Golden Troops VS Underground Mafias Army – BigFoot Battle

Well, as no other authors are posting this battle, I shall post again shall I?

Yesterday the Golden Troops invaded Undergound Mafias Army’s Server Big Foot. This battle was more of a battle, becuase it lasted throughout more rooms. Once again the UMA, and the GT, both claimed victory. Remember if the invading army got 5 or more rooms, they get the server.

Summary Of The Two Armies At The Battle

During the battle the GT had similar size to the battle the day before, possibly a little bigger, and they were doing well during the battle, maintaing the size during the battle. They had 25 – 35.

The UMA didn’t do as well as the defense the day before, as the UMA averaged 20 – 25, at the most, also asking for help from the “Hannah Montana Army”. The UMA had to do a lot to defend Summit. As said before, they averaged 20 – 25.

Battle In Focus (B.I.F)

Both armies claimed victory, so this post is important to see and pull-out all the factors of the battle, to see who really won the battle of Summit.Gold Writting means claimed by the GT, red writting means defended by the UMA and black means that you could claim either way.

First the battle started at the town, neither army provided pictures for this, but both armies agreed that the Golden Troops were the winners, so that means they claimed the town successfully.

Then the battle moved to the Forts, were both armies claimed to have the upper hand, saying they won that room. The UMA had about 20, and the GT had about 25, and the tactics were pretty even. So that means GT also claimed the Snow Forts.


Now the UMA claimed to have won the Forest, when infact there own pictures show them with small size, but the same size as the GT, both armies had 16 people, not many. So this room could of been called either way.

In this room, there was little, if not no resistance from the UMA, so the GT had the easy task of claiming the room, and adding another room to there list of rooms on the server. The plaza was claimed by the GT.


Once again this room was tillted the way of the Golden Troops. Both armies claimed this room once again, but the GT had there biggest sie of the battle (35-40). The UMA did also have a slightly better size than the rest of the battle (30-ish). But the GT’s size was to big for the UMA in the Dock, so the Dock is GT’s as well.


The Rooms

As you read above, the GT had the advantage throughout the battle, with better size, most of the time. Here are the results…

Rooms Claimed (GT) – Town, Forts, Plaza, Dock (4)

Rooms Possibly Claimed – Forest (1)

Rooms Defended (UMA) – None (0)

After The Battle/Who Won?

On this battle it is down to one question, Who won the Forest? It is a very tough question to say who won the forest, but the GT did have the upperhand pretty much throughout the whole battle. This time I’m going to call the winners…


Don’t start complaining in comment saying “But the UMA was twice the size of GT”, becuase theres no point. Now, as always I’m going to let you, the reader, have a say in who you think won Summit…

Thanks for reading!


46 Responses

  1. The UMA didn’t do as well as the defense the day before, as the UMA averaged 20 – 25, at the most, also asking for help from the “Hannah Montana Army”. The UMA had to do a lot to defend Summit. As said before, they averaged 20 – 25
    UTTER CRAP UMA DIDNT ASK FOR HELP the “Hannah montana” army were the judges dumbf*cks


  2. Trust me, half of the people on cp aren’t uma troops. They just yell turn red for rockhopper to get them


  3. GT won.

    Pretty blatant.

    Wgfv is a noob who is always looking for loopholes to cover his poor leading.


  4. GT won. They’re doing well for just restarting.


  5. Anyway, it was a battle 😉 Not an invasion. And it was the battle for BigFoot, not summit


  6. GT won, by far.


  7. Gt all the way, size and tactics.


  8. Funks UMA Defended 3 rooms you took this straight off the GT site and nothing can be “Possibly Claimed” it either is or isn’t


  9. Sorry gt didn’t claim 5 rooms. Uma keeps Summit.


  10. I was there and i saw gt won but like wgvf said isent 5 rooms the norm kingfunks go back to small armies


  11. Okay, this post is a fail itself.

    Summit is a neutral server. GT and UMA were fighting for Big Foot. /facepalm


  12. UMA reclaimed most of those rooms anyway. GT declared victory while UMA still had a force comparable to their size, something I’m sure should not be supported with posts of how great they did.

    Saying it was a battle and not an invasion is a horrible misunderstanding of words for your advantage. Hardly even a loop hole, just bending the context.


  13. I personally think GT. They appeared to have better tactics and equal size from the pics. I don’t see how they didn’t win.


  14. wow GT 😛 lookin good hey!


  15. OK btiches I think gt used allies i saw around 3 nacho troops even if they joined i saw billy mays nacho leader so i searched the rank and guess what NO FUCKING BILLY MAYS and where allies aloud i dont think so because gt acused of using uma of using aliies witch are Hanna montana army.IF it was aloud then why did gt say we used allies if it is aloud. if they acused us of using allies it meant u cant bring allies u broke that rule by bringing a little nachos AND HANA MONTANA ARMY WAS WWEBEST FAN YOU DUMB ASS JERRY AND STOP BEING A FUCKING IDIOT JERRY


  16. Not enough pics for me to decide. But from the giver I’d say GT


  17. This post looks… a little biased. You didn’t say anything good about UMA and it seems they had the same size as GT. And this comment doesn’t make ME biased because I’M not even in UMA.


  18. I say we don’t allow socialist armies in the top 10 *cough* UMA *cough*


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