4life-who would become the most legendary leader of Golds to date-shared the reins with creator J0hanwillfir. Shortly after, Fly created an XAT chatbox for Golds, in the process becoming one of the first leaders to use XAT for their armies. Their chat can be found at The Golds remained a relatively quiet powerhouse until they declared war on GPR (along with ACP) in mid-August. The first battle was on August 19th 2007, and I’ll let this picture do the rest of the talking.


As you can see, GPR was crushed by the combined forces of ACP and Golds, who had just become allies. Later, Fly4life was banned forever and started using the penguin “Generalbeaks”. And there, started the downturn of the once mighty Golds. Leaders quit, CP “hackers” targeted them, and their numbers decreased sharply. Would this be a premature end for the once promising Golds? Not a chance. The Golds moved to a new site which is known as, and had new leaders in Orgulan, Shadow2446 and Dreamguitar AKA Dream Golds. The New Golds quickly made a splash, opting to assist Nachos in a war against the ACP and defeating RPF in a battle. As if this wasn’t enough, they declared full-on war on the ACP. They were defeated in this war, and seemed to have lost momentum afterwards, finishing 4th in a 6 army practice battle tournament. The reluctant Golds announced a merger with the Nachos, but just a few weeks later, 3rd Generation Golds were created using the same site. Alas, they did not succeed, and were killed off unceremoniously.

There was another generation of Golds after the one that died in mid ’08, but I cannot elaborate on the details of this generation, seeing as was deleted. I do know that Dreamguitar ended up changing the name to Dark Warriors, and just a few months ago, Dark Warriors 2G was started. They continue to thrive, and are 8th in our prestigious top 10. On October 18th 2010, Golds founder J0hanwillfir made one more post on his site after over a year’s hiatus. It did not include any words, and just showed the chat for Churros of CP ( He hasn’t been heard from since.

Now, it’s time for the interviews. I could not get an interview with Dreamguitar/Dream Golds (I was interviewing him on Dark Warriors chat but he went AFK), although I will try to add an interview with Dream to this post if possible. I did manage to get the next best thing, a former Golds second in command who you may know as the current ACP Leader Bobcatboy10. I also have an interview with Riotors, one of the greatest leaders currently in CP armies.

Bobcatboy10 (Former Golds 2ic, ACP Leader)

What was it like being a high-ranking Gold?

It was awesome even with Dream Golds keeping you in line 24/7, he wasnt the nicest leader but he sure taught you discipline.

Do you have any regrets about your time in Golds?

I guess the worst part was the cussing. Im not a person to really cuss but being on Golds chat back then for full days got to you.

Are Golds up there with your favorite CP armies?

Yes for sure. I have only been in four armies and I am glad I was in the Golds. (NOD)
Thanks for your time.

Riotors (Former GT Leader and Gold)

What was it like during your time in Golds?

When I first joined Golds I was a member rank, Golds were great at getting recruits, they had great leaders who everybody respected, and everyone in their army was nice to everyone, even the noobs. It was actually a great army and I based my leadership off their leaders back then.

What was most memorable about your time in Golds?

It was the first army I had ever battled with on CP and I remember it clearly.

Are Golds up there with your favorite CP armies?

Well I don’t think I knew Golds long enough for it to be my favorite but it was an inspiration to me. Which is why after my first army (cpss) decided to merge with two other armies (cpl and ghost warriors) I was excited about the name Golden Warriors.

Thanks for your time.

No problem


The Golds have cemented their legacy as a legendary army that will always be remembered. Although I was never in Golds, I wish I could have joined them. From the recounts I’ve heard and posts I’ve seen, they sounded like a great army. As always, you’re welcome to comment your opinion on the Golds and offer constructive criticism. Just for fun, I’ve prepared a poll where you can vote your opinion on the Golds.


See you in the Future


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Holiday Smackdown Playoffs

Albaro Lord:Sorry I have been inactive lately guys. I sent Skloop an email about this but you won’t be seeing me on chat often since I’m grounded. I will still try and update the Servers page.

Funks4: I have been in-active, becuase I have been v ery ill. I will start posting again soon.


Winter Smackdown – The Playoffs


Finally, it’s time to list all of the next battles of the tournament. I HAVE rearranged the battles a bit to the way that makes the most sense.

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Holiday Smackdown Day 4: RFW vs. IV Tiebreaker

Hello, readers! It’s time to give the results of another one of today’s battles, the RFW vs. IV Tiebreaker!

This battle was a bit closer than some of the others. Although IV was the only one to post pictures, word has it that RFW ended up growing throughout the battle. This is just the word on the street, however. IV, from the pics given, were larger for the majority of the battle.

After all was over, it has been judged that the winner was the…

Ice Vikings

Congratulations to them! A lot of upsets have happened in this war already, haven’t they?

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Comment with your opinion on the underdog IV’s climbing their way in to the playoffs!

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